Discover the Texas Town That Got 43 Inches of Rain in a Single Day

Written by Kathryn Koehler
Updated: August 20, 2023
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Without warning, extreme weather can take center stage, emerging with an unexpected and dramatic flair. From the ominous rumble of thunder to blasting winds, extreme weather reminds us of Earth’s untamed forces. Yet, despite advancements in weather forecasting, these displays of nature’s raw energy often catch us off guard. And despite the current age of science, in the dance between humanity and nature, nature still wields the baton. Continue reading to discover the Texas town that got 43 inches of rain in a single day.

A Superlative Weather Event: Highest Rainfall

A superlative is used to indicate the highest degree of a quality or characteristic. When the area surrounding the town of Alvin, Texas received 43 inches (1000 mm) of rain on July 25, 1979, it was (and continues to be) a superlative weather event. The unprecedented and record-breaking rainfall caused by Tropical Storm Claudette led to severe and widespread flooding, which resulted in significant damage to the town and its surrounding areas. The flooding had a profound effect on both the physical infrastructure of Alvin and the lives of its residents.

Alvin, Texas

Located on the outskirts of Houston, this Texas town enjoys a strategic location. Alvin enjoys a small-town atmosphere with easy access to the metropolitan amenities of its bustling neighbor. Incorporated in 1893, the city’s economy is based on agriculture, manufacturing, and its proximity to Houston. It is a small town with a population of approximately 28,000. Baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan is one of Alvin’s more notable native sons.


Hurricanes pack strong winds and big waves.

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Tropical Storm Claudette

The storm originated as a tropical depression on July 15, 1979. It quickly intensified into a tropical storm on July 16. Claudette followed a relatively short track, making landfall near Sabine Pass, Texas, on July 24, 1979. The storm brought heavy rainfall, strong winds, and storm surge to the Texas coast, leading to flooding and significant damage. One of the most notable aspects of Tropical Storm Claudette was its exceptionally heavy rainfall. The storm’s slow movement over Texas towns resulted in prolonged periods of heavy rain. Vast areas of coastal Texas received more than 40 inches (over 1000 mm) of rainfall, causing widespread flooding. However, the area surrounding Alvin, Texas, received the most.

The Damage

The floodwaters inundated homes and businesses, causing extensive property damage. Many roads became impassable, cutting off access to different parts of the town. Vehicles were stranded, and some were swept away by the powerful floodwaters. The flooding disrupted essential services, such as electricity and water, compounding the challenges faced by residents and emergency responders.
The devastation and disruption caused by the flooding had both immediate and long-term consequences on the community. The flooding in Alvin highlighted the vulnerabilities of communities to extreme weather events. It also underscored the importance of effective disaster preparedness, emergency response, and infrastructure planning. The town’s experience during Tropical Storm Claudette contributed to improving drainage systems, updating floodplain maps, and enhancing disaster management strategies.

The Aftermath

After the devastating flooding caused by GTropical Storm Claudette in 1979, the town of Alvin, Texas, embarked on a process of rebuilding and recovery. The flooding caused extensive damage to homes and businesses, along with roads, bridges, and utilities. Rebuilding and repairing infrastructure were vital components of the recovery process. Improvements were made to drainage systems and flood control measures to better prepare for future storms.

Many residents faced the challenge of repairing or rebuilding their properties. The resilience and solidarity of the Alvin community were essential during the recovery period. Neighbors, friends, and volunteers came together to provide support, assist with cleanup and repairs, and offer emotional aid. The experience of Tropical Storm Claudette’s flooding prompted discussions about how to better prepare for and mitigate the impact of future flooding events. This led to improvements in emergency response plans, floodplain mapping, and infrastructure development to reduce the town’s vulnerability.

The devastation caused by the flooding served as a valuable learning experience for the community. It highlighted the importance of disaster preparedness, effective communication during emergencies, and the need for ongoing infrastructure maintenance. Over time, the community’s efforts contributed to the restoration and revitalization of Alvin.

Table of Superlative Weather Events:

Superlative Weather EventAmount
Most Rainfall in 24 hours:43 inches (1000mm) in Alvin Texas, July 25, 1979
Least Rainfall:No rainfall has ever been recorded at Calama in the Atacama Desert, Chile
Highest Temperature:134°F ( 57°C) Death Valley, California, July 10, 1913
Lowest Temperature:-128.6°F (-89.2°c) Antarctica, July 21, 1983
Fastest Windspeed:253 MPH (408 km/h) Barrow Island, Australia, April 10, 1996
Highest Snowfall (from a single storm):189 inches / 15.75 feet (480 cm) Mount Shasta, California, February 1959
Longest Lightning Bolt:477 miles (767 km) Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, April 29, 2020
Most Active Atlantic Hurricane Season:30 named tropical storms, 2020
15 named hurricanes, 2005
Most Tornadoes:1817 tornadoes, 2004

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