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Written by Emmanuel Kingsley
Updated: May 21, 2023
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Thailand is a country in the heart of mainland Southeast Asia, officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand. Previously known as Siam, Thailand covers an area of 513,120 square kilometers (198,120 square miles) and has a population of over 71 million. The country is the 50th biggest in the world by total land area and the 21st most populous. The country’s development has generally been based on agricultural production. 

Despite the growing urbanization of the country, there are still more rural than urban areas, with most of the country’s population still living in the areas of the country that are focused on growing rice. With the country’s total population, it is intriguing to discover which cities are the most populated. This article highlights some of the most populated cities in Thailand and some random facts about them. 

1. Bangkok – 10,720,000

Bangkok is the most populous city in Thailand, with a population of an estimated 10.72 million.


Also the country’s capital, Bangkok is the most populous city in Thailand, with a population of an estimated 10.72 million. Bangkok is Thailand’s cultural and commercial core, in addition to being the nation’s capital and most populated city. It is also the country’s principal port and the only metropolitan area in a nation of rural towns and villages. Called Krung Thep by locals, Bangkok occupies around 1,568 square kilometers (606 sq mi). The city became the capital of Thailand in 1782 and holds one of the world’s weirdest records – the longest name of any place ever recorded. It also holds the record for being one of the most visited cities by tourists in the world.

The city is the perfect spot for tourists for a number of reasons. Over 22 million foreign tourists visit Bangkok each year due to the city’s sights, activities, and lifestyle that apply to multiple tourist groups. The city has been the capital of Thailand for over two centuries and is home to many palaces. Some of them are still used by the royal family, while others are open to the public. Tourists interested in the history of the city and Thailand at large could easily visit one of these palaces or any of the numerous palaces that have been converted into museums and academic or government buildings. 

Despite being a growing metropolis, Bangkok still has a lot of attractions that show that the city is still very connected to its roots. As a result, the city is a cutting-edge metropolis filled with historically significant places, like temples, where a large number of locals still follow customs. The city’s rich history is also evident in its architecture, with numerous buildings telling stories of the locals.

2. Samut Prakan – 1,342,000

Samut Prakan
Samut Prakan has a population of 1.3 million residents.


Samut Prakan is actually a province in Thailand with over a million residents. The Ancient City, the Erawan museum, and the Crocodile Farm are some of the popular attractions in Samut Prakan, which is a short detour for visitors to Bangkok who are in the area’s vicinity. The Ancient City, as the name implies, is a park filled with replicas of popular Thailand landmarks with over 120 attractions scattered over 360 acres of land connected to form the country’s original shape. Popularly regarded as the world’s largest outdoor museum, the park’s replicas are almost exactly like the originals, and there is a “market” at the center of the park for tourists to rest and buy street food.

If, as a tourist, you decide not to visit the Ancient City, there is always the option of going to the Erawan museum, an actual museum that represents what the universe looks like, according to Hindu scriptures. The museum is full of artifacts from all over the country and even parts of Europe. The city is also home to Wat Asokaram, the Crocodile Farm, and Phra Samut Chedi Temple.

3. Udon Thani – 583,000

Udon Thani
Udon Thani served as the location of a significant US airbase during the Vietnam War.

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Udon Thani is a city in Northeast Thailand with a population of over 500,000. The city served as the location of a significant US airbase during the Vietnam War before developing into the main economic and transportation hub for the area. The city was renowned for its complexes of Buddhist temples, natural parks, outdoor activities, archaeological sites, and rich history. 

Considering the city’s rich history, the area is covered in tourist attractions such as the Udon Thani museum, which is the right place to start, particularly for tourists that are interested in the history of the region. Despite the fact that Udon Thani was only founded in the late 1900s, the area has a long history reaching back to the Bronze Age, and the museum has items from this period. The city is also home to Nong Prajak Park, a park located in the central-western part of the city and is perfect for walks or just a day out. The park is also home to a reservoir full of fish, but fishing is not allowed.

Udon Thani is full of other tourist attractions, depending on what each tourist seeks; beautiful architecture, good food, and spiritual monuments like temples and altars. 

4. Nonthaburi – 256,000

Nonthaburi bridge
Nonthaburi has a population of over 256,000.


Another one of the most populated cities in Thailand is Nonthaburi, with over 256,000 people. Nonthaburi, which is not nearly as populated as Bangkok, was founded in the later part of the 19th century and was given town status in the 1930s. The city is in south-central Thailand, north of Bangkok, and is accessible either by road or river, as it is located along the Chao Phraya River. Like Bangkok, the city is brimming with a lot of history, and although it is not as urbanized as the capital city, it is still home to a lot of old structures and practices that highlight the rich history of the locals.

For tourists that visit the city, one of the top activities to do includes visiting any of the numerous temples, such as Wat Sangkhathan, a temple entirely carved out of wood, as a sign of respect to the Tahi mythology. There is also the option of visiting the museum of Nonthaburi, which is home to artifacts that showcase the history of the city. Asides from temples and museums, there is also the option of parks, markets, and ancient ruins.

Summary of the 4 Most Populated Cities in Thailand

Bangkok10,720,000On the south-central border, on the Gulf of Thailand
Samut Prakan1, 342,000Adjacent to Bangkok on the southeast side; also on the Gulf of Thailand
Udon Thani583,000Upper Northeast Thailand
Nonthaburi256,000Adjacent to Bangkok on the north side.

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