Discover the 25 Most Popular Large, White Dog Breeds

Written by Kellianne Matthews
Updated: July 3, 2023
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No animal is nearly as striking as a large white dog. These majestic canines capture the attention of nearly everyone who sees them. From the jovial and fluffy Samoyed to the regal and stoic Great Pyrenees, white dogs have charmed us for centuries and continue to be quite popular even today. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular large white dog breeds!

1. Great Pyrenees

These beautiful and large white dogs are livestock guardians that originated in France. They often help keep flocks safe from large animals like bears and wolves. Great Pyrenees dogs are very protective and independent. However, they are also common as companion dogs. They are both protective of and affectionate toward their families, especially children. These impressive white dogs are very smart, patient, and calm.

Great Pyrenees are typically 25 to 32 inches tall and can weigh 85 to 100 pounds or more. They have beautiful thick white coats and very powerful bodies. In the 17th century, King Louis XIV of France declared a Great Pyrenees dog as the royal dog of France! 

Great Pyrenees laying in front of tree with white buds

The Great Pyrenees is one of the largest dog breeds.


2. Samoyed

Although not nearly as big as some of the other white dogs on this list, the Samoyed breed is just as popular and beloved. These gorgeous medium-sized dogs have very thick, double-layered white coats and iconic curled tails. Originally, Samoyeds were kept by the Samoyetic people in Northwestern Siberia and helped to herd reindeer, haul sleds, and hunt. Although they were working dogs in a harsh environment, their humans saw them as beloved family members.

Even today Samoyeds develop strong bonds with their humans, displaying unwavering trust and loyalty. Although they are excellent watchdogs, Samoyeds tend to be rather poor guard dogs, because they are just so happy and friendly to everyone!

Samoyed sitting in field of flowers

Spitz dog breeds — like the Samoyed — have dense coats that shed heavily, upright ears, and curled tails.

©Roman Milavin/

3. Komondor

Also known as the Hungarian sheepdog, the Komondor is a very large white dog breed with one of the most unique coats in the canine world. Komondorok (the plural term for the Komondor) have long, corded coats — which is why they are often called “mop dogs”. They are powerful dogs with robust, muscular bodies, long legs, and an endearing tail with a slight curl. 

Although Komondorok may seem calm or even lazy at times, these dogs always seem to keep an eye on things. They often spend their nights on patrol, watching for any danger or threats. Komondorok are typically very calm, affectionate, and gentle with their families as well as with children. However, they are very protective and do not tolerate trespassing animals.


Komondor puppies have soft and fluffy coats that become matted and corded later on.


4. Akbash

Originating from Western Anatolia, the Akbash is a large Turkish breed that typically weighs 75 to 140 pounds. They are excellent watchdogs and are very protective of those they love. These dogs do not crave a lot of companionship like many other dog breeds, but they do enjoy being around their families. 

Akbash dogs are incredibly smart, but they’re also very independent and self-governing, so it can be difficult to train them. They are not super social with other animals and usually do their best as the only dog in the house. However, if socialized early, Akbash pups can get along fine with other animals. 

Akbash dog standing in a yard

Abbash dogs are native to Turkey.


5. Labrador Retriever

One of the most popular large dogs in America is the Labrador retriever. These affectionate and playful pups come in three colors: chocolate, black, and yellow. However, yellow labs are commonly very light colored, so much so that they look like a nice creamy white dog!

Labs are extremely friendly, outgoing, and affectionate — they seem to love just about everyone. They are great with children and even with other dogs. Labrador retrievers are sporting dogs, so they do need to get plenty of exercise in order to stay happy and healthy. These big dogs are typically 21.5 to 24.5 inches tall and weigh 55 to 80 pounds. 

Labrador retriever waiting to eat

Labrador retrievers are prone to overeating, so it’s important to feed them the proper portions of food.

