The 5 Largest Alligators Ever Found in Lousiana

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Written by Stephanie Heath

Published: December 5, 2023

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The American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) is one of the most well-known large reptiles in the United States. On average, males reach about 15 feet long and weigh between 400 and 800 pounds. These reptiles are incredibly muscular and can easily propel themselves through the water. Alligators are found in 10 states in the United States. Louisiana is one of the states that have the highest population. With around two million alligators roaming these waters, it makes you wonder, what is the biggest one that has been found? This article will discuss the five largest alligators ever found in Louisiana and provide details on each finding. 

#1 – 19 feet 2 inches 

massive alligator napping with a toothy grin

The largest alligator ever found in Louisiana was 19 feet and 2 inches long.

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Alligators typically range between 11 and 16 feet long. However, the alligator taking this top spot was much larger. The largest alligator ever found in Louisiana was an impressive 19 feet and 2 inches long. This massive alligator was a male. People estimated him to have weighed around 2,000 pounds. A man named Edward Mcllhenny caught this alligator in 1890.

 Mr. Mcllhenny came across this massive creature as he was out hunting geese on the bayous. This giant was very old and already dying, so Mr. Mcllhenny shot and killed it. Due to its size and the location of its death, Mr. Mchllhenny was unable to move the animal from where he shot it, so he just measured his find. However, this is not considered an official record because it has not been able to be verified.

#2 – 13 feet 5 inches

Big alligator on the clear waters of the swamp in Big Cypress, Florida

Florida and Louisiana are the states with the highest alligator population.

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The second largest alligator ever found in Louisiana was caught by the mother-daughter duo from the show “Swamp People.” Liz and Jessica Cavalier caught their impressive alligator in 2013. Their giant reptile came in at 13 feet and 5 inches long. Its impressive size earned it the nickname The Monster of Monster Marsh. While these ladies made catching the alligator look easy, hauling the 900-pound animal onto their boat was anything but simple. However, these ladies showed their strength by successfully getting their gator onto their boat. 

#3 – 13 feet 4 inches

Alligator Basks in the Sun on a Grassy Riverbank in Florida

Alligators are very large reptiles. Their average weight is between 400 and 800 pounds.

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Also caught in 2013, the third largest alligator comes in at 760 pounds! A man named Jim White caught this impressive alligator. When he found his giant, Mr. White was hunting alligators in West Baton Rouge Parish. This alligator was 13 feet 4 inches long. Mr. White was attempting to beat the records of the largest alligators caught in Mississippi at the time, and he succeeded. His alligator came in 33 pounds heavier than those caught earlier in Mississippi. While this alligator does not rival the largest ever found in Louisiana, it definitely deserves its spot among the largest alligators found in Louisiana. 

#4 – 11 and a half feet

Adult Alligator Sunning on a Log

Alligators are smaller than crocodiles and have a wider, more blunt muzzle.

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In 2022, hunters in eastern Louisiana caught the next largest alligator on the list. This alligator came in at 11 and a half feet long and weighed 800 pounds. This alligator was caught in Lake St. John. Mr. Nathan Gauthier tells of how the men struggled to get this massive creature into their boat and that they were very thankful for his arrival and assistance with loading the animal in. 

#5 – 6 feet

Alligator on the road

The female alligator tends to be slightly smaller than the male, usually between 9 and 11 feet long.

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Something that sets our final alligator apart is that it was not caught. This alligator was truly just found and not in the place you may expect. In September of this year — 2023 — people found this alligator waiting outside of a shop in Louisiana. This large alligator measured 6 feet long. The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office shared a post on Facebook showing this giant sitting outside of a Dollar General store. Locals joked that it appeared as if he was patiently waiting for the store to open so he could go in and shop. While this alligator only comes in 6 feet long, its humorous story makes it a worthy mention, as well as the fact that a 6-foot-long alligator waiting outside of your door would still be a terrifying sight. This alligator was relocated by authorities. 

Summary of the Largest Alligators Ever Found in Louisiana

RankYear FoundSize
1189019 feet 2 inches
2201313 feet 5 inches
3201313 feet 4 inches
4202211 and a half feet
520236 feet

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