Dreaming of Horses: Discover the Spiritual Meaning and Interpretation

Written by Crystal
Updated: November 14, 2023
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Dreaming of horses is often associated with empowerment, a need for balance, and communication.

Key Points

  • Horse dreams can represent empowerment.
  • Your dream could show a desire for new alliances.
  • Dreaming of horses could reveal a longing for adventure.
  • These dreams may encourage you to confront fears.
  • Horse dreams can inspire you to express love, and stand out confidently.

Are you dreaming about horses?

Even in our dreams, horses leave us with a sense of wonder. And the interpretations for these dreams are vast, with no two dreamers being exactly the same. For some, horse dreams symbolize a yearning for freedom — that desire to let go and run wild like the wind. On the other hand, they might be a gentle reminder to slow down and enjoy life’s tender moments. And for some, the interpretations are a bit more quirky, like a reminder to eat more vegetables. Follow along as we dive into all of the different meanings and interpretations of dreaming about horses.


Horse of the Danish Jutland breed grazing free in the meadow

Historically, horses brought speed and camaraderie to battle, that’s why horse dreams are empowering.

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©Marcelino Pozo Ruiz/Shutterstock.com

Horse dreams can be empowering, as if you’re getting in touch with your inner warrior. Historically, horses brought speed and camaraderie to battle. Their role in reshaping warfare could symbolize your efforts to overcome challenges in your waking life. It may suggest that you’re finding new strategies and tactics to deal with obstacles. The idea of getting in touch with your inner warrior and overcoming challenges can be seen as a spiritual journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

New Adventures and Connections

Do you ever get the sense you’re the outsider within a group? Your dream about horses might be underlining your yearning to belong. Perhaps you’re the zebra trying to hang out with a herd of horses, and this dream is a reminder that it’s okay to look different. Plus, you likely share more common ground with your surroundings than you realize. You’d probably never guess this but there’s an underlying connection between horses, rhinos, zebras, and donkeys. They all belong to the same biological group known as the genus Equus.

Unexpected Life Path

Big red draft horse portrait in flowers

Every horse is different and has their own distinct personality and style.


Dreaming of horses can be a call to celebrate yourself as you are. Every horse is different and has their own distinct personality and style. Instead of judging who you are, celebrate your unique self, and love your body, just the way it is. Just as people have different body shapes and sizes, horses have skeletal differences too. For instance, Arabian horses sometimes possess fewer ribs and lumbar vertebrae compared to other breeds, with 5 lumbar vertebrae instead of the usual 6 and 17 pairs of ribs instead of 18.

Need for Balance

Dreaming of horses sleeping in different postures reflects your quest for balance in life. It’s a reminder to rest, whether standing tall or relaxing. Horses are versatile sleepers, capable of dozing while standing or lying down. However, their deep REM sleep only occurs when they are reclined. So remember to lay back and take it easy sometimes.

You’re a Strong Communicator

Horse Teeth - Vet examining horse teeth

Horses have more space in their head for teeth than for brains, symbolizing a desire to communicate.

©Jaromir Chalabala/Shutterstock.com

Dreaming of horse teeth could symbolize your ability to communicate effectively or assert your dominance in a situation. A horse’s teeth occupy more space within a horse’s head than its brain. Just like a horse’s teeth take up a lot of space in their head, you need to allow space to express yourself.

Sign of Future Success

JJS Summer Breeze, a mare from Kansas, USA, holds the record for the longest tail, measuring an astonishing 12 feet 6 inches on August 23, 2007. Seeing a long horse tail in your dream can symbolize success, recognition, or an accomplishment that stands out. It can be a sign that you want to do something important. This dream may be a kind reminder that you can achieve big things if you just try.

You Crave Independence and Freedom

feral horses on the beach of Assateague early morning.

Dreaming about horses can point toward a desire to be free and independent.

©nathaniel gonzales/Shutterstock.com

Do feel a call to explore? Your horse dream can be a sign of your need for adventure. There’s a type of horse called Przewalski’s horse that’s truly wild. Unlike other horses, which have been domesticated by humans, Przewalski’s horse roams free in places like Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan. They have big heads, thick necks, and short legs.

