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Written by Jennifer Gaeng
Published: December 26, 2022
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Minnesota can be considered the country’s snowiest state. Many of its cities get the highest annual average snowfall overall. This year, Hermantown, in particular, has gotten an average of 84 inches of snow! Although the average for the top three snowiest cities in Minnesota is quite close—roughly 71 inches for Duluth and 69 inches for International Falls—the city of Hermantown has out-snowed them all! In fact, Hermantown got a huge 26.5 inches of snow during the most recent snowstorm in 2022. Although it may be cold and wintery there, the city alone has a fascinating history and current events that take place. Let’s discover more about the wintery city of Hermantown!

History of Hermantown

Hermantown, a small township of Duluth, Minnesota, is no doubt the snowiest place in Minnesota. This tiny town was founded in 1867 by two upstate New York families. It is located in the region once known as “the land up over the hill,” which would later be called the Town of Herman. This is where they first tried to get homesteads, and in 1871, they moved in with the Native Americans who were already living there. The town’s population had grown to 625 at the turn of the century. The community had 300 more residents ten years later, and several small schools and a town hall had also been built. Over a short period of time, several sawmills, a few small businesses, and a mail carrier service had also been established.

The great forest fire of 1918 slowed Herman’s expansion as well as that of many other nearby settlements. Thankfully, Red Cross assistance was used as community members hurriedly rebuilt, but in 1920, only 842 people lived there. The City of Duluth declared its plan to annex the remaining two-thirds of the township in 1974. Herman, which was adamantly opposed to annexation, had already requested to be recognized as a city by the state of Minnesota at that point. The Municipal Commission announced on February 11, 1975, that the Town of Herman might become the City of Hermantown on December 31, of that year.

Average Snowfall Per Year

Heavy snow in Minnesota
Minnesota is one of the snowiest states in the United States!

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73 inches of snowfall on average each year in Hermantown. The average annual amount of snowfall in the US is 28 inches. On average, Hermantown experiences precipitation on 123 days out of the year. Rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls to the ground is referred to as precipitation. Precipitation must fall to the ground for at least.01 inches before it can be measured. As for rainfall, Hermantown gets 32 inches of rain per year.  Hermantown’s temperature rarely rises above a pleasant 86 degrees in the summer, but it can drop as low as 4 to -18 degrees in the winter.


Hermantown’s population increased rapidly throughout time while being relatively tiny for a long period. Approximately 11,000 people currently reside in this city. It is the roughly 4,000th-largest city in the United States and the 99th-largest city in Minnesota. Hermantown has a population density of around 320 people per square mile and a 0.75% yearly growth rate. While the town is still considered fairly small, it is a great place for families to settle. In fact, Hermantown is well-liked for its balance of both country living and close proximity to larger cities. It has five schools and an average household income of $95,000 per year.


Hermantown has a blend of both country plains and wetlands, which makes it a wonderful dwelling ground for nearby wildlife. Located near the North Shore of Lake Superior, you can expect to find nearly every form of American wildlife in Hermantown. Animals found in the area include bats, black bears and wolves, raccoons and squirrels, and occasionally lynxes and mountain lions. The great lakes are also one of the best places to fish, so there are many different types of fish and birds near the area as well.

Things To Do

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, better known as the “twin cities,” receives an average of 53 inches a year.

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Since Hermantown is a small township of Duluth, a much larger city, there are plenty of things to do in the area. The Aerial Lift bridge on the Duluth ship Canal is a wonderful, historical place to view the lights after sunset. Not only that, but the Skyline Parkway is also a wonderful spot to look over downtown. Since this town is often cold and snowy, you can guarantee that hockey is a massive sport in the area. Hermantown Hockey is a local ice arena that many people travel to for different ice activities and annual events that are often hosted. The area is filled with country life, so you can also expect to find hiking trails and different outside activities when the weather permits.

In Conclusion

While the city is notorious for its extreme winters, the snowy city of Hermantown is beautiful and filled with rich history, things to do, hard-working families, and extensive wildlife. Don’t let the average amount of snow stop you from going to this amazing city in Minnesota!

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Lake Superior in Minnesota
The amount of snow in Minnesota strictly depends on the location. Some regions can receive as much as 170 inches, like in the Superior Highlands or 70 inches along Lake Superior.
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