Down the Hatch! Watch in Shock as This Insatiable Snake Swallows a Live Frog Whole

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: August 30, 2023
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Key Points:

  • Frogs employ multiple defense mechanisms against predators.
  • They create an illusion of being larger by utilizing their vocal sacs to amplify sound.
  • Vocal sacs serve as deep, resonant chambers that aid in sound production for defense. The specific usage of vocal sacs varies among different frog species.

The video we’re discussing today has disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised. The circle of life in the animal kingdom can bring tears to our eyes. Although seeing an animal get eaten by another is sad, it’s necessary for survival. 

A TikTok upload shows a snake with its mouth open wide. Inside the snake’s mouth, we can see a frog with its front end hanging out. Unfortunately for the amphibian, there’s nothing it can do. 

The sounds emitting from the jumping creature are equally as disturbing as the visual aspect. One comment on the video puts it plainly, “Nature is brutal.” Just over a minute into the footage, the snake seemingly sinks its vangs right behind the frog’s eyes.

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How Do Frogs Defend Themselves?

Shockingly, frogs have a number of ways they attempt to protect themselves from predators. Frogs look bigger than they actually are by enhancing sound with their vocal sacks. To make sound, they utilize a vocal sack, which is a deep, resonant chamber. The way that each kind of frog uses its vocal bag for defense differs.  

Frogs attempt to look bigger to defend themselves.


In order to defend themselves, frogs and toads occasionally urinate. It is real! When frogs and toads are anxious, stressed, or trying to ward off a predator, they leak pee. If you’ve ever held one of these animals and noticed pee on your hands, it was a defense mechanism employed by the frog or toad. 

Frogs have been known to pretend to be dead in order to evade predators. Frogs frequently lie on their backs while keeping their palms facing up and staying entirely motionless. One of the animal kingdom’s best-adapted species is the frog. In order to escape being devoured by predators, they have learned the art of disguise and are able to leap, swim, and act like they’re dead.

How Do Snakes Hunt Frogs?

Snakes may easily catch frogs as food. They cannot ingest and chew on food because they lack teeth. Rather, they must force the frog’s entire body into its throat using their long, pointed tongues. 

Snake eat frog
Snakes can eat small amphibians to large mammals.

©Artem Onoprienko/

A snake can accomplish this by either attacking or constricting. Typically, a snake would bite the frog and suffocate it by curling or catching it in its mouth. Frogs are relatively difficult prey, thus a snake will probably try to avoid eating them.

Several other species are simpler prey for a serpent to hunt down, yet they will eat them if they have to. Any creature that consumes a frog may have consequences that range from breathing difficulties to paralysis because certain frogs can have toxic substances on their skin. 

It’s Lunch Time!

Watch the snake in action here.

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