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Written by Megan Martin
Updated: August 27, 2023
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The Cave State, Missouri, is known for many things: the Ozarks in the southern parts of the state, its namesake, the Missouri River, and its impact on the music of the United States. But how does its weather look? As a midwestern state in the United States, Missouri can have some variable weather, with winters ranging from mild to extreme depending on the year. Some places are known for their snow, though, including the snowiest place in Missouri!

Ready to find out just where in Missouri sees the most snowfall on average each year? Keep reading below! 

Winter along the Mississippi River near St. Louis, MO
Missouri is a midwestern state with variable weather, resulting in some regions receiving more snow than others.

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What Town Receives the Most Snow in Missouri?

There are 1,066 total cities across the entirety of Missouri. However, only one city can claim its fame for being the snowiest place. Are you wondering exactly where that is? Look no further than Edina, Missouri. 

On average, Edina receives around 22 inches of snow per year. That’s almost double the size of a bowling pin!

About Edina, Missouri

Edina is a small city in Knox County, Missouri. It’s a little over two hours north of the state’s capital, Jefferson City, and it’s around an hour west of the Illinois border. In 2020, the census showed that its population was around 1,012 people. 

Edina is the snowiest place in Missouri
Edina, a small city in Knox County, is the snowiest place in Missouri, with an average of 22 inches of snow per year.

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Despite being the county seat of Knox County, Edina actually has a fairly simple history.

It was first platted in 1839. This means that this is the first time a map and layout of the city was formed. For many years, Edina was known as a small town with a small population. It was until the local railroad was formed around twenty years after its founding that the population began to grow. However, as seen even today, it remains a small, quaint city despite being the snowiest place in Missouri. 

Aside from its snow, Edina is also known for its natural charm and scenic areas. This specifically refers to its local parks, which showcase amazing elm trees. Its name comes from Stephen Carnegie, who adored the small town so much that he, an avid Scotchman, named it for Edinburgh, Scotland.

You can find the Edina Double Square Historic District listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The district includes over 30 buildings built between 1865 and 1945, showcasing the architecture of the time periods, making walking through the area like a living time machine. It was first listed on the register in 1999. 


Missouri, similar to many southeastern states, has a humid subtropical climate. However, Knox County, where Edina is located, is known to have a humid continental climate. This means the yearly weather is highly variable, with large temperature changes, from scorching summers to freezing winters. This allows for Edina to be the snowiest place in Missouri.

This state is also relatively flat, with no major oceans nearby. As a result, it is more vulnerable to weather changes due to air, especially Arctic air. This, paired with the freezing temperatures of winter, can create snowy conditions in much of the northern third of Missouri.   

However, snow isn’t the unique weather to keep an eye out for in Edina, Missouri. A midwestern state, Missouri, is home to many tornados. These are most common in the spring, with the most precipitation out of the year. It is also vulnerable to tropical cyclones. 

Outside of Edina, the snowiest place in Missouri, the rest of the state sees an average of 10 to 20 inches of snow per year. 


Thanks to the many rivers running through Missouri, the Ozarks, and the Great Plains, you can expect to see a variety of different types of wildlife in Missouri. However, not all species can be seen in Edina year-round, with some animals never being spotted in the little town.

Because it’s in the northern part of the state, the ecosystem in Edina best aligns with the Great Plains. It has a low elevation, only around 800 feet, and it is not as densely forested as the state’s southern regions. 

In Edina, you may see four different species of bats flying alongside seven different species of owls, northern cardinals, sparrows, and amazing American kestrel. These species can all be found year-round in Missouri. However, there are several dozen species of birds and flying mammals in the state, both year-round and transitionary. 

On the ground, you can also see a variety of reptiles such as snakes and lizards, amphibians, fish, and mammals like the river otter, different types of foxes, and bobcats

Many animals that used to be found in the wild of Missouri and Edina can no longer be found here. These species either are no longer found in the state at all or are not found in the wild, such as being confined to private property. These species include the following ones:

Northern cardinal in Missouri snow
The Northern Cardinal can be found year-round in Missouri.


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Snowstorm in St. Louis, Missouri.
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