Don’t Do This! Foolish Man Blows Up His Backyard Trying to Kill Ants

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: January 18, 2023
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Whilst there is no doubt that ants can be a pesky thing to have in your backyard, there are correct ways of dealing with them. This is not one of them! In this startling footage, we see a man apparently blowing up half of his yard to get rid of an ant’s nest. In doing so, he puts both himself and his two dogs in danger.

Fresh nest of ants in the stone floor of wild tiles.
Ants pull soil up from under the ground


Blowing up a Backyard!

The video starts with a man in shorts and flipflops standing over what appears to be an ant’s nest. He has presumably poured a combustive material into the nest. Now all he has to do is light it. So, he strikes one match after another and throws them at the nest. They all seem to go out until suddenly there is an almighty explosion and half the lawn is hurled into the sky. He and his dogs leap backwards and luckily no one appears to get hurt. However, it must have been a huge shock!

Ants are a highly organized and successful species that populate the entire planet expect for the Arctic Circle and Antarctica. There are many different species of ants and some of them are found in domestic gardens in human settlements. Ants have quite a bad press and are not popular with many householders. Nearly all of the 12,000 plus species of ants can bite or sting and this causes a local or systemic reaction in humans. It is usually mild but harvester ants and fire ants can cause more series problems.

They can also disturb soil around plant roots and deposit it above ground and that can affect low growing plants. They can also disturb plants in pots. Ant hills can also interfere with mowing which is bad news if you want a perfect lawn.

How to Remove Ants Safely

Dogs can also get bitten by ants especially on their paws and faces. You may notice lameness, chewing or licking at one spot, hives, localized swelling and whining. If the dog is allergic to ant bites, you may see weakness, vomiting, respiratory distress, pale gums and even collapse. This is much more serious and requires immediate treatment.

If you have a serious ant problem in your home or garden that is bothering you or your pets, you may need to call in a professional exterminator. Alternatively, safe options include silicon dioxide, glass cleaner, liquid detergent or ground black or red pepper.

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Ant colony
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