Do Siberian Huskies Make Good House Pets? Everything To Know About Their Temperament

Written by Mitchelle Morgan
Published: March 24, 2023
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Siberian Huskies are graceful and athletic dogs with high endurance. The breed comes from North Asia, where they used to pull sleds and provide companionship.

Many people prefer these dogs for running. However, with proper nurturing, they are friendly even with small children.

Also, they have high energy and are sometimes intense in their activities. So, here is all you need to know about Siberian Huskies and their temperament.

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Siberian Huskies Characteristics

This breed is medium size, has great endurance, and has a thick coating. Siberian Huskies are meticulous, friendly, and dignified.

Also, they are medium in size and have blue or brown almond-shaped eyes. Their eyes convey an attentive but amiable and sometimes mischievous look.

The dogs are fun-loving and playful. And these joyful personalities cheer everyone on their way. But, you must be willing to match their mischievous nature mentally and physically.

Huskies love humans and animal companies. Hence they will do well if your household has other animals. These dogs coexist well with other animals, though they may chase livestock and cats. This behavior is an attribute of their prey drive.

Additionally, the husky size is light and smaller and weighs up to 60 pounds. And also, they are clean and have fewer dog odors.

Siberian Husky playing on a beach.
A Siberian Husky loves to play, even at the beach.


Siberian Huskies’ Aggressiveness Levels

Siberian dog breeds are not aggressive but have a free spirit and are good-natured. These dog owners can approve that these dogs rarely show aggressiveness or antisocial behavior. But instead, they are friendly even to strangers.

Hence, you must look for another breed if you need a guard dog. Since Huskies rarely show signs of attacking anyone. And this qualifies them as good family dogs or pets.

Even so, they may become aggressive in the absence of proper training. It’s important to note that your dog will behave how it’s trained.

An aggressive dog is a threat to anyone, even kids. And this is the same case for Siberian huskies; since they might be a threat without proper training.

Please note that an aggressive husky may be unpredictable. And cause fear since no one knows their next move. To the extent that even the owner becomes afraid of it. But, there is always a trigger for the dog’s aggression. And sometimes, it’s hard to identify, as you may be the trigger without knowing.

One of the causes may include; Past traumas and territorial behavior. Traumas may result from past owner neglect or a prior dog attack.

Though there are several causes of husky dogs’ aggressiveness, it’s good to deal with the behaviors as soon as possible. Again you should avoid entertaining, provoking, or playing rough with an aggressive husky, as this might lead to an attack, especially when playing games that compete for dominance.

You can solve this behavior by identifying the triggers and fixing them immediately. But if you need help understanding what the trigger is, it’s good to contact a professional for help.

Siberian Huskies’ Size Throughout Their Lifecycle

Though they grow very fast, Huskies are medium in size, even at full age. And they reach full weight and height within 1.5 years. So, how long do they live?

A full-grown Siberian is about 22-24 inches tall for males and 20-22 inches for females. In comparison, the males weigh 45-60 pounds and 35-50 pounds for females.

Please check the tables below for their distribution of weight.

Male Husky Growth Chart

AgeWeight Range(lbs.)Height Range (Inches)
2 Months10 – 1510 -12
3 Months18 -2310 -12
4 Months22 -3012 -15
5 Months25 -3512 -15
6 Months30 -4015 -19
7 Months33 -4315 -19
8 Months35 – 4719- 22
9 Months39 -5219 -22
10 Months40 -5522 -24
11 Months40 -5822 – 24
1 Year43 – 5722 – 24
2 Years45 -6022 – 24

Female Husky Growth Chart

AgeWeight (lbs.)Height (Inches)
2 Months8-1210-12
3 Months13-2010-12
4 Months18-2512-14
5 Months21-3112-14
6 Months23-3314-16
7 Months25-3814-16
8 Months28-4216-18
9 Months31-4616-18
10 Months32-4718-20
11 Months33-4818-20
1 Year34-4920-22
2 Years35-5020-22

Can Siberian Huskies Make a Good House Pet?

Yes, they can make good house pets with proper training. Siberian huskies need training as early as possible. This way, you can nurture them to behave how you want.


  • Good training: Siberian huskies are affectionate, welcoming, and friendly to family members and visitors.
  • Playful: these dogs have high energy levels for all-day play and entertainment. Hence they are suitable if you have young children.
  • Clean and lustrous feel: Siberian huskies don’t have a foul smell or skin like other breeds. Reason huskies care for their coats; hence they will be clean most of the time. 
  • Appealing: These dogs are beautiful. They have blue eyes, erect triangular ears, fluffy coats and tails, and a majestic wolf-like look. Also, their fluffy and joyful nature makes you feel like hugging them all the time.
  • Economical: huskies are bred to thrive in cold weather with minimal food. Hence, these dogs need less food than other breeds. But, it’s good to give them nutritional food to boost their health.
  • Independent: if you want personal space, an attached dog becomes annoying. This breed is not over-attached; it’s okay if you are around, but they won’t come clinging. Again these dogs are not loyal as they find attachment with anyone approaching.


  • Escape masters: untrained huskies can get through tiny holes. Especially when you leave them outside and they want to explore more.
  • Predator drive: this dog breed has a strong urge to hunt. So they may kill other pets in your house if they don’t have proper training.
  • Stamina: a husky has a lot of energy for exercise and play. Although comfortable in small house spaces, these dogs need daily walks and activities.
  • Excess shedding: this dog breed has high shedding in a year. The shedding is more before summer and winter. Hence you must be okay with cleaning their fur before owning a husky.

Why Get Siberian Huskies for a House Pet?

Siberian Huskies are clean, playful, and intelligent. Besides being a house pet, you also have a hiking, walking, cycling, and exercising partner. These dogs are full of energy, and they love running and exploring.

But note that you will need about two hours daily to play and excite them. You don’t have to do this alone since they don’t have attachment issues but will play with whoever approaches.

Lastly, training a husky from puppyhood instills the right behaviors and controls their temperament.

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