Discover the 5 Smallest Airports In Canada, Ranked

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Updated: July 13, 2023
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Canada is well-known for its excellent and dependable aviation industry. However, there aren’t just big airports in major cities throughout the provinces of Canada. The smallest airports in Canada are just as likable as the big ones! These airports are great for small, private aircraft as well as individuals who don’t want to deal with the hustle and bustle of a major airport. Let’s take a look at some of the smallest airports in Canada, ranked!

5. Saint-Frédéric Airport

Saint-Frédéric Airport is a tiny regional airport that services the town of Saint-Frédéric and general aviation in Quebec, Canada. The airfield is located in the Saint-Frédéric municipality and is surrounded by beautiful agricultural scenery.

Saint-Frédéric Airport is a pretty small airport. It caters mostly to general aviation and private aircraft, and has a single runway and basic infrastructure. Even though it can’t handle very big commercial planes, it nonetheless serves as a vital transit hub for the region’s citizens, companies, and aviation enthusiasts.

Supporting general aviation operations and offering services to private aircraft owners and operators is Saint-Frédéric Airport’s main purpose. It acts as a hub for local leisure aviation, flight instruction, and private business travel. The airport makes it easier for guests to get about the area and engage in outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and camping as well as explore the nearby rural areas.

Just as well, Saint-Frédéric Airport supports local air ambulance and emergency services operations. It ensures that locals have access to prompt transportation to medical facilities in the event of a medical emergency. With its rural location and emphasis on general aviation, Saint-Frédéric Airport is a crucial aviation facility for the neighborhood, providing leisure activities, private aircraft, and emergency services in the area.

4. Tofino/Long Beach Airport

The Tofino and Ucluelet regions are served by the important aviation facility known as Tofino/Long Beach Airport, which is located on the western coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It is a well-liked entryway to the area’s natural splendor due to its closeness to the gorgeous Long Beach and Pacific Rim National Park.

Tofino/Long Beach Airport is a tiny airport in terms of size. It has a small terminal building and only one runway. It can accommodate a variety of aircraft, including regional turboprops and smaller private planes, but it cannot handle major commercial jets.

Tofino/Long Beach Airport’s main purpose is to promote tourism and ease access to the charming Tofino-Ucluelet area. The airport is a crucial part in bringing tourists to the region because it is a well-liked vacation spot noted for its magnificent beaches, untamed jungles, and jagged coastline. For travelers looking for outdoor activities like surfing, hiking, whale watching, and seeing the natural marvels of the Pacific Rim, the airport offers easy access.

The airport provides transportation between Tofino and Ucluelet and other locations in British Columbia, which benefits the neighborhood as well. Residents can get basic services and supplies thanks to it, and it also makes it easier to travel for business and boosts the local economy.

With its picturesque setting, regional connections, and focus on tourism, Tofino/Long Beach Airport acts as a gateway to the natural beauty of the Tofino-Ucluelet area, providing visitors with a practical entry point to this coastal haven.

3. Dawson City Airport

The historic town of Dawson City and the surrounding area depend on the Dawson City Airport, which is situated in Yukon, Canada. The airport is tucked away in the magnificent Klondike wilderness, approximately four miles southeast of the center of Dawson City.

The Dawson City Airport is a tiny airport in terms of size. It has a small terminal building and only one runway. Although it might not have enough space for large commercial planes, the village is well-connected to other places both inside and outside of Yukon thanks to this special airport.

The main purpose of Dawson City Airport is to act as a regional airport, making travel easier for locals, visitors, and enterprises. For the isolated town, it offers a crucial air link that ensures access to necessities like services and supplies. In addition, the airport is essential to promoting tourism in the region by enabling travelers to enjoy the historic landmarks, scenic beauty, and outdoor activities that Dawson City and the surrounding Klondike region have to offer.

The airport provides connections between Dawson City and other nearby airports as well as charter flights, acting as a starting point for travelers exploring Yukon’s extensive wilderness. The significance of Dawson City Airport to the neighborhood and its contribution to the ease of regional transit makes it a crucial transportation hub in Canada’s far north.

Historic buildings and typical traditional wooden houses in a main street in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada.
The little historical town of Dawson City (pictured) depends on its airport for transportation, emergency services, and supplies.


2. Jasper Airport

Located in Alberta’s magnificent Canadian Rockies, Jasper Airport is a small but crucial aviation facility. The airport is about four miles southeast of Jasper town. It is in a beautiful position with easy access to one of Canada’s most famous national parks.

Jasper Airport is a small airport in terms of size. It has a small terminal building and only one runway. Large commercial planes may not be able to land there. However, it nevertheless acts as a crucial hub for smaller charter flights, general aviation, and private aircraft. Regional connection and simplifying travel to and from the Jasper area are the airport’s main priorities.

The Jasper Airport is essential to the region’s tourism industry and outdoor recreation. The airport acts as a hub for adventurers, nature lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts. This is because of its closeness to Jasper National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famed for its pristine wildness and breathtaking mountain panoramas. It makes it possible for visitors to easily reach the region’s natural treasures and recreational options, such as hiking, camping, animal viewing, and skiing.

The airport also benefits the neighborhood by offering crucial air transportation services, linking Jasper with other regional airports, and enabling travel for locals, companies, and emergency services. The Canadian Rockies’ breathtaking scenery and outdoor adventures are easily accessible because of Jasper Airport’s scenic location, regional connections, and support for tourism.

1. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

The best tiny Canadian airport in operation today is the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport! This Toronto-based airport is a well-known and active regional airport that serves the Greater Toronto Area. It provides passengers with a distinctive and practical transit choice and is located just offshore from downtown Toronto.

Billy Bishop Airport effectively manages a sizable amount of planes and passengers. This is despite being relatively tiny in comparison to other big airports. The airport’s layout is simple but effective, with just one main runway and a terminal building. Its advantageous position enables quick links to several local and select foreign locations.

Billy Bishop Airport’s main purpose is to act as a hub for local and commercial traffic. It connects passengers to significant cities in Canada and the northeastern United States mostly via short-haul flights. The pedestrian tunnel that links the mainland with the island is one of the airport’s noteworthy features. Passengers may quickly approach the airport via this tunnel rather than using a boat. Travelers’ experiences are enhanced by the airport’s breathtaking views of Lake Ontario and the Toronto cityscape.

This airport offers accessible location, effective management, and emphasis on regional travel. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport continues to play a crucial role in connecting passengers to and from the thriving metropolis of Toronto.

Air Canada turboprop aircraft descending to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport above the waters of the Toronto Harbour.
Many planes (pictured) use Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport as an alternative to larger, busier airports.


How cool are these smallest airports in Canada? Next time you plan on taking a trip, it might be worth considering these airports.

Summary of the 5 Smallest Airports In Canada

Here are the 5 Smallest Airports In Canada:

1Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport
2Jasper Airport
3Dawson City Airport
4Tofino/Long Beach Airport
5Saint-Frédéric Airport

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Airplane in Victoria, airport, British Columbia, Canada.
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