Discover the Lucky and Unlucky Colors for Libra

Written by Zoe Carina
Published: November 27, 2023
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Astrology appeals to folks by using one-size-fits-all advice, generalizing personalities, and giving everyone with the same sign the same destiny. People sometimes use astrology to make decisions, give advice, and choose their friends.

Astrology is something for fun and games. The signs offer a way to connect with peers and learn a bit about oneself. All with a grain of salt. If folks want to use astrology, they should approach it eclectically. Simply, choose the things that resonate with you and leave the things that don’t.

For example, people should consider their rising signs in addition to their sun signs.

You might be a Libra sun and hate all of the lucky colors listed below. The unlucky colors might be your favorite. People will tell you to use your rising, or ascendant sign, to indicate which colors will be lucky or unlucky for you. Your ascendant sign is your social persona and how you represent yourself to the outside world.

The rising sign acts as the “mask” that you don when you are in public settings. Most of the time, it reflects some aspect of your “true” personality. The ascendant sign also affects how others treat us, how we experience the world, and how we show up for others.

Before going into detail on the lucky and unlucky colors for Libra, we need to establish firmly that astrology is a pseudoscience. There is no scientific evidence for the colors listed below. They are simply a fun list of colors that you can perhaps incorporate into your life.

If you happen to love one or more of the “unlucky” colors, own it. Your luck is your own and no one else can determine it for you. Now, let’s look deeper into the lucky and unlucky Libra colors.

Pink – Lucky

Ragdoll cat, small cute kitten portrait on funny knott pillow on pink background. Pedigree pet


are born between September 23 to October 22.

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The quintessential color for libra is pastel pink. The color symbolizes affection and harmony, two characteristics that libras try to emulate. Pink is also associated with love, compassion, and kindness, which are complimentary to the values that most libras have.

The hue also brings calmness to the mind and body, which can help the libra with balancing their daily lives. Libras can show off their warm and cooperative personality through wearing this color.

Brown – Lucky

ponderosa pine cones on ground in brown grasses in early summer light shot from above

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus.

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The libra is most likely to be seen outside somewhere, either soaking up the sun, exploring a forest, or swimming. Brown reflects the love that libras have of the outdoors.

Brown is also the color of quiet confidence, which is a trait that libras exude quite often. The hue will help you stay calm throughout your day and focus on what you need to get done.

Blue – Lucky

Pure, clear drink water in glass bowl or plate on blue background

The zodiac symbol for Libra is the scale.

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Another lucky color for libras is blue. Specifically, dark blue will help libras receive luck when it comes to interpersonal relationships (but remember that the leg work of making connections has to come from you). Blue represents peace and tranquility, which are values that libras dearly hold.

The shade will help them focus on maintaining harmony both in themselves and within their community. Blue also represents intelligence, which reflects the libra’s wit and smarts. The rich color can also bring stability into the life of the libra as well.

Green – Lucky


Libra is the seventh symbol of the zodiac.


While it is also lucky color in many situations and for some cultures, green compliments a libra nicely. As one of the libra colors that will provide them luck, green promotes growth, balance, and harmony. The color might also attract abundance into the life of the libra.

The green color is another reflection of libra’s love of nature. Green is an optimistic color and reflect the libra’s positive, loving attitude.

White – Lucky

Clean white milk or juice package mockups

For libras born in September, asters and morning glories are your birth flowers.

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The hue white is the fifth of the lucky libra colors. White symbolizes simplicity, which is how libras like to keep their lives and relationships. Another meaning of white is calmness, which libras maintain with an air of grace and magic.

The color will help during capitalist work situations such as nailing an interview or having to complete a presentation.

Orange – Unlucky

Australian sun

Libra is an air sign.

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The color orange is bright and vivid. The hue represents a chaotic energy that many libras will find disturbing. Orange also encourages immediately saying what’s on one’s mind, sometimes without thinking. The libra is an air sign that carefully chooses their words before saying them. Libras should avoid orange, as it will undermine their calculated communication style.

The color orange also represents facing conflict upfront, which libras tend to avoid. The libra love to keep the peace and avoid conflict if possible.

Purple – Unlucky

fresh purple heirloom tomatoes on the vine in a garden

Libra is linked to the lower back and kidneys.


The color purple, deep and rich, represents ambition. While libras are generally loved and tend to be successful in their career, they always seem to have their foot halfway out the door. Libras cherish the freedom to do as they please, which could sometimes mean leaving a well-paying job or comfortable but unsatisfying relationship.

Purple represents a stead-fast, sometimes rigid, commitment, which libras do not enjoy. Libras are better suited to the commitment that comes through in shades of green and blue.

Red – Unlucky

red aura meaning

The libra birth stone is either sapphire or tourmaline.

©ClusterX/ via Getty Images

The color red reflects anger, passion and fiery personalities. Libras are, in most cases, quite the opposite. While libras become angry and passionate, they are rarely open about it. Libra would rather keep their emotions quiet in public to strive for harmony.

The libra loves to process their emotions in solitude, if they have developed healthy routines. Red, on the other hand, encourages processing emotions in the moment, which is often in public. Because of this, libra might feel particularly vulnerable while wearing or surrounded by red.

Black – Unlucky

black cumin seeds in brown wooden bowl isolated on white background

The flowers for libras born in October are marigold and cosmos.


Black is not a color itself but instead the mixture of every color on the color wheel. The hue does not mix well with libras. The hue, associated with uncertainty, makes the harmonious libra feel uncomfortable.

Black can also symbolize unhappiness. The hue could weigh down on the libra and turn their calmness into sadness. Being around a lot of black could also cause a libra to feel disoriented, confused, and afraid.

The mixture of every color can also symbolize plainness, which is something that libras avoid. Libras love beauty in all forms and being around a plain color like black might make them feel unsatisfied.

Neon – Unlucky

Mystical neon triangle portal hanging over a concrete floor

Libra is a cardinal zodiac sign.

©Astragal/iStock via Getty Images

The last color on this list that doesn’t match the personality of the libra is not quite a color. Instead, it’s the neon hue of any color (even the lucky colors mentioned above). Libra is a peacemaker and values harmony. Neon is all about standing out from the crowd.

The boldness of this choice will clash with libras nature and might bring unwanted attention to them. Perhaps, if you are a libra around neon colors, they make you feel as if there is a lot of static or noise inside your head.

Summary of the Lucky and Unlucky Colors of Libra

Lucky or UnluckyColor

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