Dolphin Spirit Animal Symbolism & Meaning

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Updated: June 6, 2023

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Dolphin Spirit Animal  infographic
Dolphin Spirit Animal Infographic

Dolphins are so intelligent that some people think they’re smarter than humans. If you’re drawn to the dolphin as your spirit animal, it means that you’re almost always the smartest person in the room. What are some other dolphin spirit animal symbolisms and meanings?

Every ocean and some rivers play host to a dolphin. This means that dolphin energy isn’t afraid to appear in your life whenever you need it, regardless of what’s happening. Since dolphins are so dynamic, their appearance may speak to more than one need.

While it isn’t exactly delphinology to discuss dolphin spirit animals, their symbolism and meaning are still vitally important if you’re called by dolphin energy. We’ll discuss it now.

Dolphin Spirit Animal Symbolism

Dolphin, Eating, Adult, Animal, Atlantic Ocean

Encountering dolphin symbolism regularly in any way should be seen as a reaffirmation of your new paradigm.


Dolphin symbols come in different forms. Since dolphins are not an occurrence in terrestrial life, a dolphin spirit animal may communicate through objects, sounds, and media. If you’re noticing dolphin objects or information, the dolphin may be your spirit animal.

Dolphins are intelligent and playful. They’re often symbolized playing because they embody good humor and fun for no other reason than enjoyment. You’ll sometimes see playing dolphin symbols during this time which reaffirms to you that leisure is necessary.

Dolphins represent rebirth. Seeing dolphin symbols on objects during quiet moments means you’re about to have a life-changing shift in thinking. You may be on the cusp of a personal renaissance.

If you’ve been wondering if you just went through a reliable shift in thinking, encountering dolphin symbolism regularly in any way should be seen as a reaffirmation of your new paradigm. You did, in fact, experience a rebirth that is trustworthy.

Dolphin Spirit Animal Meaning

Dolphin symbols have deeper meanings that need to be pondered if the dolphin is your spirit animal. Taking on a dolphin as your spirit animal also goes beyond symbolism and speaks directly to your personality. Certain traits are common in individuals guided by dolphin energy.

The Positives

Dolphins are sometimes saviors. They keep sharks away from people stranded in the water, and sometimes they bring these people back to the shores or their ship. They’re capable of displaying genuine goodness.

A pod of dolphins was once seen guiding confused whales. These whales in New Zealand were beached and disoriented, and dolphins showed up to corral them together and lead them back out to sea.

Dolphins fiercely love the members of their pods. Pregnant dolphins and mothers with calves are protected by the other members of their group. The injured are also protected and fed.

Those with dolphin energy can infect other people with love. People trust that you love them, and you give people the benefit of the doubt in loving you. It’s easy for you to nurture anyone that you’ve decided is special to you.

The Negatives

Dolphins are very mean to certain animals. This gives them just a touch of evilness. They’re also deviously playful when the mood strikes them. 

This playful negativity is driven by their ability to fearlessly protect their own against predators like orcas. They will fight without hesitation instead of running away from a confrontation.

It’s easy for those with dolphin energy to get confused about the nature of aggression. If the dolphin is your spirit animal, you need to understand your rage and what causes it. Otherwise, you may misuse it and inadvertently traumatize others.

Are Dolphins a Good Omen?

Dolphins are considered good omens. Sailors have considered dolphins good omens for a long time. They’re known to rescue drowning sailors that have been swept away.

If dolphins are not an animal you think about often, yet they’re unexplainably on your mind, it may mean that good fortune is on its way. You may get a raise, you may meet someone special, or you might win a prize. Whatever is going to happen, it will be a surprise.

What Does It Mean if I Dream About a Dolphin?

baby dolphin swimming on top of mommy dolphin

Seeing dolphins while you sleep confirms your right to explore anything in your life that seems murky.


Dolphins have complex thought processes and may be capable of higher thinking. It’s believed they create three-dimensional images in their heads when they echolocate, allowing them to precisely hone in on threats and prey in pitch blackness. 

Seeing dolphins while you sleep confirms your right to explore anything in your life that seems murky. If you find that you’re questioning yourself for feeling uneasy about something, a dolphin in your dream validates that you have the right to feel conflicted. It’s within your capabilities to analyze your emotions and hone in on the answer you’re seeking.

Seeing a dolphin while you’re sleeping also speaks to your relationships and your interactions with coworkers. If things seem difficult now, it’s prudent to hone in on one misunderstanding at a time until you achieve clarity. You’re doing a good job navigating these relationships, even if it seems impossible now.

Vocalization is a huge part of a dolphin pod’s day, and their communication is complex and mysterious. A dolphin vocalizing in your dream may mean you need to say the pressing thing that’s on your mind. That way, those around you can react appropriately.

The various clicks and whistles made by a dolphin allow for deep and individualized connections to develop between members of a pod. A dolphin in your dreams may be letting you know that someone you’re communicating with is becoming deeply connected to you.

Chumash Goddess: Earth Mother Hutash and the Dolphin

Sometimes when animal energy pulls at you, it’s because you’re hearing the calling of a god or goddess. The Chumash people from the Channel Islands of California believe that dolphins are related to the divine. Dolphins were seen as people in a different form and were considered kin.

As their home island of Santa Cruz became overcrowded, the Earth Mother Hutash created a rainbow bridge from the island to the California mainland. As people crossed the bridge, some fell in. Hutash didn’t want them to drown, so she changed them into dolphins.

Amazon Botos: Pink Dolphins and Legends of Nefariousness

Existing lore around pink dolphins in the Amazon focuses on their ability to make evil choices. People that live along the Amazon, Tocantins, Araguaia, and Orinoco river systems share similar beliefs about the boto. These shapeshifting male pink dolphins appear in belief systems from separate cultures.

Botos that have become enchanted sometimes shapeshift into human men during village parties. They wear white, and their intention is seduction through dancing. They are believed to be the fathers of all children born out of wedlock.

It’s believed that young women cannot resist how handsome and charming they are. The boto are especially irresistible if they’re encountered on the shore in the dark. This results in lots of local warnings to young girls about wandering alone at night near the water.

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