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Written by Kaleigh Moore
Updated: July 25, 2023
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Key Points:

  • The highest elevation in Delaware is Ebright Azimuth.
  • Delaware has a moderately flat topography.
  • Ebright Azimuth rests at 447.85 feet above sea level.

Delaware sits in the Northeastern region of the United States, more specifically the Mid-Atlantic region. The bordering states are Maryland to the South and West Pennsylvania to the North. The Atlantic Ocean and New Jersey are to the east. Part of the state occupies the northeastern part of the Delmarva Peninsula as well as some territories and Islands within the Delaware River.

In terms of population, Delaware, as per the 2022 census has 990,334 thousand people. That makes it the 6th least populous American state. The original inhabitants were Native Americans. You may also find reference to Delaware as the First State, as it was the first to ratify the United States Constitution. 

Topography of Delaware

Delaware has a relatively flat topography characterized by coastal plains, rolling hills, and low-lying areas. On average, the elevation is only about 60 feet. Compared to other states, it’s one of the lowest lying, with Florida and Louisiana slightly above it at about 100 feet. Compare this to Colorado, which is the highest at about 6,800 feet above sea level. 

One of the biggest challenges of the low level is that it makes such areas prone to flooding and intermittent tropical storms. The Northern part of Delaware is quite hilly, featuring small streams, rivers, and forests. The central part of the state has farmlands, gently rolling hills, and forests. The two are in direct contrast to the Southern region, which is quite flat, featuring sandy beaches, wetlands, and marshes. This is due to its position along the 28-mile Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay coastline. 

Some of the most famous Delaware water bodies are the Chesapeake Bay, Delaware River, and Nanticoke River. Such are excellent for activities like fishing, boating, and water sports. 

Delaware water bodies and landforms showing relief of the landscape and major rivers.
Delaware water bodies are part of the state’s unique topography, featuring rivers, bays, and lagoons that provide a habitat for wildlife.

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The Highest Point in Delaware

The highest elevation in Delaware is Ebright Azimuth, at 447.85 feet above sea level. Some people attribute the name to the owners of the property on which it lies, James and Grant Ebright. The two named the road on their land the Ebright Road. So, the local surveyors went along with it by calling the geodetic brass benchmark designating the highest point the same name, thus Ebright Azimuth. 

Azimuth comes from the Arabic word as-sumut or directions and measures angular spheres in degrees. You’ll find its use in fields like map making, engineering, navigation, astronomy, and surveying. Thus, Ebright Azimuth designates Ebright as the place and Azimuth as the survey measurement, which in this case is 447.85 feet above sea level. 

The determination of the highest point was by the Delaware geological survey (DGS) in partnership with the National Geodetic Survey (NGS). Initially, varying reports had put the highest points at the Centerville benchmark. But the two institutions determined that the elevation was at 445.58 feet, thus putting Ebright at a 2 feet lead.  

It gets more interesting, though. Further surveys by the two identified an area west of Ebright Road as actually two feet higher than Ebright Azimuth. The new, more elevated location is at a mobile home park. However, the final agreement was the highest Delaware points are at an elevation of approximately 450 feet. 

They also haven’t decided to transfer the highest point distinction to the newly discovered areas. The site monument says you are in the ‘vicinity of’ rather than the highest point. Thus, Ebright Azimuth maintains the highest monumental spot in Delaware.  

If you’re coming from Wilmington, take the following route. 

One of the best trails is the Ebright Azimuth- Delaware Highpoint. It covers 0.186 miles at an elevation gain of 0 meters.

Getting to Ebright Azimuth from Wilmington, Delaware

  • Stick to 1-95 driving north
  • Merge onto the northbound highway 202 by taking exit 8
  • Drive on for 4.9 miles and turn onto Norman’s Road on SR-92 East
  • Drive on for 1.1 miles, and turn left at Ebright Road
  • Continue for 0.6 miles to the Ramblewood Drive Street intersection. Park anywhere along the road as long as it’s a designated parking area. 
  • Walk to the monument sign, which you’re unlikely to miss due to its bright blue coloring with yellow writings.  

Describing the Ebright Azimuth Area

Here’s an interesting fact about the highest Delaware point. You’ll be disappointed if you are looking for mountain or hill peaks. Ebright Azimuth, true to the Delaware gently rolling hills topography, is just that. Paved roads lead up to the area, and quite honestly, there isn’t much to see there. 