©Jaromir Chalabala/

6. White German Shepherd

Although a rarer dog, the white German shepherd has become more popular recently. Traditionally, German shepherds are tan and black, or even all black, but on rare occasions, a puppy is born with a pure white fur coat! 

White German shepherds are remarkable dogs that really stand out with their striking features. They have plush, snow-white coats that really accentuate their athletic and agile bodies. White German shepherds are produced from German shepherds — the only difference is they display a recessive white hair gene. Like all German shepherds, they require quite a bit of grooming and they shed a lot, but they are devoted and intelligent dogs that will stick by your side through thick and thin.

white German shepherd dog

German shepherds are smart and athletic dogs, so they are commonly employed as service animals.


7. Berger Blanc Suisse (White Swiss Shepherd)

Although they look very similar to a white German shepherd, the berger blanc Suisse, or white Swiss shepherd, is its own separate breed, recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). These beautiful large white dogs are the descendants of white German shepherds that were imported to Switzerland several decades ago. 

Like German shepherds, Swiss shepherds are high-energy dogs and require plenty of space to move around and explore. Regular exercise is crucial to keeping these dogs in top shape both physically and mentally. However, unlike German shepherds, Swiss shepherds are shy. They have gentle dispositions that make them great family pets. In addition, Swiss shepherds only come in white and tend to be less serious than German shepherds. They also can be clingy and suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods of time.

Berger Blanc Suisse standing on a rock in a river with blurred conifer trees in the background

Berger blanc Suisse, or white Swiss shepherds, are prized for their snowy white coats.


8. Standard Poodle

Known for their elegance and grace, standard poodles and designer poodle mixes are some of the most popular dog breeds out there. These dogs have distinctive, curly coats that come in many different colors — including pearly white! Although they walk with an aristocratic flair, poodles are strong and extremely athletic dogs who are highly intelligent and versatile. 

Poodles are often easy to train and excel at almost any activity, from obedience training to canine sports and even therapy work. In addition to their fantastic appearance and athleticism, poodles are also incredibly loyal and affectionate companions who often form very close bonds with their humans.

Purebred Standard White Poodle Dog

Poodles often have glamorous haircuts, but these dogs are strong and athletic.


9. Siberian Husky

There is nothing quite as stunning as an all-white Siberian husky. These beautiful creatures were bred to work together in packs, and you may recognize them from sled dog teams where they help to carry loads over long stretches of frozen ground. Huskies are very energetic and outgoing dogs who need lots of exercise, mental enrichment, and companionship. They are also affectionate dogs and can be great with young children and other dogs when properly socialized. 

In addition to their friendly and playful natures, Siberian huskies are also very intelligent and have a mischievous side. If left to their own devices or not given enough mental and physical stimulation, huskies can cause trouble or become destructive. 

Siberian Husky running in the snow

Siberian huskies are famous for their dog-sled abilities.

© Chase

10. Irish Wolfhound

The beautiful Irish wolfhound is another popular large white dog. These dogs come in many different colors, from white to black, cream, brindle, red, blue, and wheaten. They have a harsh and wiry outer coat on top of a softer undercoat, giving them a somewhat shaggy and wolfish appearance. They are at least 30 to 32 inches tall — they’re actually the tallest breed accepted by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Their tall bodies are strong and powerful, but they are also built with elegant and graceful frames and can run really fast.

Irish wolfhounds are calm and serene. In fact, they aren’t the best guard dogs due to their agreeable natures. However, their size and dignified appearance are certainly helpful when it comes to deterring intruders! Irish wolfhounds are kind-hearted dogs who are very affectionate with their families.

Irish Wolfhound, 4 years old, sitting in front of white background

Irish wolfhounds are large dogs that weigh around 105 to 120 pounds.

©Eric Isselee/

11. Landseer (Newfoundland)

The AKC and the Kennel Club consider the Landseer to be a type of Newfoundland, while the FCI considers these big white dogs to be their own separate breed. In either case, Landseers are impressive, large white dogs with amazing personalities. Although they’re not as common as the solid black Newfoundlands, these black and white Landseer Newfies were quite popular back in the day. They were the subject of many paintings during the 19th century, particularly those of Edwin Landseer. 

