Dreaming of Insects: Discover the Spiritual Meaning and Interpretation

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: May 25, 2023
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Dreaming of Insects infographic
Dreaming of Insects infographic

Insects are adaptable, creative, and diverse animals. They are little creatures that we frequently encounter in our daily lives.

They have coexisted with us for many years, occupying nearly every conceivable nook and cranny on land, in the air, in water, and within living things. Therefore, it is not surprising that these tiny animals appear in our dreams. 

There are several possible explanations for dreaming of insects. Dreaming about certain insects implies pessimism, whereas dreaming about other insects denotes optimism. Insects typically represent rebirth, wickedness, fortune, plague, production, elegance, and evil. However, having a dream that is full of insects can be unpleasant.

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Do you frequently have nightmares about bugs and other creepy crawlies? It’s said that this dream will have an impact on your reality. Discover some of the most prevalent interpretations of this dream in the following article.

Dreaming about Insects

Owlfly 4

keep dreaming of insects? Keep reading to learn more about what that might mean!

©Bhagyashree Patre/Shutterstock.com

Perhaps your dreams include being pursued, blanketed, caught, or killed by insects. Each of these dreams has a unique meaning for you in real life. Below, we’ll investigate the significance of the most typical dreams and what each type of insect could mean for you! 

Dream of Catching an Insect

If a bug chases you in your dream, you might feel irritated with your current pursuits in the real world. This dream may advise you to divert your attention from a pointless endeavor and instead focus on something else. Where do you waste your time?

Dreaming of Giant Insects

Largest Insects - Goliath Beetles

Goliath Beetles are one of the largest insects on the planet.


Dreaming of enormous insects could be a sign of good things to come. It demonstrates how much you have suffered from fear and insecurity. Spend some time thinking about what is genuinely important to you- this might reveal a roadblock toward your success. Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams; don’t let people dictate your path to success.

Dream of Becoming an Insect

Getting bitten by a bug in a dream signifies that you have struggled to find solutions to particular issues in your life. Now, you’re plagued by that sensation. When an insect stings you, guilt-ridden thoughts follow you around all the time. If you don’t resolve these issues in real life, your subconscious will probably keep sending you the same dream!

Dreaming of Being Bitten

Dreaming of being bitten by insects suggests that you have trouble solving specific problems in your life. Being stung by an insect in dreams often signifies that you’re carrying shameful thoughts. Working to resolve these issues and letting go of any shameful thoughts is important.

Dreaming of Large Insects

A gigantic insect might represent a positive omen in a dream. This dream can also represent a reminder of earlier experiences with inner insecurities and fears. Spend time considering if you’ve fully integrated past insecurities and fear and have the space to receive any positive life change!

Insects in Your House

sowbug walking on a stem

Sowbugs are pests found inside a home’s moist, cold places.


Small insects like roaches and ants are frequently found in and around homes. Observing these insects in your home can occasionally imply nothing in particular. As small insects are often associated with decomposition cycles, dreaming of them might mean that you’re experiencing big changes or are letting go of past foundations to build new ones.

Dreaming of small insects might also mean that difficulty is about to arise. But change is always difficult. Discomfort is always worth it if it means long-term growth!

Seeing Several Insects in a Dream

The presence of insects in a dream portends the impending arrival of a challenge. This issue demands prompt attention since it could become serious if caution is not taken and the issue is allowed to persist. 

Dreaming about many insects should be a reminder of how God plagued Pharaoh to set the Jews free. Grasshoppers ravaged the Jewish plantation before they could hearken to God’s word. In this way, the bug plague conveys divine messages. 

Dreaming of a lot of insects is a message that encourages moral reflection. Multiple insects suggest that you are dealing with more challenging issues. You must therefore exercise caution and sensitivity.

Dreaming of Specific Insects

Not all insects symbolize the same thing. One may mean freedom, while another can mean someone is talking behind your back. Let’s look at why you may dream of a specific insect. 

Dreaming About Flies

black fly or blackfly

Black flies are infamous for their bites that cause itching, swelling, and inflammation.

©iStock.com/zhikun sun

Fly symbols the spreading of disease. Thus, dreams of them are typically not good signs. They are one of the insects we see most frequently. Their relevance originates from their crucial position in the food chain, which aids in the removal of leftovers like dirt from ecosystems and serves as food for other species. 

If you suddenly have a fly dream, it’s a good idea to pay special attention because flies are symbols of jealousy, uncertainty, and worry.

Dreaming of Spiders

If you see a spider in your dreams, you should avoid all attractive and appealing situations. Additionally, it represents your life’s dominant mother figure or feminine authority. Spiderwebs are an indication that your efforts will be recognized. Spiders, though, could also represent a bad feeling. It can indicate that you’ll find yourself in a tight situation.

Dreaming of Butterflies


Butterflies are another species of holometabolic insect.

©KRIACHKO OLEKSII/Shutterstock.com

The presence of butterflies in your dream might mean an unexpected change is about to occur. As butterflies develop from a caterpillar, you might be about to enter a new stage.

Dreaming of Ticks or Wasps

Ticks in your dreams are a sign that something is steadily draining your energy. It might be your work, a relationship, a family, etc. Wasp sightings usually signify poor moods, evil, disgrace, misfortune, catastrophes, and rage.

Dreams About Caterpillars

Throughout their lifetimes, certain insects undergo dramatic changes. Moths and butterflies start out as caterpillars but ultimately change completely as they grow older. 

Have you ever had a caterpillar dream? 

The various stages of our lives can be compared to the caterpillar. This can indicate that you are about to level up, particularly if the caterpillar turned into a butterfly in the dream. Unprecedented developments could be coming. 

The caterpillar may also represent a sense of unmet need in your life. Although you long to change into the butterfly, you are unsure how to do it.

Dreaming of Bees

honeybee on a flower

A Honeybee.

©Daniel Prudek/Shutterstock.com

Bees are resourceful, diligent, and selfless animals. Dreaming of one may indicate that you already exhibit these qualities or that you should put more effort into recognizing and celebrating your strengths. 

The expression “busy as a bee” is well-known. Do you recognize yourself in this? Maybe the bustle in your life makes you feel stressed, and it’s time to slow down.

Bees are also recognized as a symbol of prosperity and luck. Bees moving into your land and constructing hives in adjacent trees or even in the walls of your home are regarded as a tremendous gift of happiness and good luck.

Final Thoughts

You might not like what some of these insects represent. Insects and dreams can have many interpretations and can reflect back positive and perhaps more negative patterns in our lives. Talking with a therapist or professional dream interpreter could be helpful if you keep having recurrent dreams of insects.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Dotted Yeti/Shutterstock.com

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