Discover the 8 Most Expensive Crystals Ever Sold

Written by Ella Coppola
Updated: November 14, 2023
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Crystals, highly desirable and costly treasures, were once believed to possess enigmatic powers. However, today, their primary utility is creating exquisite jewelry and accessories. Wealthy individuals see gemstones as good investments due to their low risk and the escalating value they acquire per carat over time. People willingly spend vast sums of money to acquire these rare gems. Despite variations in clarity and color, each gemstone boasts unique properties that render it exceptionally valuable and deserving of acquisition.

Overview of Discover the 8 Most Expensive Crystals

Global auctions present these extraordinary jewels for bidders to try to win these crystals. This ignites fierce competition for people trying to buy these highly sought-after gemstones. Bidders from diverse nations display prestige by buying these expensive and rare diamonds. Below are the eight most costly crystals sold, with Pink Star Diamond coming in first at $72 Million.

8. Sweet Josephine Diamond Ring, $28.5 Million

Close-up Of A Person's Hand Checking Diamond Through Magnifying Loupe

Pink diamonds of a distinct hue hold an unrivaled allure among gem connoisseurs in natural-colored diamonds.

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The captivating “Sweet Josephine Diamond” is a remarkable piece featuring a 16.08-carat cushion-shaped vivid pink diamond. Crafted in platinum and gold, the ring showcases the pink diamond surrounded by a twin ensemble of dazzling white diamonds. This further enhanced by a gallery adorned with even more pink diamonds. Designed in South Africa, this exquisite creation mesmerized bidders at Christie’s auction in Geneva.

In November 2015, it was sold for a staggering USD 28.5 million. It was sold to the esteemed Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau Luen-hung from a private collection. The ring’s intricate design features a band encrusted with small circular-cut white diamonds.

Pink diamonds of a distinct hue hold an unrivaled allure among gem connoisseurs in natural-colored diamonds. They consistently achieve extraordinary auction prices, mirroring the exceptional beauty and rarity they possess. Many pink diamonds also contain secondary colors like purple, orange, brown, or gray. The 16.08-carat diamond showcased at Christie’s distinguishes itself by displaying no trace of a secondary color. This absence enhances its attractiveness and renders it exceptionally rare. This contributes to its allure and significance in the world of gemstones.

7. The Sunrise Ruby Ring, $30.3 Million

Red Ruby. Precious Red Gemstone

To have a ruby referred to as a “pigeon’s blood color,” It is described as an “untinted red color softly diffused by the red fluorescence of chromium.”

©Levon Avagyan/

The Sunrise Ruby is a 25-carat ruby with two records. One: It is the most expensive ruby in the world at 30 million dollars USD. Two: the most expensive colored gemstone globally. It is essential to point out that other colored diamonds have sold for higher prices. However, the colored diamond market is considered separate from the colored gemstones market. This is for a good reason. Diamonds do not usually show intense color, while colored gemstones like rubies are known for their vibrant red hues.

Like most rubies at auction, the Sunrise ruby is a Burmese ruby with the ideal “Pigeon’s Blood” color. To have a ruby referred to as a “pigeon’s blood color,” It is described as an “untinted red color softly diffused by the red fluorescence of chromium.”

Some dealers will say that the pigeon’s blood color is only for Burmese rubies. Others will explain it only refers to color rather than origin. There is no complete agreement on which rubies should or should not receive this distinction.

6. The Orange, $35.5 Million

orange gemstone diamond ring on white background

The GIA’s grading system for colored diamonds indicates that orange diamonds become increasingly scarce as the color transitions from orangy yellow to pure orange. (Note “The Orange” diamond not pictured)


“The Orange” is a 14.82 Carat Orange Diamond that sold for a world record of 35.5 Million. It was the largest orange diamond to ever appear at auction. It sold for over 35.5 Million at Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels sale.

During the auction held at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, the remarkable orange-colored 14.82-carat diamond exceeded all expectations by surpassing its high estimated value of $21 million. Not only did it sell for way past 21 million, but it also set two world records in the process. Firstly, it established a new record for the highest price ever for an orange diamond. Additionally, it sold for $2,398,151 per carat. This attained a world record for the highest price per carat for any colored diamond sold at auction.

During the auction, François Curiel (the International head of Christie’s Jewellery Department) expressed his awe. He stated that from time to time, a stone of extraordinary beauty emerges in the market. A true marvel of nature. The 14.82-carat orange diamond is precisely such a gem. A rare treasure that may only grace our presence once in a lifetime.

During the auction, it soared far beyond all previous records, especially for any orange diamond sold. It secured its place among the esteemed ranks of the most precious colored diamonds. This is typically reserved for extraordinary pinks and blues.
According to the auction house, pure orange diamonds are rare and seldom encountered. It is more common to find orange diamonds with secondary colors accompanying the orange hue. Nitrogen during the diamond’s formation process makes the diamond its captivating orange color.