Landseer Newfoundland dogs have a distinctive black-and-white coloration that comes from a recessive piebald color allele. This unique genetic trait can be expressed differently in each litter of puppies. In fact, a single litter can produce both all-black puppies and black-and-white Landseer puppies! Although they are large and powerful dogs, Landseers are incredibly good companions with sweet temperaments. Just like their black Newfoundland counterparts, Landseers are very patient and gentle canines, especially around children.

Landseer Newfoundland

The Landseer Newfoundland is the total package with kind temperaments, intelligence, and courage.


12. Akita

Akitas come in many different colors, but one of their most striking colorations is an all-white dog, or an Akita with urajiro markings (white patterns on the underside of the dog’s body, as well as on their cheeks and the sides of the muzzle). Akitas are gorgeous dogs with large and very powerful bodies. Owners often describe their dogs as being cat-like, as they often clean their faces after they eat, and sometimes even fastidiously groom their kennelmates.

Akitas can be very loyal companions, but they are not good for first-time dog owners. These large and powerful dogs are dominant and very independent. They can be very territorial and reactive towards other dogs, especially those of the same sex.

White Akita dog

Akitas originated in the mountains of Northern Japan.

© Tatsunari

13. Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd)

A majestic, powerful, and ancient breed, the Alabai or Central Asian shepherd exudes confidence and balance. With their quiet demeanors and a proud presence, these independent pups possess unwavering courage and an impressive endurance for work. Central Asian shepherd dogs are very territorial and will protect their domain from even the largest predator. They don’t mind spending time alone, but they also can be friendly and gentle with those they know. 

Central Asian shepherds need experienced owners who can devote lots of time, training, socialization, and supervision to them due to their massive size and territorial nature. These enormous dogs are typically 110 pounds or more. They have booming voices, but their bite is just as powerful as their bark. With a bite force of around 500 to 650 pounds per square inch, this is a dog you don’t want to sneak up on!

Alabai dog lying in the snow.

Alabai, or Central Asian shepherds, are very big dogs — some have even grown over 175 pounds!


14. Cane Corso

All white cane corso dogs are a bit unique, in that they are not actually 100% pure white. Their coats are technically “straw”, which is a creamy whitish coloration. Cane corso dogs are 23.5 to 27.5 inches tall with very balanced and proportionate bodies that weigh 100 pounds or more. They are confident and assertive dogs with an impressive lineage that goes all the way back to ancient Rome! 

Cane corso dogs are excellent protectors and guard dogs — and they definitely look the part with their solid heads and muscular bodies. However, these dogs are also very loyal to their humans and can make great companions. Cane corso dogs are very intelligent, so inexperienced owners may have trouble establishing an appropriate balance in their relationship. 

Cane Corso dog isolated over white background

Cane Corsos come in a “straw color” instead of pure white.

©Nikolai Tsvetkov/

15. Afghan Hound

One of the most elegant and unique-looking large white dogs is the Afghan hound — particularly the ones blessed with a flowing coat of all-white hair! Afghan hounds have an extremely regal and sophisticated appearance and move with grace and agility. However, while these large white dogs are unique and beautiful, they are not the best dog for just any owner.

Afghan hounds may look like canine beauty queens, but their luxurious fur coats and massive feet are actually more functional than decorative. Their thick hair helps provide protection in the harsh mountain climates where they originated. And their large paw pads are like built-in shock absorbers to help them maneuver over difficult terrain. 

Afghan Hound


Afghan hound

is one of the most ancient dog breeds.


16. Clumber Spaniel

The largest breed of flushing spaniel recognized by the AKC is the Clumber spaniel. These dignified hunting companions have heavy bones and massive heads. They are powerful dogs built to easily push through dense foliage when hunting. 

