Discover the Lucky and Unlucky Colors of Aries

Written by Zoe Carina
Published: November 24, 2023
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When it comes to astrology, the generalized personalities and one-size-fits-all destinies are quite appealing. People have even gone as far as using astrology to make decisions, give counsel, and choose their social circles. But before diving into the world of lucky and unlucky colors, let’s be clear. Astrology is a pseudoscience. There is no scientific basis for why people are the signs that they are. The division is based on birthdays, which are quite arbitrary. Astrology does, however, provide a fun way to connect with peers and maybe learn a bit about yourself. So choose what resonates with you and leave what doesn’t.

Most people will tell you to use your rising sign as a determiner for lucky and unlucky colors. Your rising sign, also called your ascendant sign, is your social persona, or how you represent yourself to the outside world. While it’s not necessarily the squishy and vulnerable you at home, it is the “mask” that you don when you go places in public. In most cases, it reflects some aspects of your “true” personality. The rising sign affects how others treat us and how we experience the world and treat others.

Now, let’s enter the world of the Aries. They are born between March 21 and April 19. This fiery sign is most likely passionate, straightforward, and a natural leader. As the first on the astrological wheel, Aries approaches everything with curiosity and individuality. An Aries rising sign marches to the beat of their own drum and sometimes speaks before they think.

Now let’s dive into the lucky and unlucky Aries colors. If you’re an Aries sun, your individuality may prevent you from relating to any of these colors. If one of the “unlucky” colors happens to be your favorite, own it. You determine your own luck.

Pink — Lucky

Pink full super moon glowing with pink halo surrounded by stars on black sky background

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars.

©Lukasz Pawel Szczepanski/

The color pink represents good health, playfulness, and community love. By wearing this color, Aries can tap into their inner child and let loose. Pink brings a lightness to life that compliments Aries quite nicely.

Aries sometimes struggles to get along with others, both due to stubbornness and passion. When an aries thinks you’re wrong, they will rarely shy away from telling you so (even during times it’s not best). Pink can help ground an aries in empathy and peace, for times when being outspoken isn’t necessarily the right move.

Orange — Lucky

Fresh citrus fruits. Bood oranges

The zodiac symbol for Aries is a ram’s head.

©karandaev/iStock via Getty Images

Another lucky color for Aries is orange, specifically blood orange. This hue will spark creativity and help the fiery sign embrace their innovative, out-of-the-box thinking. Orange also symbolizes energy, optimism, and a sense of adventure, which are traits usually present in an Aries.

Plus, the color could bring excitement into the life of the Aries. If you’re involved in a collaborative project, wearing orange will potentially boost the spirits and ideas of everyone involved.

Eggplant — Lucky

Fresh ripe globe eggplants.

Aries is the first symbol of the zodiac.


Eggplant purple is a rich and gorgeous color that will potentially bring luck to the life of an Aries. Not only is it associated with wisdom and creativity, throughout history purple was a royal color.

The deep hue reflects the depth of aries ambition and will help them pursue their goals. Even when times get hard, eggplant purple reminds the aries that they are powerful and can persevere. In addition, Aries can use eggplant purple to connect with their imagination and inspiration.

Yellow — Lucky

'Peeping Tom' Cyclamineus Daffodil

For Aries born in March, the


is your birth month flower.

©Sergey V Kalyakin/

The color yellow symbolizes open emotionality. The Aries will, in most cases, offer a shoulder to cry on and supportive words. However, the fiery sign, like many others, has a difficult time opening up themselves. Surrounding yourself with yellow, as an Aries, might help you talk about your feelings and state with more ease.

In addition, yellow is a sunny and bright color which reflects the optimistic and lively nature of the ram. The hue could also potentially boost mental clarity and sharpen your focus. Yellow is a great color for inspirating confidence in the self and ones decision making.

Blue — Unlucky

water drop splash in a glass blue colored

Aries is a fire sign.

©Peter Bocklandt/

The color blue is considered an unlucky color for Aries. The color represents stillness, something that clashes with the fiery, always-moving sign. The blue color also represents sadness and depression. Aries, like everyone, should feel their emotions fully and deeply. This way they do not get stuck or feel/inflict pain due to suppressed emotions.

However, Aries will most likely want to avoid the heavy (sometimes sad) feeling that comes with blue. The icy, distant, and cold nature associated with blue opposes the aries warm, trusting, and fiery nature.

Black – Unlucky

Dark mysterious corridor in building. Door room perspective in lonely quiet building with walkway heading to the light at the end of the way, black and white style. hope, brave and fear concept.

Aries is linked to the brain, muscular organs, and blood.

©Techa Tungateja/iStock via Getty Images

Black, the mixture of every color on the color wheel, is a color for the Aries to avoid. The hue is associated with mystery, which goes against the straightforward nature of most Aries.

Black is another hue that can also symbolize unhappiness. The heavy feeling that comes from surrounding oneself with too much black will dampen the spirit of most aries. Aries could also feel angry, aggressive, or afraid when black is heavily incorporated into the environment.

Gold — Unlucky

Pieces of edible gold leaf on textured table, closeup. Space for text

The Aries

birth stone

is either aquamarine or white topaz.

©New Africa/

Gold, while regal and magnificent, does not match the independent nature of the Aries. That’s because the hue represents conformity. The hue can also encourage the Aries to act out of ego and arrogance, which is something they struggle with.

Plus, gold symbolizes excess materialism, which will tie the Aries down and stifle their creativity. If they are too focused on material gain, they will lose what matters most. In addition, bringing gold into their life could cause instability in Aries’ relationships.

Gray — Unlucky

Man falling down. Mid-air shot of handsome young man falling against grey background

The flower for Aries born in April is the



©G-Stock Studio/

The gray hue symbolizes a lack of energy and enthusiasm, which contradicts the fiery and bright spirit of most Aries. In predominantly gray areas, the Aries might feel stifled and unmotivated.

Gray is also used by colonial powers to exert control over those they are subjugating. This dispassionate and violent backdrop deeply effects the aries and they can easily become a shell of what they usually are. Aries is a sign heavily dependent on their community. They thrive when surrounded by loved ones. Gray can make them feel isolated and alienated from their peers.

Brown — Unlucky

ponderosa pine cones on ground in brown grasses in early summer light shot from above

Aries is a cardinal zodiac sign.

©kerry wetzel/

The color brown represents many things, but commonly it evokes stagnation. Aries will potentially feel stuck or lose all inspiration while surrounded by brown. They could even fall into an artistic or life rut that leaves them depressed and upset.

Brown is also considered a timid color, which directly opposes the direct nature of the fire sign. While predictability can be grounding and helpful for some signs (like Taurus), the Aries finds it dull and boring.

Summary of the Lucky and Unlucky Colors of Aries

Lucky or UnluckyColor

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