Watch Dozens of Alligators Light Up a Pond Like a Night Sky with Glowing Eyes

Written by Crystal
Published: November 19, 2022
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If you need a dose of alligator to improve your day, this is THE video to watch. Growling, glowing alligators will captivate you for a total of 42 seconds. You won’t just see a few alligators; this footage captures dozens of them. 

American alligators have been experiencing a healthy population boom. As numbers increase, the more likely it is an alligator will cross your path. Or, if you’re like the person filming this video, over 50 alligators might cross your path!

In the video, you’ll see a small pond swarming with alligators. They’re everywhere. Look on the shore; you’ll even see one hanging out there. In the water, they’re swimming close together.

Dozens of large, medium, and small alligators are swarming the water. Some of the bigger ones could be over 10 feet long. American alligator body lengths range from six to 14 feet long. They have coarse scales and bony scutes covering their body.

The alligator’s long body hides below the water. But their heads are long with prominent upper teeth along the jaw’s edge.

The alligator eyes in the video look like their glowing. There are so many of them it looks like stars lighting up the sky. It’s beautiful and scary all at the same time.

Closeup of an alligator's eye
It’s easy to see why people compare alligators to dinosaurs and movie monsters like Godzilla.

© Griffin-Scott

The tell-tale alligator eye shine is thanks to their unique anatomy. Alligators, and other nocturnal vertebrates, have a layer of cells that reflect light. This helps the alligators have good low-light vision.

There’s a myth that alligators don’t see well. But this isn’t true. Alligators have excellent eyesight. The position of their eyes also helps them have a wide range of sight. The only way to hide from an alligator’s range of sight is by standing directly behind them. 

Why aren’t these alligators sleeping? Alligators love hunting during the nighttime. They also enjoy hunting at dusk. The alligators in this pond might have been looking for something to fill their bellies with. Something meaty. Alligators are carnivorous. They eat insects, snakes, other alligators, wild hogs, frogs, and more. Turtles are a favorite for some alligators, while others prefer tasty rabbits or even deer. 

When you watch the video, turn up the volume, and you’ll hear the alligators bellowing. They keep calling out, over and over. Each time a little bit louder, making the video a bit eerie. The alligators almost sound like they’re roaring.

Adult alligators have two distinct social interactions. The first way is with head slaps. The second is with their bellowing voices. March through May is the alligator’s breeding and nesting season in states like Texas. Alligators are most vocal during courting season.

Watch this video of dazzling alligator eyes glowing in the middle of the night. And listen to the chorus of alligators calling out to each other. It’s these sights and sounds that remind us that the world is full of incredible creatures!

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Alligator at night
Alligators may be found in dens by river banks where there are pockets of air.
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