Discover the 7 Warmest Places in Europe in December

Written by Patrick MacFarland
Published: December 9, 2023
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Are you yearning for a Christmas without snow? Want to get away in December to a place where you won’t freeze? Several places in Europe will match that criteria and more. These places in Europe are perfect for wearing shorts and tees. You can lay on the beach, hike some great trails, and enjoy the great outdoors. All while enjoying yourself in delicious weather!

Let’s take a look at the seven warmest places in Europe in December. We’ll make sure you get the lowdown on each place, the average temperatures, the people that live there, and any wildlife in the area.

Canary Islands

Santa Cruz cityscape view with park, ocean and mountains on the background on the sunrise, Canary islands, Spain

The Canary Islands have a population of 2.2 million.


Although part of Spain and Europe, the Canary Islands are eight main islands off the coast of North Africa. They are very popular year-round with over 10 million tourists per year. Why? Because the weather is so perfect, including in December.

The average high is 71.8 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low is 61.9 degrees Fahrenheit for the month. You can lay on the beach, explore the island, and bask in the sun for the day. It’ll be a perfect winter vacation! The wildlife in the area includes various species of lizards, the Algerian hedgehogs, and an abundance of marine animals like crabs, sharks, moray eels, and sea turtles.


Picturesque old port of Chania. Landmarks of Crete island. Greece

Part of Greece, Crete is the 88th largest island in the world.


The largest island of Greece, Crete has a population of about 624,000 and is also one of the most southern islands in the country. With average temperatures of 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit all month long, your December will be quite mild. You can explore the island, hike up trails, and lie on the beach. Try the exquisite Greek food while basking in the warm sun. The wildlife in the area includes the Cretan wildcat, various species of bats, the Cretan ibex, various species of lizards, as well as marine animals like whales, dolphins, and sea turtles.


Gozo island - Malta

Malta is the tenth-smallest country by area in the world.

©Dragan Adoroarte/

There are numerous things you can do in Malta in December. You can explore the island nation with hikes and walks in cities. You can also go to the beach and relax. The average high temperature is 63 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low is 53 degrees Fahrenheit. That means you will be able to enjoy the great outdoors with either a light jacket or a regular tee. The wildlife in the area includes various species of lizards, the Sicilian shrew, and if you’re lucky, you can spot dolphins and whales swimming in the sea.

Balearic Islands


There are over 100 ferries from mainland Spain to Mallorca every week.

© Varanishcha

An archipelago off the coast of Valencia and Barcelona, the Balearic Islands consists of four major islands, including Mallorca and Ibiza, and various other islands and islets. The total population of the islands is about 1.1 million. Ibiza is a party destination with a spectacular DJ scene. If you want a rockin’ summer, then coming to the Balearic Islands will do just the trick. With an average high of 61.7 degrees Fahrenheit and an average low of 49.5 degrees Fahrenheit in December, all you will need is a light jacket while walking outside. While taking afternoon hikes, make sure you look out for some animals including several species of lizards, the Balearic warbler, and the Majorcan midwife toad.


Sicilian port of Castellammare del Golfo, amazing coastal village of Sicily island, province of Trapani, Italy

Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea in terms of area.


With a population of 4.8 million people, Sicily is famous for its Italian architecture, its amazing beaches, its active volcano of Mount Etna, and its delicious Sicilian food — mainly pasta and seafood.

The average high of 61 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low of 50 degrees Fahrenheit means you can walk around, explore the winding streets, and have a grand time without getting super cold. The wildlife in the area includes the European wildcat, the European hedgehog, the crested porcupine, and the golden eagle.


Camilo Beach (Praia do Camilo) at Algarve, Portugal with turquoise sea in background. Wooden footbridge to beach Praia do Camilo, Portugal. Wonderful view of Camilo Beach in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal.

The country gets about 4-6 hours of sunshine during the winter.


Located on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal borders the Atlantic Ocean and has a population of 10.4 million. It’s also one of the hottest and sunniest countries in Europe. During December, the average high is 57 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low is 43 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the country’s record high in December was a delicious 79.5 degrees Fahrenheit! You can enjoy time on the beach, visit the country’s vineyards, and go on some hiking trails. The wildlife in the area includes the Iberian lynx, the red squirrel, and the wild boar.


Pedestrian embankment in the port area of Malaga

Andalusia is the most populous autonomous community in Spain.

©bbsferrari/iStock via Getty Images

Located in Southern Spain, the autonomous community of Andalusia has a population of 8.4 million. The average high is 57 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low is 37 degrees Fahrenheit, but this is taking into account the more mountainous parts of Andalusia where it snows. If you head to the coastal cities, you will enjoy warmer weather while you lay on the beach and stroll around enjoying the winter sun. The wildlife in the area includes the Andalusian horse, the greater flamingo, the European rabbit, and the Iberian wolf.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Dorin

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