Discover the Top 10 States That Produce the Most Christmas Trees

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Written by Jennifer Gaeng

Published: December 1, 2022

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Although it’s possible that the initial Christmas tree farm debuted as early as 1901, until the 1950s, Christmas tree manufacturing in the United States was mostly constrained to what could be taken from natural forests. Among some of the top major Christmas tree-producing regions in the U.S. are, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and the Pacific Northwest. In this article, we will discover the top 10 states that produce the most Christmas trees!

10. Ohio

Ohio Christmas

Christmas tree branch with a flag of Ohio state. Ohio has over 700 Christmas tree farms.

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With over 7,000 acres in tree production, Ohio boasts over 700 Christmas tree farms. The Austrian pine, eastern white pine, Norway spruce, Red pine, Scotch pine, Serbian spruce, and Southwestern white pine are just a few of the types of Christmas trees available to Ohio families. The Scotch pine, however, is the most well-liked tree in Ohio because of its strong needle retention and sturdy limbs.

9. Minnesota

Minnesota Christmas

Every Year there is a Holiday Light Display in Duluth, Minnesota.

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Every year, Christmas tree growers in Minnesota sell roughly 500,000 trees. The Balsam and Fraser fir, along with the Scotch pine are the three most often planted Christmas tree species in the state. The Colorado spruce, Norway pine, and White pine, and are also widespread. The majestic Norway pine is actually Minnesota’s official tree. It has 3″–5″ long, deep green needles that give it a robust and lovely shape. The sturdy branches can support a wide variety of ornaments. Every year in Duluth, they host a glorious holiday light display as pictured above!

8. North Carolina

North Carolina Christmas

A fun holiday scene in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina is featured here.


One of the top American counties for Christmas tree production is Ashe County, North Carolina. Around 20 million Christmas trees, spread across 12,000 acres, have recently been produced in this area. The Fraser fir is among the most popular species cultivated and distributed by Christmas tree farms in North Carolina. In fact, the species accounts for over 90% of all Christmas trees planted in the state, with about 850 growers generating more than 50 million fir trees!

7. New York

New York Christmas

Featured here is the Famous Wall Street in New York City at Christmas time.


Did you know that there are 875 tree farms in New York State? In fact, the state ranks fourth in the nation for the number of acres devoted to raising Christmas trees, having tree farms spanning roughly 19,000 acres. This vital farming industry, which contributes $13.8 million to the state’s economy, is supported by New Yorkers and their families.

6. Virginia

Virginia Christmas

Here is a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the outdoor plaza at Reston Town Center Virginia.


In terms of overall Christmas trees produced, total tree-producing acreage, and the number of businesses selling Christmas trees, Virginia ranks as the seventh-leading U.S. state for Christmas trees. Virginia’s major industry is agriculture, with forestry coming in third. Fraser fir, Norway spruce, Scotch pine, Virginia pine, and White pine, are all cultivated in Virginia’s hilly regions.

5. Wisconsin

Wisconsin Christmas

The Madison State Capitol is decorated at Christmas.

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Almost every state grows Christmas trees, but Wisconsin is one of the leading growers in the U.S. Even the White House has accepted Wisconsin pines as the official Christmas tree. Christmas trees are cultivated on around 24,000 acres in Wisconsin. Balsam fir, Canaan fir, Fraser fir, Scotch pine, spruce trees, and White pine, and are the top species.

4. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Christmas

Here is a Christmas Tree in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, PA.

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Did you know that Pennsylvania has some of the best Christmas tree farms in the country? In fact, Indiana County, Pennsylvania is referred to as the “Christmas Tree Capital of the World.” The state of Pennsylvania is home to over 1,400 Christmas tree farms. Nearly 31,000 acres are covered by these tree farms, which annually generate about 1 million in cut trees!

3. Michigan

Michigan Christmas

Glass ornament with the flag of the State of Michigan on Christmas tree branch. Michigan supplies around 3 million trees for the national market every year!


With an annual supply of 3 million Christmas trees for the national market, Michigan ranks third overall in the US in terms of the amount of Christmas trees cultivated. The Balsam fir, Black hills spruce, Blue spruce, Concolor fir, Douglas fir, Fraser fir Scotch pine, and White pine, are the most widely used Christmas trees in Michigan. About 42,000 acres are used for the production of Christmas trees for sale in the state.  The yearly farming value of the sales of wreaths, boughs, garlands, and other cuttings exceeds $1.3 million! Michigan Christmas tree growers plant three more trees for subsequent harvests for each tree that is harvested.

2. Oregon

Oregon Christmas

Douglas Fir, Christmas Tree Farm – Willamette Valley, Oregon. In Oregon, the Douglas and Noble fir trees account for 92% of their crops!

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One of the most significant U.S. states for producing Christmas trees is the state of Oregon. In this location, the Douglas and Noble fir species make up 92% of the Christmas tree crops. Currently, there are over 1,000 farms in Oregon that are dedicated to cultivating trees that are frequently used as holiday decorations, such as Douglas, Grand, and Noble fir trees. According to the OATCF, the industry has a staggering $107 million in value as of 2020!

1. Washington

Washington Christmas

Christmas Day at a Mountain Lake in Washington State. Washington state produces the most Christmas trees out of all the U.S. states (apart from Oregon).

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If you really want to discover the top 10 states that produce the most Christmas trees, Washington has to be at the top of the list! Washington is one of the states that produce the most Christmas trees in the US, apart from Oregon. Around 250 Christmas tree farms totaling 23,000 acres operated in Washington State in 2015, producing 2.3 million trees. Ninety percent of all Christmas trees sold in Washington are Douglas and Noble fir trees, which are also the most popular Christmas trees.

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