Opportunity for Emotional Growth

Dreaming of horses suggests a need to deal with emotions that are making you sick. Horses have a strong muscular band around their esophagus preventing them from vomiting. Just like the horse can’t vomit, you too may be feeling stuck with something that’s making you uneasy. The good news is, there is a way to find relief, without sacrificing who you are. It’s all about finding ways to channel your energy in a way that fulfills you. Sometimes something as simple as going for a walk can help. Other times, you might need to try journaling. Venting to a trusted friend can also help.

Expressing Love

A dream involving horses could represent the importance of expressing love. Horses produce gallons of saliva, which helps with digestion. Perhaps your soul is salivating to share something good with those you love. Tell the people in your life how much you love them. Make a phone call, send a postcard, or even just text. The sooner you express your love, the better off the world will be.

You Stand Out in a Crowd

tennessee walker horse conformation shot full body image of purebred tennessee walker standing on road in leather halter black horse with four white markings or socks on lower legs black mane and tail

Just like horses stand tall, you too have the ability to shine and stand out in a crowd.

©Shawn Hamilton/Shutterstock.com

Your horse dream may be a reminder of how you stand out in a crowd. Horses stand tall with their majestic presence, commanding attention without any effort. The record for the tallest horse goes to Shire horse Sampson, towering at a remarkable 21.2 hands high (7 feet 2 inches).

Eat Green Foods

Your dream could be a sign it’s time to enjoy some veggies. Horses are herbivores, primarily grazing on grass and other plant material. Their digestive systems are designed to break down fibrous vegetation. A horse dream can be a sign it’s time to switch up your eating habits. Consider adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your meal plans. Even a few servings of greens can make you feel more powerful and strong.

Desire to See Other Points of View

horses running loose in Tusheti National Park, Georgia, Europe

Horse dreams can be a sign it’s time to learn new perspectives by riding with a different herd.


Dreaming of horses can reflect a sense of unity, urging you to connect with diverse perspectives or people. Sometimes the people who make us uncomfortable are the ones we can learn the most from. Instead of avoiding diversity, embrace it. Open up your world, and try hanging out with a person or group you’ve never spent time with before.

Sign of a Highly Adaptable Personality

Dreaming of horses could represent your ability to overcome challenges and adapt to new environments. Horses are strong resilient creatures capable of surviving all sorts of challenges. Take for instance their famous sea voyage in 1788, which took them all the way to Australia.

Brains vs. Heart: Balancing the Two

heart-shaped puzzle

Horse dreams can be a reminder to balance your heart and brain, letting them work in harmony.


A dream of a horse can suggest balancing your intellectual and emotional sides. It’s time to find harmony between your brain and your heart. A horse’s brain usually weighs around 600 grams, which is about half the weight of a human brain. Take a moment to thank your brain and your heart for all they do for you. As you make decisions, run them through both filters — intellectual and emotional — to ensure you aren’t living a one-sided life.

Explore Your Past

If you dream about horses, it could mean you’re connecting with ancient knowledge. Horses go way back over 55 million years, to their first ancestor called Eohippus. Your dream can be a sign that ideas from your past are calling for your attention. Or it could be that you need to trace your family roots. As you explore your past, you can uncover unbelievable treasures and a sense of connection.

Need for Healthy Sources

two horses

Horses need at least five gallons of water a day just like you need daily nourishment to thrive.

©Carol Gray/Shutterstock.com

Dreaming of horses might symbolize your need for nourishment. This interpretation ties closely to how much water horses need to survive. Horses require a minimum of five gallons of water daily to stay hydrated.

Think about ways you can hydrate your life. This could be done literally, by increasing your water intake to a healthy recommended amount. Or it might be a metaphorical nourishment you need. Find ways to “water” yourself, by doing things that you love. Sing a song, play a game, read a book, explore a new town; when you invest in your happiness, you’ll reap the joyful rewards.