The Gemological Institue of America

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA)is responsible for grading the diamond and issuing its report. It commented on the rarity of intensely colored diamonds within the orange spectrum. Typically, such diamonds rarely exceed three or four carats in size once they are polished. In the case of this particular diamond, it surpasses that size range by nearly four times. The GIA’s grading system for colored diamonds indicates that such stones become increasingly scarce as the color transitions from orange-yellow to pure orange. In other words, the less yellow in the diamond’s color, the rarer it is to find such specimens.

In the GIA report, the system assigned a clarity grade of VS1 to the diamond, signifying excellent clarity. It only possessed minor inclusions visible under magnification. Additionally, the diamond is classified as a Type IA diamond. This is based on the diamond’s nitrogen content and structural characteristics.

5. The Graff Pink, $46.15 Million

Large White Diamond with Red Pink Diamonds in Background on Pink Paper Shinny Jewelry

Pink diamonds are among the most exceptionally scarce diamonds worldwide.

©7713 Photography/

Pink diamonds are among the most exceptionally scarce diamonds worldwide. Even more extraordinary are the ones that surpass the 5-carat mark and exhibit a vivid saturation of color. The Graff Pink Diamond embodies a breathtaking gem and an awe-inspiring wonder of nature. That diamond is bound to be revered for countless generations.

The prestigious jeweler Harry Winston was the first fortunate individual to include this gem in his esteemed collection. With an impressive assortment of famous diamonds like the Briolette of India and the Hope Diamond, Winston’s acquisition of the Graff Pink Diamond has solidified its status among illustrious gems. The diamond remained a prized possession in Winston’s private collection for over six decades.

The exceptional nature of this diamond extended beyond its captivating hue and impressive size. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) bestowed upon the Graff Pink Diamond the esteemed classification of a Type IIa Diamond. This distinction indicates that the diamond belongs to the top 1 to 2 percent of diamonds in terms of purity, according to Diamondland. Enhancing its awe-inspiring allure, the diamond was elegantly set in a platinum ring, accentuated by two remarkable shield-shaped stones, further enhancing its jaw-dropping beauty.

From its initial striking appearance, one man envisioned enhancing its beauty even further: Laurence Graff, a renowned diamond collector acclaimed as the “King of Bling.” Already possessing a remarkable collection of gems, including the illustrious Wittelsbach-Graff diamond, Graff recognized the exceptional potential within this particular jewel.

More Info on The Graff Pink Diamond

In November 2010, Graff made a significant purchase at an auction held in Switzerland. He acquired the emerald-cut fancy intense pink diamond, weighing 24.78 carats, for $46 million. This transaction set a groundbreaking record, representing the highest amount ever spent on a diamond at the time, solidifying the diamond’s status as the most expensive in the world.

According to the Daily Mail, David Bennett, the Director of the international jewelry department at Sotheby’s, shared his insights after the auction. Bennett emphasized the rarity of the pink diamond, attributing its uniqueness to the extraordinary combination of its color and purity, complemented by the elegant emerald cut.

He elaborated that the emerald cut, typically associated with white diamonds, becomes highly coveted when discovered in rare hues like pink and blue. This observation, reported by the Israeli Diamond Institute, highlights the exceptional appeal and desirability of diamonds featuring this cutting style in striking colors.

Graffs Bid

When Graff decided to bid on the gem, he envisioned enhancing its beauty to an even greater degree. Recognizing its potential, Graff aimed to perfect the diamond’s already remarkable qualities. Notably, the diamond had been graded as potentially flawless; however, it required a meticulous repolishing process to achieve perfection. Graff Diamonds reveals that the stone initially had 25 natural flaws.
Employing cutting-edge technology and expertise, the experts at Graff Diamonds embarked on a mission to eliminate these imperfections while preserving the diamond’s shape and symmetry. The Graff Diamonds website acknowledges the enormity of the risks involved in such a delicate endeavor. Any misstep could have resulted in the shattering of the diamond, causing fragments of the world’s most valuable pink diamond to scatter across the workshop floor. The precise craftsmanship and attention to detail demonstrated during this transformative process further exemplify the dedication and skill of Graff Diamonds.

Remarkably, despite the intricate work performed, the weight loss amounted to less than 1 carat—an insignificant sacrifice for achieving unparalleled perfection. Pursuing such flawless magnificence exemplifies the unwavering commitment and uncompromising standards Graff Diamonds uphold.

4. Blue Moon of Josephine, $ 48.4 Million

diamond classic cut blue tone
Blue diamonds are extremely rare

. The presence of boron impurities is often responsible for the color of natural blue diamonds.

©gualtiero boffi/

In 2015, Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau made headlines with notable acquisitions at the Sotheby’s Auction. Two diamonds, Sweet Josephine and Blue Moon of Josephine, were added to his impressive collection, aptly named after his beloved daughter. Among the two, the Blue Moon of Josephine commanded a significantly higher price, with a staggering price tag of $48.4 million. This remarkable blue diamond weighs 12.03 carats and features a cushion-shaped cut, showcasing its exquisite beauty.