People live in the area, including residents like the recognized Ebright Azimuth Queen, Doreen Kupchick. Doreen lives right across the monument site. Actually, the area locals have her to thank for the commemoration. She got the local officials to cut the sidewalk to expose the benchmark disc. 

Doreen continues to be an integral part of Ebright. Not only as a dweller but as an unofficial, self-appointed historian. She is welcoming to visitors and has a depth of information about the area. If you bump into her, she’ll only be too happy to show you around. And yes, she keeps a careful log of visitors to the highest Delaware point. So, expect to sign the visitor’s book as well. 

To get to Ebright Azimuth from downtown Wilmington, you’ll need to travel in a northerly direction for 10.5 km or 6.5 miles. That places it a few feet from the Pennsylvania State Line. You know you’re near if you see Concord High School, north of Naamans Road. The blue marker is easy to see, letting you know you’ve reached your destination. Right next to it is a bench you can take a minute to relax on. 

From the monument, a sidewalk stroll in the southern direction will expose you to a cutout in the concrete shaped like a trapezoid. It’s the first of the three USGS benchmark discs on Ebright Azimuth. Furthermore, it’s the only one in a public place, as the other two are on private property. Consequently, you may not be able to see them as it would inconvenience the property owners. 

The topography of the area includes rolling hills, woods, and fields. You can drive up to the point and walk a few steps to the bench and marker. Visitors are welcome to explore and take pictures at the monument. Remember to respect the residents’ privacy.  

Things to Do At Ebright Azimuth

Ebright Azimuth has several activities adventure seekers can take part in.  


Hiking enthusiasts can get in a workout at a small trail leading up to the monument. Indeed it’s a popular pastime for many visitors to the site. In terms of difficulty, it’s a short and easy hike over mostly flat terrain. You should be able to complete it in about 15 to 20 minutes, and even kids can easily conquer the short walk. 

There’s no restriction on bringing dogs along. But being in a residential area, it’s a good idea to always keep them on a leash. 

One of the best trails is the Ebright Azimuth- Delaware Highpoint. It covers 0.186 miles at an elevation gain of 0 meters. An elevation gain is the total amount of vertical distance you gain in meters or feet. 

To calculate gain, you get the difference from the starting to the highest point. So why is this critical information if you want to hike? Well, it determines how challenging it will be. A gradual elevation gain is less strenuous and wouldn’t be hard for most people. Thus, at 0 gain, the Ebright Azimuth- Delaware Highpoint should be a pretty easy hike. 

Hiking on a Trail - Hiking Boots
Ebright Azimuth has several activities visitors can take part in including hiking.


Learn Some History

Visitors can learn about the site and what makes it unique to Delaware. Learn about the site’s discovery and the historical context of the region. Do look up the Queen of Ebright Azimuth, Doreen. Not only will she share the area’s history, but she will personally guide you on your tour of the area.  

Relax in a Historical Area

The rolling hills and rich landscapes surrounding Ebright Azimuth provide a fantastic relaxing place. Take a minute to enjoy the scenery at the nearby park. In the nearby distance are houses, a radio tower, and a field. On clear days you can see the Philadelphia Skyline in the distance. 

There’s a designated picnic area next to the Ebright Azimuth parking lot you can use. Be mindful of littering, and leave the site as clean as you found it. And that includes proper disposal of any trash.  

Bird Watching

Bird lovers have the opportunity to see some amazing species in the surrounding fields and forests. These include owls, songbirds, and hawks.  

A young woman squats on a meadow. She enjoys the beauty of Delaware's topography and its abundance of wildlife.
Bird lovers have the opportunity to explore the majestic topography of Delaware, with its rolling hills and lush forests, offering stunning views no matter where you look.


Explore the Areas Around Ebright Azimuth

Your visit to Ebright Azimuth will not take too long unless you plan to hike and picnic in the area. But before you leave, take time to explore the area a bit more. There are many local attractions within the vicinity that you will find quite delightful. 

The White Clay Creek State Park, south of Ebright Azimuth, is a must-visit destination. There are tons of outdoor activities that you and your family will love. These include fishing, biking, horseback riding, and hiking. The creek, nature center, and scenic trails will help you unwind in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Alternatively, plan to explore the Brandywine Creek State Park for the same outdoor activities. Make time to visit the historic grist mill at the same location. Get a chance to learn about the process of turning grain into flour. Furthermore, you may even see the mail operate using steam power and water. There’s also a lot of information about milling within the Brandywine Valley region and how the mill contributed to the local economy and development. 

