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Updated: May 25, 2023
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Like many other midwestern states, Indiana is known for its vast expanses of farmland. Yet, Indiana also has many other natural areas that are much more than flat land, especially in the southern part of the state. The state’s smattering of rocky hills hardly matches the mountainous regions of other places in the U.S. Nevertheless, Indiana is home to some waterfalls. Find out about the tallest waterfall in Indiana and learn where it is located, how high it falls, and more!

What is the Tallest Waterfall in Indiana?

Hanover. Indiana. USA
Fremont Falls is located in Hanover, Indiana, near the Ohio River.


The tallest waterfall in Indiana is Fremont Falls with a plunge of 108 feet. This waterfall is located in Hanover, Indiana, a small town in Jefferson County. Hanover is situated along the Ohio River and is close to the border with Kentucky.

However, visitors to the area tend to have a challenging time finding this waterfall. Some accounts of people trying to find the falls come up empty. Others simply find themselves at nearby waterfalls that are supposed to be high as well, like the Chain Mill Falls or the Schoolhouse Falls.

The issue of locating Fremont Falls stems from the fact that they’re located on private property. No immediate access to the falls is apparent on any maps. The falls are merely situated in the woods near the Fremont Falls Road intersection with River Bluff Drive.

That means getting to the waterfall involves asking permission from the landowner and then hiking into an area that is not well-described except by a handful of sources.

Even then, the falls may not be the tallest in the state. Without a recent, accurate measurement of the falls and the others in nearby gorges, it’s hard to name Freemont Falls the tallest waterfall in Indiana with a great deal of confidence.

Controversy About the Tallest Waterfall in Indiana

The plunging Williamsport Falls with a height of 90 feet cuts through a narrow spout in the sandstone edge.
Williamsport Falls are the second-highest waterfall in the state.

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Fremont Falls is the tallest waterfall in Indiana, but the falls’ location makes it difficult to get any additional information about it. That has created some controversy about naming it the tallest waterfall in the state. As a result, some people call Williamsport Falls the highest waterfall in Indiana.

Williamsport Falls is the second-highest waterfall in the state, and it has a 90-foot drop. As its name suggests, these falls are located near Williamsport, Indiana. This town is located in Warren County, a western part of the state.

Some people believe that this is the tallest waterfall in the state. That’s not the case due to the Fremont Falls having almost 20 feet of extra height. Yet, Fremont Falls is situated on private land, and it is much harder to access for everyday people. The fact Williamsport Falls are so much more accessible and visible probably contributed to the story that they’re higher.  

The interesting thing about these falls is that they are situated within the town. In fact, they’re near a railroad, two fire stations, a couple of shops, and some apartments. That means seeing this waterfall does not require going deep into the woods and spending hours hiking or biking along trails.

That also means that this location does not offer the peaceful, rustic atmosphere that one might expect at waterfalls. That does not mean the waterfall is without a sense of charm. Visitors to this town can look at the waterfall from a viewing post located above the falls, or they can even hike the trail down to the falls and step in behind them for a cool view.

These falls are most active after a good rainstorm. Oftentimes, they run completely dry.

Wildlife Around Fremont Falls

Black Bear
Black bears are incredibly rare in Indiana, but their population could grow in the coming years.

© Morrison

Indiana is home to a great deal of wildlife. The eastern part of the state features a large assortment of animals, including some that could pose a threat to people. For example, black bears have been sighted in Jefferson County, the home of the tallest waterfall in Indiana.

The black bear population is very small in the state. In fact, they’re officially extirpated from the area, but four bears have been found in the state in recent years. These creatures could make a recovery in the state.

Other wildlife that one is likely to see around the falls include white-tailed deer, gray foxes, and even the odd coyote. However, you’re far more likely to see white-tailed deer around the falls than a coyote.   

The waterfall probably lacks any game fish, but the nearby Ohio River is home to a vast assortment of fish. An angler pulled the largest blue catfish ever caught in Indiana out of the Ohio River in 1999, and it weighed 104 pounds!

You’ll also find walleye, perch, and several other types of fish in these waters. Since Fremont Falls is so close to the Ohio River, you’ll possibly find an eastern hellbender in the area.

Of course, the watery area is bound to be home to all sorts of insects as well. Indiana is home to a variety of moths, beetles, ticks, and mosquitoes. There is no reason to believe these critters won’t be found around Fremont Falls. In short, due to the remote wooded location and the proximity to the Ohio River, people traveling in this area will certainly encounter a wide variety of animals.

The Largest Falls for Now

Cataract Falls
Cataract Falls has a beautiful plunge.

©Kenneth Keifer/

Although Fremont Falls is the tallest waterfall in Indiana, it’s a bit of a suspect case. After all, few visitors have successfully gotten permission to visit the falls, and few of those who did have made information about the falls widely available. For now, it’s going to remain at the top of the list, but that could change in the future.

If experts went to the waterfall and took new measurements with the permission of the landowners, then the order of the largest falls in the state could be altered.

Where is Fremont Falls Located on a Map?

Fremont Falls, situated in Hanover, Indiana, in close proximity to the Ohio River, is a notable waterfall renowned for its impressive height. Soaring at 108 feet, it proudly claims the distinction of being the tallest waterfall in the state of Indiana. Its picturesque beauty and captivating cascade make it a popular destination for visitors seeking the allure of nature’s wonders.

Here is Fremont Falls on a map:

The Featured Image

Little Clifty Falls Indiana
At 60 feet high, Little Clifty Falls isn't so little
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