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Written by Brandi Allred
Published: December 3, 2022
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Mississippi is one of the lowest-lying states in the United States. Located in the American South, Mississippi shares borders with the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Arkansas. The state’s western border is defined by the twisting course of the Mississippi River. Mississippi has no true mountains; it has a vast coastal plain replete with rich soil and swampland. But every state has a high point, even Mississippi. The question is: just how high is the highest point in Mississippi?

Read on to discover more about Mississippi’s highest spot. We’ll learn more about the history of the high point and whether or not you can drive there. We’ll also find out if the peak is ADA accessible and how it compares to the topography of the rest of the state. Additionally, we’ll go over all the activities one can do in the surrounding area. Finally, we’ll explore the other four highest points in Mississippi and where they’re located.

The Highest Point in Mississippi

Woodall Mountain Mississippi
The highest point in Mississippi is Woodall Mountain.

©Skye Marthaler / CC BY-SA 3.0 – License

At 806 feet above sea level, Woodall Mountain is the highest point in Mississippi. The peak is easily visible from the surrounding which has nearly 300 feet of prominence (visible elevation). Sometimes known by its historic name, Yow Hill, Woodall Mountain is located in the extreme northeastern corner of the state. A large boulder with an attached plaque denoting the state’s high point marks the peak. The surrounding lands are characterized by tall, mixed forests with little undergrowth. 

Due to its prominence, Woodall Mountain offers incredible views, especially on clear days. Sunrise and sunset are especially magical times to visit. But Woodall Mountain isn’t just famous for its extraordinary views. It’s also known as one of the bloodiest of all state high points. Back in 1862, Union and Confederate soldiers of the Civil War fought for control of the hill in the “Battle of Iuka.” Of course, back then, Woodall Mountain was known as Yow Mountain.

Mississippi’s Topography

Located in the American South, Mississippi is not a mountainous state. In fact, the average state elevation is just 300 feet above sea level. The lowest elevation in the state can be found at the Gulf of Mexico, 0 feet above sea level. Additionally, Mississippi’s topography is characterized by a vast coastal plain. This makes for excellent farming soil but can sometimes lead to flooding problems.

Interestingly, the highest point in Mississippi isn’t actually made up of coastal plain. Instead, Woodall Mountain is what’s known as a monadnock. A monadnock is a spot, or region, made up of material that’s harder than the material in the surrounding area. Woodall Mountain is composed of sandstone with iron inclusions. This composition is what led to Woodall Mountain forming the state high point.  

Can You Drive to Woodall Mountain?

Woodall Mountain Summit
You can drive to the highest point in Mississippi.

©Fredlyfish4 / CC BY-SA 3.0 – License

Yes, you can drive to the top of the highest point in Mississippi. In fact, you can practically park your car at the hill’s summit. The top can be accessed via Woodall Mountain Road (unpaved). The road ends in a roundabout encircling the high point itself. Visitors are welcome to walk around the site and take pictures with the commemorative boulder. Or, you can also stay in the car and still mark this high point off your list. Woodall Mountain is completely ADA accessible. 

Things to Do Near Woodall Mountain

Tishomingo State Park
There are several state parks nearby.

©Waynersnitzel / CC BY-SA 3.0 – License

If you don’t want to drive to the top of Woodall Mountain, you can also hike the unpaved road to the top. You can visit the peak year-round, but camping or hiking in the surrounding woods is not generally possible. This is because Woodall Mountain is largely surrounded by private land, unlike many state high points. However, there are several State Parks nearby, including Tishomingo State Park, JP Coleman State Park, and Pickwick Landing State Park. 

If you’re willing to drive a little farther afield, both the Helen Keller Birthplace Museum and the Shiloh National Military Park are within an hour’s drive. However, keep in mind that Woodall Mountain is in a rural area. So make sure you plan your trip in advance, particularly if you are staying overnight in the area.

Five Highest Spots in Mississippi

Located in the Far Southern Appalachian Plateaus, Woodall Mountain (806 feet) is the highest point in Mississippi. Now, let’s discover the top five highest points throughout the state. Two spots tie for second place at 780 feet above sea level. These are Tippah Hills and Lebanon Mountain. The Malone Benchmark comes in third at 771 feet elevation. 

The fourth highest spot in Mississippi is the Union County High Point, which rises to 760 feet in elevation. The fifth highest is Crum Mountain, in Alcorn County, at 725 feet above sea level.

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Woodall Mountain Mississippi
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