Reminder to Actively Listen

Do you sometimes have trouble remembering what people said? Equipped with 10 ear muscles, horses possess remarkable hearing compared to humans, who have only three ear muscles. Your dream may be a reminder to actively listen and pay attention to subtle cues people are giving you. Sometimes it’s not what people say, but rather what they don’t say that matters. The good news is, you don’t have to understand it all. Any effort you make to listen more can have tremendous results. Just give it a try!

You Have a Big Capacity for Compassion

You’re the kind of person who really understands others, no matter what they’re facing. When someone talks to you about a problem, you listen with your whole heart. A horse’s heart is usually about the size of a basketball. Dreaming about a horse might be a reminder that you too have a big heart, with a lot to offer the world.

Need for Mindfulness

White Camargue horse in the south of France. Horses raised in freedom in the middle of the Camargue bulls in the ponds of Camargue. Trained to be ridden by gardians.

Horse dreams can be a powerful reminder to stay present and mindful.

©ODIN Daniel/Shutterstock.com

Your dream might mean you need to focus on staying mindful and in the moment. A great way to do that is by taking a few conscious breaths. Most horses can’t use their mouths for breathing and instead rely on nasal breaths. Well, now’s your chance to embrace your inner horse and try nasal breathing. As you practice breathing through your nose you’ll be creating an opportunity to release tension. It also helps if you practice taking slow breaths to let your parasympathetic nervous system you’re safe.

Quick Bursts of Energy Can Save the Day

Did you dream about horses running? Dreams of running horses are exciting and can mean you have an opportunity to make rapid progress. Horses are impressive runners, galloping at an average speed of 27 mph. The fastest sprint recorded, however, was an amazing 55 mph. Your dream could mean you’re sensing an inner energy waiting to emerge. The type of energy that will help you accomplish a big goal. Or the dream can symbolize the need for a burst of energy to accomplish a goal. Either way, this dream is a good opportunity to tune into your energy body.

Confronting Fears

Do horses scare you? If this is the case, a horse dream could suggest it’s time to confront your fears or insecurities. Equinophobia, the fear of horses, is a unique phobia, but it’s not hopeless. Treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy are helpful in overcoming this fear, and many others.

Reflect on Your Long-Term Goals

Morgan horse in paddock

Domestic horses can live 30 years or more. Dreaming of them can symbolize a major commitment.

©Christopher Crosby Morris/Shutterstock.com

Is it time to do some long-term planning? Domesticated horses live around 25 to 30 years on average. So, when someone buys a horse, they’re making a major commitment. Your dream could be a reminder of long-term commitments you’re making, and finding ways to make them easier to achieve.

Sometimes, living for today and not thinking about tomorrow can be a freeing way to live. Other times, it’s a limiting way of doing things and stops you from accomplishing long-term goals. A dream about horses could point toward the longevity of your endeavors. Even if the payoff isn’t around the corner, that doesn’t mean you should give up. Sometimes it’s the goals that take the longest to accomplish that reward us the most.

Celebrate Transformation

Things aren’t always as they seem. Some horses undergo a remarkable color transformation, known as “graying out”. They transition from hues like bay, chestnut, or black to white or gray over time. Perhaps, you too are about to undergo a major transformation. Be ready to embrace the change with a sense of celebration.

Value All Things Large and Small

Remember to value the big and small moments in life. Not all horses are large and in charge. Some are small and adorable. The falabella horses are one of the smallest horse breeds. They typically range in height from about 28 to 34 inches, at the withers (shoulder). Now’s the time to reflect on all the small things you love about yourself, or about life in general. Maybe you’re really good at buying people gifts or finding the perfect up-close parking spots. Give yourself credit for the small things you excel at, and don’t take them for granted.

See the Bigger Picture

Ardennes Breed III

Horses have a wide field of vision but still have to deal with blind spots, just like us.

©OK-Photography/iStock via Getty Images

If you dream of a horse, it could mean you’re good at understanding the whole situation. However, you’re also aware you might sometimes miss things. Horses have an expansive 350° field of vision but that doesn’t mean they see everything. They also have two small blind spots: directly in front of their noses and directly behind them. When you’re assessing a situation, remember to account for your blind spots. Don’t assume you know it all. Instead, reach out to trusted friends who can offer their points of view and insights.

