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Written by Dayva Segal
Updated: July 25, 2023
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Wisconsin is primarily known as “America’s Dairyland.” Its relative flatness and ecological landscape make it an ideal location for raising cattle. When European colonizers came to the area in the 1800s, they brought along dairy cows. The pastureland was so great for cows that it produced an abundance of milk. The extra got turned into cheese, starting the cheesy reputation that Wisconsin has today. Because the state is mostly flat plains, the highest point in the state is not very high, but it is still a great place to visit.

Infographic of Timms Hill
It is a short hike of around a quarter of a mile to the top of Timm’s Hill.

What Is the Highest Point in Wisconsin?

Timm's Hill, Wisconsin

Timm’s Hill is regarded as the highest point in Wisconsin.

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The highest point in Wisconsin is Timm’s Hill. It is 1,951.5 feet high and located near the small town of Hill in Price County. The town has just over 350 residents. As this hill is the highest point around, if you hike to the top you can see for up to 30 miles around. Climbing the observation tower at the summit makes the views even more impressive. It is situated in Timm’s Hill County Park, which also has other outdoor activities to enjoy.

Where Is Timm’s Hill Located on a Map?

Timm’s Hill is located 5.7 miles west of Ogema, a small town that is an ideal location for adventurers interested in hiking trails. The hill can be reached from that point following a 10-minute drive or a 2-hour bicycle ride.

Getting to Timm’s Hill in Wisconsin

Timm’s Hill is located about a mile off Highway 86 in between the towns of Ogema, Spirit, and Tomahawk. There is plenty of parking near the trailhead.

Hiking to the Summit of Timm’s Hill

As summit hikes go, Timm’s Hill is a pretty easy one. The trail starts relatively high and only goes up about 150 feet during the hike. The trail to the summit and lookout tower is only about 1/4 mile. So, it is friendly to anyone who can walk for a short distance including kids. Once you reach the top, there are actually two towers. One is an old radio tower that may be a bit hazardous to climb. You must go up an exposed ladder to reach the top. Some who climb it bring a climbing harness and attach it to pre-established points on the tower for safety. The other tower is newer and is a more traditional observation tower with a staircase that is easier to climb.

The park is open from 7:30 a.m. until dusk from May to September. In the fall and winter, there are no official hours but the parking lot may not be plowed. However, people can hike or cross-country ski in the park at any time! Feel free to bring your dog but you must keep them on a leash per the rules of the county park.

Other Things to Do in the Area

Blue, Boardwalk, Day, Drinking Glass, Fishing

In addition to hiking, Timm’s Hill County Park offers swimming and fishing.

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Since this hike is very easy, you may have some more time in your day for another activity once you summit Timm’s Hill. Timm’s Hill County Park has a lot to offer. There is a boat landing and fishing pier on Bass Lake in the park for water enthusiasts. You can also go swimming at the beach. If you want to do more hiking there are trails, including ones that connect to the 1,200-mile-long Ice Age Trail, one of eight National Scenic Trails in the United States that includes the Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail. Many of the trails in the park also allow for mountain biking, horseback riding, and hunting. For snow lovers, there are also snowshoe and cross-country ski trails in the winter.

As you can see, Wisconsin has a lot to offer to those who love the outdoors, even though it doesn’t have the high peaks that some other states like Washington and Colorado do.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the highest peak in Wisconsin?

The highest peak in Wisconsin is Timm’s Hill.

How tall is Timm's Peak in Wisconsin?

Timm’s Peak in Wisconsin is 1,951.5 feet high.

What is the second-highest peak in Wisconsin?

The second-highest peak in Wisconsin is Lookout Mountain. It is 1,920 feet high.

What is the third-highest peak in Wisconsin?

The third-highest peak in Wisconsin is Rib Mountain. It is 1,924 feet high.

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