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Updated: June 14, 2023
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Resident Alien has stolen the hearts of many comedy and science fiction fans. It’s a story about an alien that crash lands in a small town in Colorado. It’s based on a comic book that was written by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse. The series first premiered on January 27, 2021, and has risen in popularity since. If you’re a fan of the show, you may be wondering where the series is filmed. 

Despite being set in the small, fictional town of Patience, CO, the series isn’t filmed in the United States at all.

Resident Alien is filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

Beautiful aerial view of downtown Vancouver skyline, British Columbia, Canada at sunset

Despite being set in Colorado, the series is mainly filmed indoors in Vancouver, Canada.

©Engel Ching/

Filming Locations: Vancouver and Ladysmith

Most of the series was filmed inside two sound stages in Vancouver, with outdoor shots being taken nearby. Sim Derwent Studio was the location for most of the indoor scenes. It’s a 55,300-square-foot building with two sound stages and plenty of room for production. It’s about 15 miles from downtown Vancouver in Delta. 

Many outdoor scenes were done in the nearby town of Ladysmith. Another popular film — Sonic the Hedgehog — was also filmed in the area. All of the outdoor scenes were actually shot outside, in various locations around Ladysmith and Vancouver.

The shots done outside of Harry’s lakeside cabin were actually taken by an inlet, not a lake. Since both are large bodies of water, it was easy to manipulate the scenes to make them appear differently in the show. Ladysmith was also the site for filming the bar, health clinic, and town hall. 

Since Ladysmith is already a small town, the producers didn’t have to do too much work to make it look like the fictional town of Patience. Most of the architecture of Ladysmith was built in the early 1900s, and that helped give off the small mountain town feeling. It was key to the filming that the three main settings of the story — the bar, clinic, and town hall — were all within eyesight of each other. Finding all of that, along with a small-town feeling and actual town approval for filming was like finding a needle in a haystack. But luckily, the producers were able to find all of that and more in Ladysmith.

Filming Locations: Sea to Sky Corridor

The snowy, mountainous scenes were a bit harder to film. They were shot in the Sea to Sky Corridor region and were only accessible by helicopter. This made for the difficult task of transporting the crew, actors, filming gear, and props to set the scene. Most of the shots in the Sea to Sky Corridor were taken at Rainbow Mountain and the Pemberton Ice Cap. 

Scenic Landscape View of Blue Garibaldi Lake and Distant Snowcapped Coast Mountains from Panorama Ridge in Sea to Sky Corridor between Squamish and Whistler, British Columbia Canada

Filming locations in the Sea to Sky Corridor were only accessible by helicopter.

©Autumn Sky Photography/

Best Time to Visit and Things To Do

The best time to visit Ladysmith is from June through September. This is when the temperature is warmest and the least rain can be expected. It ranges between 68 and 80°F throughout these months. 

Ladysmith is located right on the coast, so you can visit Transfer Beach for swimming and paddleboarding. There is also a great downtown area with local cafes and businesses. The town is known for its art and culture, so the Waterfront Art Gallery is a perfect spot to stop. There are also a few walking trails that go through the downtown area that show off the town’s history and culture.

The best time to visit Vancouver is also throughout the summer months when temperatures are warm and chances of rain are low. There are many places worth exploring in the city, but Stanley Park is the most popular attraction. The 20-mile seawall trail offers walkers and bikers a gorgeous waterfront view. It’s also a free park to explore, making it a great way to spend the day. 

Second to Stanley Park is Queen Elizabeth Park, another beautiful outdoor space to explore. This park has a rose garden, many exotic birds and plants, and sculptures scattered throughout. It offers beautiful views of the mountains and the city.

If you want to visit the snowy and mountainous filming spots, you’ll want to check out the Sea to Sky Corridor. There is a highway that runs inside of it, called the Sea to Sky Highway, which is named one of the best road trips in the world. While you won’t be able to get to exact filming locations unless you fly in a helicopter, you will get some amazing views.

Colors of the autumn. Gorgeous sea walk in the park. Stanley Park in Vancouver. Canada.

The sea walk at Stanley Park is great for overlooking the water.


Wildlife in Ladysmith and the Sea to Sky Corridor

Ladysmith has quite a bit of local wildlife because of its placement in the mountains. The most common animals you may see are bears, cougars, and deer.

If you travel along the Sea to Sky Corridor, you’ll likely see all three of those animals and more. Elk and bighorn sheep roam throughout the mountains, and eagles fly around the area. If you see wildlife, it’s best to leave the animals alone and admire them from afar.

Aerial Panoramic View of Sea to Sky Highway on Pacific Ocean West Coast. Sunny Winter Day. Located in Howe Sound between Vancouver and Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.

The Sea to Sky Highway offers great views and you may also spot an elk or bighorn in the forest nearby.

©EB Adventure Photography/

Where is Vancouver, Canada Located on a Map?

Vancouver, a vibrant seaport on the west coast of British Columbia, stands out as one of Canada’s most densely populated and culturally diverse cities. With its stunning mountain backdrop, it has become a sought-after destination for film productions. The city boasts a thriving arts, theater, and music scene, with the Vancouver Art Gallery showcasing exceptional works by local artists and the Museum of Anthropology housing prestigious collections from First Nations communities.

Here is Vancouver, Canada on a map:

The photo featured at the top of this post is © ERIK Miheyeu/

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