Their long fur coats are very dense and mostly white, sometimes with orange or lemon-colored markings. Clumber spaniels also tend to drool and shed quite a bit, but they are very respectful and gentle companions. At home, these dogs have very sweet personalities and are easygoing. However, if they happen to catch a scent, their hunting instincts kick in and they can be rather relentless in tracking it down.

Clumber Spaniel portrait. The Clumber Spaniel stands on the grass in the park.

Clumber spaniels are powerful bird dogs who can move surprisingly smoothly.


17. Kuvasz

Another large white dog with impressive strength is the Kuvasz. These dogs are 26 to 30 inches tall and weigh 70 to 115 pounds with luxurious white coats. Kuvaszok (the plural form of Kuvasz)  originated in Hungary where they were bred as livestock guardians and companions for royalty. Although they are excellent watchdogs with independent natures, Kuvaszok also crave human companionship and can make excellent and loving family dogs.

Kuvaszok are very smart dogs with an imposing presence, but they also are extremely loyal, affectionate, and sweet. However, as they are extremely intelligent and powerful dogs with an independent streak, they’re not the best for first-time dog owners. Kuvaszok require lots of training and socialization.

Young Hungarian Kuvasz shepherd dog in the woods.

In the 15th century, Kuvasz dogs served as guard dogs for the nobility.

©Pelle Zoltan/

18. Dogo Argentino

Powerful, muscular, and agile, the Dogo Argentino is a large white dog with a well-balanced and athletic body. These dogs have solid white coats with short, smooth hair. Occasionally they may also have a dark patch near or around one eye. They were originally bred as hunting dogs and worked together in packs pursuing large game animals like pumas and wild boar

In addition to their incredible strength, Dogos Argentinos are also quick thinkers who are both responsive and courageous. Despite their impressive and sometimes intimidating appearance, Dogos Argentinos are very loyal and affectionate dogs who love their families greatly.

A Dogo Argentino dog laying by the water.

The Dogo Argentino is an excellent guardian and loyal to the family. They also love to kiss and cuddle.

©Eve Photography/

19. Borzoi

Also known as a Russian wolfhound, the borzoi is a dignified dog who often has a luxurious and silky white fur coat. These dogs are calm and often quiet, but they are also excellent hunting dogs. Borzois are speedy and strong enough to pin down the wolves that they were bred to hunt.

These elegant dogs love to play and can be very affectionate and loyal. However, borzois definitely need a fenced-in area. When they see small animals like squirrels or cats, their inner hunting instincts can be quickly ignited. And these dogs are fast — borzois can run up to 35 or 40 miles per hour!

Tallest Dogs: Borzoi

The borzoi is one of the tallest sighthounds and sports a unique, wavy coat.

©Grisha Bruev/

20. Dalmatian

With elegant bodies covered in short white coats and iconic black spots, Dalmatians are very popular large white dogs. They have lithe and graceful bodies that are 19 to 24 inches tall and weigh 45 to 70 pounds. 

Dalmatians are strong and dependent watchdogs. With their families, they are very loving companions, but around strangers, they can be very wary and reserved. Dalmatians are very athletic and thrive with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. They also have a gentle and calm side when they are with the humans they love most.


The spotted pattern of each


is as unique as a human fingerprint!

© Nedikova

21. Hokkaido

A very popular large white dog from Japan is the Hokkaido. These beautiful dogs have strong builds with long and thick double coats that shed seasonally. Hokkaido dogs have striking faces with triangular-shaped ears that stand upright and tiny dark eyes. These dogs come in an array of color variations, including red, brindle, wolf gray, black and tan, sesame, black, and of course, white. 

Hokkaido dogs have dignified demeanors and unwavering loyalty to their owners. They are incredibly affectionate with their families and possess remarkable endurance and poise. They can be easily trained to become devoted companions who constantly strive to please their humans. However, if they are not socialized properly, Hokkaidos can exhibit wariness towards strangers and become fiercely protective of their families. These dogs are highly alert and brave, making them excellent guard dogs. They are also incredibly intelligent problem solvers who can excel at virtually any task you give them.

