Discover the Lucky and Unlucky Colors for Gemini

Written by Zoe Carina
Published: December 9, 2023
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Astrology uses the arbitrary time and place of a person’s birth to determine their destiny, give advice, and sort them into a category. If used for fun and taken with a grain of salt, astrology can help you socialize and make friends. But things like the Gemini lucky colors shouldn’t be taken seriously.

If you’re a Gemini sun, you might see this list of colors and completely disagree. In that case, you might want to look at your rising sign and, since each sign has a series of lucky colors, find the lucky and unlucky colors associated with it. Your rising sign is the version of you that you present to the external world.

While giving each zodiac sign lucky and unlucky colors has no scientific basis, scientists regularly study color therapy and psychology. Colors can be quite helpful for folks struggling to overcome things. At the end of the day, you determine your luck. So, if you love the unlucky colors and hate the lucky colors for Gemini, own it.

About Gemini

Gemini constellation

Geminis are outgoing and curious.


The Gemini is the third astrological zodiac sign. They are born between May 21 and June 20. They are a mutable air sign, which means that they go with the flow. The twins represent the Gemini, and they are usually great communicators who are quite curious. Geminis love to pursue multiple interests and will let their passion determine their path.

Like all signs, Gemini have personality points that they can improve and work on. They are known to spin tall tales and can get themselves into trouble through this. In addition, they can be unpredictable and difficult to read. Gemini’s also have a hard time with time management and keeping secrets. Despite being horrible at keeping secrets, Geminis can also be quite nosy. The air sign can use their lucky colors, through clothing, decorations, or something else, to ground and care for themselves.

What Are the Lucky Colors for Gemini?

Here are four lucky colors that represent the zodiac sign Gemini.

#1 Yellow

Gemini born in May have the

lily of the valley

as their birth flower.

©Reinhold Möller / CC BY-SA 4.0 – License

Yellow acts as a power color for Gemini. The bright and cheerful hue helps the mutable sign connect with their inner confidence. Yellow also helps boost creativity and focus. When out and about in the world, Gemini can get quite nervous. Yellow brings them both a sense of grounding and sparks their positive self-worth. For forced capitalist situations, yellow can help Gemini succeed.

To incorporate yellow into their lives, Gemini can wear statement pieces in their wardrobe. They can also grow yellow flowers or put yellow decorations in their house. Yellow gemstones will amplify the sense of grounding the color brings.

#2 Blue

Flock of dolphins playing in the blue water near Mafushi island, Maldives.

Gemini born in June have the


as their birth flower.

©Matej Kastelic/

Another of the Gemini lucky colors is blue. The hue correspondes to the lungs, which are also ruled by Gemini. The color blue represents freedom, something that the Gemini cherishes greatly. Also, the hue brings out curiosity and originality in the twin zodiac sign.

If the Gemini is traveling, they should try to wear blue. The color will help them feel comfortable and fully embrace their freedom. It will also ground them if anything unexpected happened. Blue can be worn with neutrals or monochromatic or as accessories.

#3 Green

Empty Plain soft pale green color gradation on recyclable paper texture minimalism peaceful background concept



is one of the birthstones for Gemini.


The color green is one of tranquility, peace, and taking it slow. This acts as a good balance for the mutable air sign. As one of the Gemini lucky colors, green helps calm the restlessness common for the zodiac sign. Connecting with the earth tone will help the Gemini take a deep breath to stop and smell the roses. In order to fully incorporate the shade, Geminis can wear it.

#4 Orange

Orange Cloth Background, Fabric Texture Gold Color Pattern Silk Gradien Luxury Backdrop, Light Yellow Textile Banner Material Satin Summer Tropical Wave Display Fashion Abstract Design Poster Template

Topaz can help a Gemini maintain a positive attitude.


Bright orange, like a carrot, is another of the Gemini lucky colors. The shade brings out the nature talent and creativity of the air sign. Plus, the color is cheerful and inspires confidence. The Gemini can use orange whenever they are feeling stuck. The shade will give them the energy to get out of the situation and make changes for the better.

Does Gemini Have Unlucky Colors?

All signs have unlucky colors, lets dive into three that the Gemini might want to avoid.

#1 Purple

Purple corn or purple maize isolated on white background

Gemini can use lavender to ground themselves.


Purple can be an unstable color, which exacerbates the Geminis restlesseness and lack of patience. The color can also bring out an arrogance and condescending side of the Gemini, which will make them seem unfriendly. Deep shades especially work against the air sign and it might be best to avoid them.

#2 Red


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Roman gods.

©Ekaterina79/ via Getty Images

Red is a bold and harsh color that brings negativity into the life of the Gemini. The color sucks the positivity out of the twin zodiac sign and can trigger their anxiety. Because of the ferocity of this hue, Geminis could start unnecessary arguments or making chaotic decisions.

#3 Black

Blackout in the city. Multi-storey building without electricity. Air view.

The stars Castor and Pollux represent Gemini.


As an unlucky color for Gemini, black comes off as foreboding and too intense. These characteristics conflict with the bright, cheerful attitude of the Gemini. The shade drains the energy of the air sign and leaves them feeling empty. It also makes it harder for them to communicate and they might clam up if surrounded by too much black.

Summary of Lucky (and Unlucky) Colors for Gemini


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