Explore Creative Solutions

Dreaming about a horse might be a sign that it’s time to get creative in solving the problems you’re facing. Sometimes, the most unusual solutions are the ones that work best. Horses are familiar with odd rules, like the strange horse laws out there. For example, in Wilbur, Washington, riding an ‘ugly horse’ might get you a $300 fine. In New York, it’s actually illegal to open or close an umbrella near a horse. And believe it or not, in Burns, Oregon, horses are allowed in taverns, but you have to pay their admission fee, of course.

Dream Exploration Questions

room full of clouds surreal dream 3d rendering moon

Since dream interpretations are personal, asking dream questions can help you find the right meaning.

©ogeday çelik/iStock via Getty Images

Dream interpretations are personal, so you won’t always be able to find the right meaning by reading a list. Instead, you might have to do a bit of self-exploration, and a great way to start is by asking questions. Dream discovery questions are a good way to dig a little deeper as you search for meaning.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself after dreaming about horses:

  1. Why horses? Consider why horses specifically appear in your dreams. Is there a personal connection attached to them?
  2. Pay attention to the emotions you experience during these dreams. Are you feeling joy, fear, or something else? This might provide insight into the dream’s meaning.
  3. Are there any ongoing situations in your life that relate to horses or share similar themes? Dreams often reflect our subconscious thoughts about real-life situations.
  4. Are you having the same horse dream? Take a moment to notice if there are any recurring patterns. What happens in the dreams? What feelings do they leave you with? Repeated symbols might point to specific aspects of your life that need attention.
  5. Take note of the colors and surroundings in your dreams. They could carry symbolic meaning or indicate the emotional context of your dreams. Horses running through a field could symbolize a desire to explore the outdoors. Whereas, a horse being groomed in the stables might be about self-care.
  6. Horses are often associated with movement and transitions. Are there any significant changes or transitions in your waking life that might relate to these dreams?
  7. How do you feel upon waking from these dreams? Are you left with a sense of curiosity, confusion, or clarity? Your feelings can provide valuable clues.

What Color Was the Horse in Your Dream?

Herd of American Quarter Horses in the Dryhead area of Montana in front of the Pryor Mountains

The color of the horse in your dream can help reveal an even deeper symbolism.

©Christy berry/Shutterstock.com

What color was the horse in your dream? The color provides clues as to the type of dream you had. Was the horse black? This could symbolize your inner beauty, like Black Beauty, or it could point toward something a bit more complex.

Alastor was a black horse owned by Hades, the Greek god of the underworld. Dreaming about a black horse could symbolize an inner desire that’s going unnoticed. But that’s not all. Dreaming about a black horse could also symbolize a confrontation with the subconscious and the mysteries of life and death. This dream might point to facing one’s inner fears and unresolved emotions.

White and Mythical Horses

Pegasus flying in sky.

Dreaming about white or mythical horses can symbolize a pure heart.


Was the horse in your dream white? The famous winged Pegasus had a radiant white coat. Dreaming of a mythical horse, like a unicorn or Pegasus could symbolize a desire for transcendence. This dream might reflect aspirations to overcome challenges, rise above limitations, and explore new horizons. It can also symbolize a longing for a pursuit of higher ideals. Finally, dreaming of white horses can symbolize a strong sense of self and/or a pure heart.

More Horse Colors and Dream Interpretations

Chestnut: These horses boast a reddish-brown coat without black points. They symbolize passion, energy, and vitality.

Gray: Representing wisdom, age, and maturity, gray horses lighten with age due to graying. They’re seen as symbols of transformation and change.

Golden: Palomino horses feature a golden coat with a white or flaxen mane and tail, symbolizing luxury, wealth, and beauty. Their bright coloration draws admiration.

Patches: Paint or pinto horses display large, patches of white and another color. These horses symbolize creativity, freedom, and breaking away from norms. Their eye-catching coat patterns represent embracing one’s identity.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Rita_Kochmarjova/Shutterstock.com

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