Dove Spirit Animal Symbolism & Meaning

Mourning Dove

Written by Niccoy Walker

Updated: June 7, 2023

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Dove spirit animal infographic

Doves are amazing animals that inhabit every continent except Antarctica, so they appear in folklore and mythologies from many cultures around the world. They are highly revered for their ability to find their way back home over thousands of miles and often symbolize peace and freedom. Learn about the dove spirit animal, including what it represents, the messages it brings, and whether it is a good omen.

Dove Spirit Animal

White-tipped Dove

Dove as your spirit animal means that you are peaceful, loving, and kind.

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Does the dove keep appearing in your dreams, art, or real life? It may be your spirit animal attempting to communicate! If so, you have the privilege of learning from a gentle and understanding guide. Dove people are all about peace, love, and kindness. This bird can remind you to spread your warm positivity and bring tranquility in the midst of chaos or confrontation. Doves also remind their spirit people of soul mates and to cherish those in their life.

What Does a Dove Symbolize?

Dove in flight

Doves symbolize gentleness, holiness, peace, hope, love, and devotion.

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The dove symbolizes hope, peace, love, devotion, purity, grace, gentleness, salvation, holiness, and divinity. These birds bring awareness and allow you to be fully present in every situation. Doves are a comforting presence in the midst of pain and anguish, and they bring a sense of deep peace, bringing stillness to your troubled mind. Doves can also call on you to get closer to God or higher power so that you can fine-tune your spirituality. You can rest knowing you will always have beauty and love in your life.

Dove Meanings and Messages

Find out what the dove spirit animal says about who you are and your direction in life.

  • Navigation: Doves never lose their way home, and neither will you. You are on the right path, and as long as you keep your faith, you will find your way.
  • Soulmate: Doves mate for life and are known for being affectionate to their partners. You will find your soulmate soon if a dove appears in your life. And if you are already in a committed relationship, you have confirmation that it is eternal.
  • Enlightenment: Keep a pure heart and soul so that your words and actions align with your beliefs. You may be in the process of a spiritual awakening.
  • Faith: Stay devoted to your higher power and keep your peace in all things. 

The dove typically appears during stressful transitional times and when you’re craving peace, quiet, and clarity. They can also encourage you to surrender and let go of any turmoil and stress in your life. Doves can also bring messages from your loved ones who have passed, letting you know they are in a better place and not to worry. 

How to Interpret a Dove Dream?

Two turtle doves cuddling together on a branch.

If you see two doves in your dream, it may be manifesting a desire to share your life with another person.


If a dove enters your dreams, you are most likely at peace and have love in your heart. Most commonly, dove dreams symbolize peace, love, hope, and tranquility. A dove can also be a message or blessing from the Holy Spirit. To receive a dream as lovely as this, you can’t have any hate or thoughts of revenge in your heart. If you dream of a pair of doves, you may be hungering for a mate to share your life with. You are yearning for love and a home filled with peace and love. Take notice if you dream of a mourning dove in an unusual place or sitting on a bed. This dream can foretell a death in the family or a close friend. 

Are Doves a Good Omen?

White-winged dove

Most of the time, doves are a good omen that brings peace and understanding.

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Dove omens are typically favorable and are always associated with peace, understanding, communication, and sympathy. If you see a flock of doves, they may be telling you to come out of your shell, socialize, and get to know people on a deeper level. Forget about those petty arguments and fights with your friends and family. Choose to live in peace and harmony and connect with your loved ones. If you see a feral pigeon, it could be a reminder to seek contentment in your own life so that you can inspire others to be grateful and satisfied with their lives.

Positive Characteristics of the Dove Spirit Animal

  • You are gentle and affectionate, spreading joy wherever you go. You know how to shine your light even in the darkest of times.
  • You enjoy the calm and are in your element when people live harmoniously. And you always keep an innocent and positive outlook on life.
  • You are nurturing and loving, and you make an excellent parent and always take care of others.
  • You know how to bring wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to any situation.
  • You are proof that living a life of contentment and happiness is possible. And you don’t mind teaching others how to do it!

Negative Characteristics of the Dove Spirit Animal

  • Dove people can come off as naïve and meek. You may choose non-confrontation even when the situation calls for strength and assertiveness.
  • There is nothing wrong with wanting peace and harmony, but some may take advantage of your kindness. You must know when to stand up for yourself when people cross the line.

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