Discover the Largest High School in Louisiana (And Notable Alums)

Written by Chanel Coetzee
Updated: September 5, 2023
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Deciding where to send your child to school can be tough. Education is one of the most important things to succeed in life, so parents must ensure they send their kids to the best possible institution.

Furthermore, there are usually too many options to choose from depending on your location, which can complicate your decision. For example, Louisiana has 1303 public schools in 70 school districts.

The largest school in Louisiana is Dutchtown High School, located in Geismar. This article will focus on Dutchtown’s enrollment numbers, academics, clubs, programs, sports, and successful alumni.

The Largest High School in Louisiana

Dutchtown High School lies in an unincorporated area of Ascension Parish in a town called Geismar, and it’s a 5A school that falls into the Ascension Parish School Board.

Its feeder schools are Bluff Middle School, Prairieville Middle School, and Dutchtown Middle School. Architects designed this school based on the old Dutchtown High, which was located on the other side of the highway where the current Duthtown Middle School sits.

The new building officially opened in 2003. Additionally, the largest high school in Louisiana is the number one open-enrollment high-performing school in the state and is rated an “A” school.

Furthermore, this school was named a 2017 World-Leading Learner and asked to join the GLN (Global Learning Network), which is a group of educators from various schools that practice, develop, and share unique and innovative ways to approach education.

Dutchtown’s Freshman Academy is divided into four teams, white, black, purple, and silver. Each team has the same science, math English, and social studies teachers to help them.

Enrollment Numbers For the Largest High School in Louisiana

GradeNumber of Student Enrollments Annually

Clubs and Organizations

The largest school in Louisiana has many clubs and organizations to keep kids entertained and interested in school activities. They include:

  • Choir
  • Band
  • 4H
  • Chess/Game Club
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Colorguard
  • Griffin girls
  • Gallant Griffins
  • Griffins Rubik’s Cube Club
  • Foreign Language Club
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes(FCA)
  • Jazz Band
  • Junior Class
  • Homecoming
  • JV cheerleaders
  • Mentoring
  • Jazz Band
  • Interact class
  • DECA
  • FBLA
  • GSA
  • Mu Alpha Theta
  • National Art Honor Society
  • National Honor Society
  • Newspaper
  • PBIS
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Scholarship Club
  • Senior Class
  • Skills USA
  • Speech and Debate
  • Spoken Word/Poetry Club
  • Sports Medicine
  • Thespian Society
  • Varsity Cheerleaders
  • Yearbook
  • Youth Government Club


The largest school in Louisiana athletics competes in the Louisiana High School Athletic Association and offers:

  • Boys soccer
  • Girls soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Cross country
  • Wrestling
  • Swimming
  • Football
  • Boys basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Gymnastics
  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Golf
  • Softball
  • Baseball
High School Baseball player

Baseball is one of many popular sports at Dutchtown High School.



Dutchtown High School has a lot to offer its students in terms of academics. Firstly, it has an Honors and Advanced Placement program. In addition, this school offers 21 Advanced Placement Courses.

Freshman Academy

Dutchtown’s Freshman Academy is divided into four teams, white, black, purple, and silver. Each team has the same science, math English, and social studies teachers to help them. In addition, to motivate the students, each Unit selects a Student of the Week. This Academy was Established in 2017 and cost a whopping $12.8 million to build. But, it definitely paid off as it serves over 600 freshmen.

Dual Enrollment and Early Start

To aid students earning college hours while attending Dutchtown, the school offers classes to eligible seniors who can enroll in courses through Southeastern University. Furthermore, Dutchtown High School and Louisiana State University partnered up to present a Dual Enrollment program that offers Chemistry credit.

Instrumental Music Program

The largest school in Louisiana has experienced concert and marching band directors who have won awards. Additionally, the marching band competes in several competitions. For example, the Dutchtown marching band placed sixth at the Louisiana Showcase of Marching Bands in 2017 and 2019. Furthermore, the school hosts its own competition once a year and showcases multiple bands from all over Louisiana.


Dutchtown has turned out some very successful alumni, mostly athletes, including the following:

Eddie LacyClass of 2009Running back for the University of Alabama, Seattle Seahawks, and Green Bay Packers
Eric ReidClass of 2010Safety for Louisiana State University, San Francisco 49ers, and Carolina Panthers
Landon CollinsClass of 2012Safety for the University of Alabama and the Washington Redskins
Justin ReidClass of 2015 Safety for Stanford University and the Houston Texans
Lloyd CushenberryClass of 2016Center for Louisiana State University and the Denver Broncos

School Lunches

Dutchtown makes school lunch a breeze with their My School Bucks system, which allows parents to pay for school meals on their phones. In addition, they can check their account balances and receive notifications for low balances.

Students receive a card, but the cafeteria also accepts cash. In addition, if your child has food allergies or a special diet, the school will cater to their needs, provided they receive a prescription form from a physician or medical authority.

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