Discover the 6 States That Get the Most Rain in November

Written by Zoe Carina
Updated: November 7, 2023
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During November, temperatures steadily drop as fall settles into the Northern Hemisphere. Whether you’re visiting from out of the country, or planning to do a road trip, November is a wonderful time to explore the United States of America.

You’ll be able to experience leaves changing colors, brisk and refreshing cool temperatures, and maybe even a downpour in the United States. Cold rain can potentially put a damper on your travel plans, especially if you want to be outside. To help you plan your trip, here are the six states that get the most rain in November, based on data from 2022.

#1 Washington

Droplets of rainwater on the blue tarp

Washington gets an average of 6.4 inches of rain each November.

©Whitepointer/iStock via Getty Images

Washington State lands as one of the cooler states on the list during the month of November. The temperatures go from 43.8 to 30.7 degrees Fahrenheit. The rainstorms tend to be scattered and light; some even hang like mist. They will be quite cold and accompanied by windy conditions, so bring a rain jacket if you plan to explore Washington in November.

#2 Hawaii

Violet Lake

Hawaii gets an average of five inches of rainfall each November.

©Forest & Kim Starr / Creative Commons – License

Hawaii gets rainstorms throughout the month of November. Some of them sit in the same place for hours and some pass through quickly. The rain is usually warm and sticky, with Hawaii temperatures ranging between 80.2 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit during November. Currently, the natural area of Hawaii is experiencing strain due to tourism. Traveling to Hawaii is not recommended at the moment.

#3 Louisiana (Tied)

New Orleans, Louisiana, Gulf Coast States, USA, Car

Louisiana gets an average of 4.5 inches of rain each November.


Two states have the same average rainfall in November, so they are both in third place.

Louisiana experiences mild temperatures during the month of November, with a range of 69.4 to 47.1 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather gets quite humid and sticky, and rainstorms tend to hang thickly in the air. Prepare good rain boots, a lightweight and breathable poncho, and thin layers.

#3 Arkansas (Tied)

Rainbow over Beaver Lake Arkansas

Arkansas also gets an average of 4.5 inches of rain each November.


Arkansas is another mild state on the list in terms of temperatures. The highs average 61.6 degrees Fahrenheit while the lows average 40 degrees Fahrenheit in November. Arkansas is a mildly humid state during the fall and the rainstorms either stick in one place or pass through quickly. Bring a poncho, rain boots, and an umbrella.

#4 Mississippi

rain cloud

Mississippi gets an average of 4.4 inches of rain each November.

©ojoel/iStock via Getty Images

Mississippi, located in the Southern United States, gets average temperatures between 66.3 and 42.5 degrees Fahrenheit during the month of November. The humid weather starts to ease into something milder and more manageable. Rainstorms can be light, scattered, and sometimes short. Bring an umbrella and light layers to explore Mississippi in November.

#5 Alabama

Double Rainbow Over Residential Area: Double Rainbow over residential area after a light rain in Montgomery, Alabama.

Alabama gets an average of 4.3 inches of rain each November.


If you want to visit Alabama in November, you will be okay bringing an umbrella and maybe a lightweight poncho. The state experiences slightly cool temperatures between 66.2 and 41.6 degrees Fahrenheit during this time. There will still be humidity in the air, though not as intense as during the summer.

Looking Beyond These States

In November 2022, Hurricane Nicole made landfall on the east coast of Florida. The storm touched land as a Category 1. Hurricane Nicole was the first hurricane to hit the mainland U.S. in November in 40 years.

The storm landed in Florida on November 10th, 2022, just six weeks after Hurricane Ian ravaged the area. Hurricane Nicole brought major storm surge flooding all along Florida’s east coast. Many structures previously damaged by Hurricane Ian collapsed.

Other parts of the state experienced heavy rains, blustering winds, and power outages. Hurricane Nicole briefly touched down in South Georgia and caused North Carolina and Virginia to go into tornado watch on November 11th, 2022.

Summary of the Six States That Get the Most Rain in November

#State NameAverage November Precipitation
1Washington6.4 inches
2Hawaii5 inches
3Louisiana/Arkansas (Tie)4.5 inches
4Mississippi4.4 inches
5Alabama4.3 inches

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