Discover the ‘King of the Sky’ Bird Big Enough to Attack Toddlers

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: January 12, 2023
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Any bird that is dubbed the “King of the Sky’ has got to be pretty impressive, right? Check out the African crowned eagle (also known as the crowned eagle) which is a very intimidating bird.

Impressive Eagles

Eagles make up a group of large birds in the family of Accipitridae. This bird family also includes vultures and hawks. Eagles, however, are bigger and have huge beaks! There are actually around 60 species of eagle and this is one of the scariest!

All eagles have fantastic vision and are accomplished predators. When they see some prey, they swoop down and snatch it in their huge talons. Some eagles, such as the golden eagle, can dive at speeds approaching 200 mph. These birds are very versatile and will adapt their diet and lifestyle to the habitat that they are in. So, their prey can include fish, crustaceans, reptiles, amphibians, birds and other mammals.

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They rarely stick to one type of food and will pinch prey caught by other animals or even scavenge prey that has been left behind.

crowned eagle perched at the top of a tree
The African crowned eagle is able to hook its claws into prey and lurch right back into the sky.

© Meller

Exceptional Crowned Eagle

We learn that very few birds will attack humans and those that do, only do so if they are provoked. However, the video describes the African crowned eagle as the “only man-eating bird out there.” Their talons are described as “meat hooks.” They are able to pick up monkeys and potentially a human toddler. According to the video, remains of a primitive child have been found with marks on the skull which are consistent with the talons of a crowned eagle. There are urban myths in Africa about them attacking children but these have never been verified or confirmed. Nevertheless, this vid includes shocking footage of one of these eagles attacking and successfully killing an antelope.

Whist the stories about human attacks cannot be confirmed, this bird is certainly a big game hunter. They are the most powerful eagle in Africa even though they are not the biggest. They can kill animals that weigh up to 44 pounds and use their long hind talon to break the spine. They like to hang around in trees near watering holes and then drop down on unsuspecting prey.

Their preferred method is to then carry the animal to a safer and quieter place to eat it. But, they cannot carry anything that is heavier than themselves. So, they will tear up larger prey where they are and may carry it back to a nest in pieces.

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