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Dogs Threatened By Mysterious Disease

Dogs Threatened By Mysterious Disease

25th October 2011
Woodland Walk

The Animal Health trust has recently issued both a plea and a warning to dog owners in the East of England after an outbreak of Seasonal Canine Illness (SCI) has been confirmed in five woodland regions in three different counties including Norfolk, Nottinghamshire and Suffolk, with 79 cases having been confirmed so far this year.

The mysterious disease was first investigated in September and October last year after reports came in of dogs becoming seriously (sometimes even fatally) ill, shortly after having visited one of the areas that are now under investigation by the Animal Health Trust.

Yorkshire Terrier

Although the outbreaks have been reported again this year, the disease itself remains a complete mystery with the most common symptoms being sickness, diarrhoea and lethargy. The Animal Health Trust warns that SCI not only comes on very quickly but it can also affect any size, shape or sex of dog.

In order to not only try and identify the disease but also hopefully eradicate it, research teams are working in the affected areas to try and pinpoint the cause. The Animal Health Trust has therefore released a questionnaire targeting owners that have walked their dogs in these areas.


If you have taken your dog (no matter how old it is or what breed or whether or not it has been sick) to Sandringham Estate or Thetford Forest in Norfolk, Clumber Park or Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, or to Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk since August 1st 2011 please complete the questionnaire to assist with the investigation.

SCI Questionnare and Information

If you are concerned that your dog is showing signs of SCI then seek veterinary assistance immediately.