Hokkaido Running

With their beautiful, thick fur, Hokkaido dogs require frequent grooming.

©Happy monkey/

22. German Shorthaired Pointer

Another very athletic and versatile dog is the German shorthaired pointer. These dogs can be solid white, or often white with liver or brown patterns. Some dogs may even be entirely white except for with a brown head, while others are white with ticked or speckled coats. German shorthaired pointers are smart and eager to please. They are bred to work and have amazing endurance, remarkable speed, and astounding agility. 

German shorthaired pointers are very enthusiastic and friendly dogs who thrive with love, positive training, and lots of exercise. They are also very affectionate companions and are good with both children as well as other dogs. One of their favorite activities is spending time outdoors with their human companions.

German short hair pointer about to land in a swimming pool

German shorthaired pointers are enthusiastic and athletic dogs with a lust for life.


23. Old English Sheepdog

The Old English sheepdog as we know it today originated in the Somerset and Devon regions of England. These large white dogs have white or white and gray shaggy hair that often covers their entire face! They were bred to travel long distances to the market, which is perhaps why they developed such unique ambling gait. 

Old English sheepdogs are known for their laid-back and humorous personalities, but they also require plenty of exercise. They are very intelligent and need lots of socialization and proper training. Old English sheepdogs are working dogs at heart and thrive when given something to do.


Old English sheepdogs are hardworking animals, but they are also gentle and patient.

©Svetlana Valoueva/

24. American Bulldog

Strong and athletic, the American bulldog is a well-rounded working dog with a friendly demeanor. These large white dogs have stocky bodies with large heads, muscular frames, and short coats. The only standard color accepted by the AKC is white. However, they can have additional patches or markings of black, brown, red, brindle, or tan. 

American bulldogs have distinct personalities and are known for being confident, cheerful, and lively animals. They thrive on receiving love, attention, and plenty of quality time from their humans. However, these dogs are reserved and less friendly towards strangers, as they were bred to protect livestock, children, and the home while their master was away.

American bulldog standing in the grass

American bulldogs are commonly vocal pups and love talking with their owners.

©Little Moon/

25. Maremma Sheepdog (Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog)

The Maremma sheepdog (or Maremmano-Abruzzese sheepdog) is a large white dog from Italy. With coats of pure white or cream fur, Maremma shepherds stand tall at 25 to 30 inches and weigh between 70 to 100 pounds. Italian shepherds have used these dogs for centuries to help guard their sheep from wolves. In fact, the lineage of Maremma sheepdogs goes back to the ancient Romans!

One of the most unique traits of Maremma sheep is their ability to form an unbreakable bond with the hoofed livestock they protect. Maremma sheepdogs are highly devoted to their job; they take on a protective parental role and are extremely loyal to those under their care. Although they can be faithful and loving companions, Maremma sheepdogs do best in a farm setting where they can work. In addition, these dogs need lots of outdoor space and are not easy to socialize and train. The Maremma Sheepdog Club of America explains, 

“A Maremma accepts the leadership of humans, but not their mastery. While being a good friend to man, the Maremma will not willingly be his slave. Born with exactly the right qualities for livestock guarding, the Maremma is not recommended for use as a pet.”

Maremma Sheepdog standing on top of snow hill

Maremma sheepdogs like the guidance of humans, but they will never sacrifice their own independence.

©Anastasiia Cherniavskaia/

1Great Pyrenees
5Labrador Retriever
6White German Shepherd
7Berger Blanc Suisse
8Standard Poodle
9Siberian Husky
10Irish Wolfhound
14Cane Corso
15 Afghan Hound
16 Clumber Spaniel
18Dogo Argentino
20 Dalmatian
22German Shorthaired Pointer
23Old English Sheepdog
24American Bulldog
25Maremma Sheepdog

The photo featured at the top of this post is © everydoghasastory/

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