Discover the Largest High School in Missouri (And Notable Alums)

Written by Gerald Dlubala
Updated: November 15, 2023
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Key Points:

  • The largest high school in Missouri is Blue Springs High School, located in the town of Blue Springs.
  • It ranks 6th in Best Public High Schools in Jackson County, with a rating of 4.1 out of 5.
  • The school enrollment is 2449 students, and the average graduation rate is 94% of the senior class.

Missouri is home to several large school districts. Most are located near larger cities like Kansas City, St. Louis, and Springfield, and that holds true for the largest high school in Missouri. Blue Springs High School, located in Blue Springs, Missouri, which reports an enrollment of 2449 students, ranks as the largest high school in Missouri. It is located just outside of Kansas City, Missouri, and also lays claim to some notable sports alums.

About Blue Springs High School

  • Blue Springs High School is for grades 9-12 and is in the Blue Springs R-IV School District.
  • It ranks as number six in Best Public High Schools in Jackson County, with a rating of 4.1 out of 5.
  • Blue Springs High School reports a student-to-teacher ratio of 22:1, slightly more than the national average of 17:1.
  • In polls, over 80% of the students like their school and feel safe. They also believe the teachers give engaging lessons and genuinely care about them as students.
  • The average graduation rate is 94%.
  • Blue Springs High School has an A- rating in racial and economic diversity based on direct survey responses.
  • The average SAT score is 1250, and the average ACT score comes in at 26.
  • Blue Springs High School ranks number 32 out of 685 in the best high schools for athletes in Missouri.
  • Additionally, it ranks number 32 out of 512 in the best public high schools in Missouri.
  • And number 37 out of 424 when looking at the best college prep public high schools in Missouri.
Female High School Teacher Standing By Student Table Teaching Lesson

Blue Springs High School has high approval ratings from its students and boasts a 94% graduation rate.

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The City Of Blue Springs, Missouri

The city of Blue Springs gets its name for its proximity to the spring-fed Little Blue River. Blue Springs is located within Jackson County, a mere 19 miles east of Kansas City’s downtown district. The original small and welcoming town has been steadily growing since its founding in 1827. Blue Springs is now the 10th largest city in Missouri with a population of over 58000. With its close proximity to a major metropolitan area, Blue Springs offers all of the expected amenities of a larger city. Residents and visitors can experience world-class sporting events, exceptional shopping, and a lively nightlife scene. There is also the ability to host nearby conventions and special events. Additionally, Blue Springs offers affordable housing, a central location, great hiking and outdoor recreational opportunities, beautiful parks, and nationally recognized schools.

mountain bike on sunny day in forest

The city of Blue Springs offers exceptional outdoor recreational activities like trail riding and hiking.


Notable Alums From Blue Springs High School

When looking at the notable alums from Blue Springs High School, team sports dominate the list, with notables in basketball and football.

  • John Sundvold (Class of 1980) Sundvold was a standout player at the University of Missouri, drafted into the NBA by Seattle at the age of 22. After two years, he was traded to San Antonio and later selected in the expansion draft to play for the Miami Heat.
  • Elijah Lee (Class of 2014) After a record-filled college career, Lee has played for several NFL teams as a linebacker. He had stops in Chicago, Kansas City, Cleveland, Detroit, San Francisco, and Minnesota, which first drafted him in 2017.
  • Deiondre’ Hall (Class of 2012) A standout among high school athletes, Hall went on to play in the NFL with Chicago for one year and is now currently on the Philadelphia Eagles as a safety.
  • Donald Stephenson. Stephenson was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2012. He then went on to play for the Denver Broncos and the Cleveland Browns.
  • Darius Hill (Class of 2004) Hill’s taste of the NFL came in 2009 when he signed as a free agent with the Cincinnati Bengals. Starting on the practice squad, he was called up to play in the regular season finale.
  • Brandon Loyd (Class of 1999) Loyd’s storied high school and college career transitioned easily to the NFL. A Pro Bowl selection accompanies his second-place tie in most two-point conversions. Loyd is known for his athleticism and acrobatic pass-catching skills. Loyd played for several teams, creating lasting memories for fans across the NFL.
  • Ladell Betts (Class of 1997) Betts is a former USA Today Missouri Player of the Year with Blue Springs. A powerful running back, he spent eight seasons with the Washington Redskins before joining the New Orleans Saints.
Football Player raises his helmet before an important game

Several Blue Springs athletes have had success in both college and professional team sports.


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