If you love plants and flowers, check out the Longwood botanical gardens. Just a few miles off of Ebright Azimuth, you get the best of Delaware flora in the 1,077-acre gardens. Visit their website to learn more about the events and exhibitions. 

The museums are another great way to spend the day. The notable ones are the Hagley and Winterthur Museums. Winterthur also has a scenic garden if you would rather relax in an idyllic setting.   

Animal Life Around Ebright Azimuth 

Delaware has a wide variety of animal species. Do you, for example, know that it has four state animals? These are the blue hen, the horseshoe crab, the ladybug, and the gray fox. The state also has endangered animals like the American kestrel, short-eared owl, little brown bat, humpback whale, and more. 

Ebright Azimuth lies in a forested area and has a wide variety of animal life. You may catch a glimpse of the following:-

  • White-tailed deer typically live in forest areas due to the abundance of browsing vegetation. You may spot some along the forest and field edges. 
  • Gray squirrels are a common sight, comfortable both on the ground and in trees.
  • Red foxes may come near the edges of the fields and woods, especially early morning or late evening.
  • The nocturnal eastern screech owls have found a home in the Ebright Azimuth forest. You may not see one since they prefer night activities. But their calling sound is unmistakable. 
  • Cooper’s hawks are skilled predators and often hunt smaller mammals in the nearby woods and fields.
  • Woodpeckers like the red-bellied woodpecker and downy Woodpecker also call the Ebright Azimuth woods home. 
  • Birds such as nuthatches, wood warblers, and chickadees add to the animal life in Delaware’s highest point.
  • Snakes like the eastern rat snake, northern copperhead, and timber rattlesnakes inhabit forested areas.  
Four curious Red Fox Kits peeking out from the grass.
Ebright Azimuth lies in a forested area and has a wide variety of animal life such as red foxes.

©Randy G. Lubischer/

Plant Life in Delaware’s Highest Point

Delaware is also rich in plant life. The state has native plants that play a critical part in the ecosystem. Notable examples include the dwarf fringe tree, smooth sumac, eastern red cedar, dock mallow, and swamp azalea. 

The forest landscape boasts a variety of plant species, including the following.

  • Red oak is the dominant tree in Ebright Azimuth. 
  • American beech is easy to identify due to its smooth bark and is a common tree species in forested areas in Delaware.
  • The coniferous eastern hemlock loves moist soil in the surrounding forest.
  • Virginia creeper supports itself by growing on the trees or structures in and around the forest. 
  • Wildflowers like trillium, spring beauty, and bloodroot bring bursts of color to the forest and surrounding areas. The New Jersey tea grows in the forest’s understory, lending light pink/white hues when in bloom. 
  • Moss species can be found such as fern moss and hair cap moss. 
  • Ferns you might see include cinnamon fern, bracken fern, and interrupted fern.

Delaware’s Other Highest Point

As we stated, the initial assumption was that Centerville was the highest point in Delaware. As per the DGS and NGS, it stands at an elevation of 445.58 feet above sea level. However, an internet search, including Wikipedia, gives varying results, including 436 feet. 

Centerville has several local attractions, including Brandywine Creek State Park, the Delaware Museum of Natural History, and the Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library.  

Visit Delaware for a Chance to Experience the Highest Point

The highest point in Delaware may not look like what you would expect. There are no mountain peaks or shocking elevations to deal with. Indeed, you can simply drive to the point and explore the Ebright Azimuth. Yet, a trip to the area’s highest peak will make for great conversations with family and friends. Go ahead and document the journey in a blog article for others to read. 

The friendly locals, including the Ebright Azimuth Queen, will only be too happy to share information or take you around. Please don’t rush the visit when you finally make it. Take a hike, picnic, bird watch, or explore the other attractions in the area. The state parks, botanical gardens, and museums are worth the visit. 

Where is Ebright Azimuth Located on a Map?

Ebright Azimuth is the highest point found in Delaware. It is characterized by a geodetic benchmark and has an elevation of 447.85 feet.

Here is Ebright Azimuth on a map:

The Featured Image

Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area viewed at sunset from Mount Tammany located in New Jersey
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