Lau’s purchase of the Blue Moon of Josephine added an exceptional gem to his collection and broke his record for the most expensive asset. The significance of this acquisition further solidified Lau’s reputation as a discerning connoisseur and highlighted his unwavering pursuit of exceptional and valuable treasures.

3. Winston Pink Legacy, $50.66 Million

Pink diamond stone isolated on a white studio background.

The intense allure and captivating presence of the Winston Pink Legacy mesmerized all who beheld its breathtaking beauty, further cementing its place among the most esteemed and sought-after diamonds in the world.

©Edward Westmacott/

Originating from the mines of South Africa in 1918, the diamond embarked on a fascinating journey that would culminate in a historic moment a century later. In 2018, the diamond graced the prestigious auction list of Christie’s, captivating the attention of collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. Harry Winston Inc., renowned for its expertise in exceptional gems, recognized the unparalleled beauty and value of the diamond, ultimately securing it with a monumental bid of $50 million.

Under the guidance of Chief Executive Nayla Hayek, the diamond received a new name befitting its significance within the Winston legacy: Winston Pink Legacy. This splendid gem stood apart from others, boasting a mesmerizing color saturation that is a rarity seen in merely one out of a million diamonds. The intense allure and captivating presence of the Winston Pink Legacy mesmerized all who beheld its breathtaking beauty, further cementing its place among the most esteemed and sought-after diamonds in the world.

2. Oppenheimer Blue, 57.5 Million

Blue diamonds topaz cut circle stone luxury, angles set isolated on white background

In terms of rarity, blue stones are just as unusual red, pink, and violet stones. While all blue diamonds are rare, the deepest blue ones are due to high color intensity.


A captivating jewel took center stage in an unforgettable moment at the 2016 Christie’s Geneva Auction. The show’s star was a mesmerizing Oppenheimer Blue diamond boasting a weight of 14.62 carats. Adorned with elegance, this stunning gem was gracefully perched on a platinum band. Then flanked by two smaller diamonds, creating an exquisite composition.

The bidding war ignited over the phone in the auction room, intensifying the atmosphere for 20 minutes. Eventually, the hammer fell, and the diamond found a new owner for over $57 million. This exceptional sale set a groundbreaking record. This solidified its place as the most expensive diamond ever sold at a Christie’s Auction.

The name of the diamond honored its previous owner, Sir Phillip Oppenheimer. This notable figure behind the renowned De Beers group. Christie’s attributed this distinctive name to the diamond, adding a touch of historical significance to its already illustrious allure.

The sale of this extraordinary gem served as a testament to its unrivaled beauty and absolute rarity. Its enchanting blue hue, coupled with exquisite craftsmanship and design, captivated the hearts of collectors. It also affirmed its status as an iconic treasure within the world of fine jewelry.

1. The Pink Star, $72 Million

Pink Kunzite Isolated on White Background with Reflection

The Pink Star Diamond is the most expensive diamond ever sold at $72 Million dollars.


This diamond originated from a remarkable stone mined in 1999. The journey of the iconic pink diamond began under the expert hands of the renowned De Beers Group. For over 20 months, the diamond underwent meticulous cutting and shaping, honing its natural beauty to perfection. Finally, in 2003, the jewel emerged in all its splendid glory, captivating all who beheld its exquisite pink hue.

After a brief display, the diamond found its way to the esteemed halls of the National History Museum in 2005. There, it became a cherished highlight of their prestigious collection. The allure of this rare gem continued to grow, attracting attention from around the world.

In 2013, the diamond debuted at Sotheby’s auction, captivating the hearts of gem enthusiasts and collectors alike. The following years witnessed a bidding frenzy surrounding this extraordinary jewel. No surprise due to its exceptional qualities and unique hue captivating the imaginations of potential owners.

The 72 Million Dollar Sale

Tai Fook Enterprises 2017 bought the groundbreaking sale of the 59.60-carat vivid pink diamond. The staggering price of $72 million sealed its fate, forever etching it into the annals of gemstone history. Tai fook renamed the diamond the CTF Pink Star Diamond, honoring the company’s visionary founder.

These crystals ranging from pink to shades of orange and blue possess the power to make people bid highly for them. The intoxicating nature of these coveted gemstones fuels an unwavering desire to possess and cherish them. This prompts collectors and connoisseurs to go the extra mile to pursue their beauty. These gems stand as a testament to the enduring fascination and allure of extraordinary diamonds. These crystals hold a special place in the hearts of those fortunate enough to behold them.

Summary of Discover the 8 Most Expensive Crystals Ever Sold

1The Pink Star$72 Million
2Oppenheimer Blue$57.5 Million
3Winston Pink Legacy $50.66 Million
4Blue Moon of Josephine $ 48.4 Million
5The Graff Pink $46.15 Million
6The Orange $35.5 Million
7 The Sunrise Ruby Ring $30.3 Million
8Sweet Josephine Diamond Ring$28.5 Million

The photo featured at the top of this post is © RTimages/

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