Dreaming of Pigs: Discover the Spiritual Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of Pigs

Written by Kirstin Harrington

Updated: July 12, 2023

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Dreaming of Pigs infographic
Dreaming about pigs often represent the following: abundance, feeling content, gluttony, and success.

Although pigs are thought of as to be dirty barnyard animals, these creatures are incredibly intelligent, kind, and unique. If you’ve been seeing these curly-tailed critters in your dream, it can hold a variety of meanings. 

Dreams involving pigs are symbolic in terms of your characteristics and social abilities because pigs have psychological and cultural importance.

If you frequently have dreams involving pigs, there may be a variety of causes, including your social circle and your interests. Additionally, it might help you better understand who you are and how you respond to difficult circumstances.

Interpreting a Pig’s Color

Juliana Piglet

Pigs come in a variety of colors.

©Joe Herlong/Shutterstock.com

Just like other aspects, the color of a pig plays a big role. We may think of them as cute little pink animals, but the truth is, our psyche can create just about anything when we’re asleep. Let’s take a look at what the different colors of a pig in a dream could mean for you! 

Red Pigs

Red pigs in your dreams represent your wish for others to treat you fairly. Your past is keeping you from the promising future that lies ahead of you. Try releasing the weight of your past and embracing the new difficulties that will propel you forward in life. 

You appreciate individuals who put in a lot of effort and are empathetic in different circumstances. Red pigs show up in your nightmares if outward factors like beauty and social standing annoy you. Such interests prevent you from fully experiencing life.

White Pigs

White is a color that denotes harmony and good fortune. Unfortunately, seeing a white pig in your dream isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. A white pig can resemble obstinacy. In such circumstances, you could be surrounded by people who act against their genuine nature. Such people could act dangerously if a situation gets out of hand, so you need to deal with them right away.

Black Pigs

Your inherent pride and arrogance are brought out by the imagery of the black pig. It indicates battling over sustenance in an animalistic manner. If you’ve been struggling with an eating disorder, these dreams could be your psyche screaming for help.

Your drive for success over little issues is motivated by your competitive nature. Yet, you can resolve your issues by speaking confidently and without engaging in conflict.

Captive herd of black feral hogs in Hawaii

There are feral black hogs all over the world.

©Carolyn Croyle/Shutterstock.com

This type of imagery also suggests that once you have amassed a sufficient amount of money, you can start to relax. You have a tendency to let others try their luck. Perhaps help those financially when you can if you’re seeing black pigs in your dreams.

On the other hand, the dream suggests that you will soon receive bad news or that you find yourself surrounded by pessimists. Keep in mind, these dreams have a variety of meanings depending on the individual interpreting them.

Common Dreams About Pigs

There are an endless amount of dream possibilities involving these adorable animals. Fortunately, there are several common dreams that make it much easier for us to figure out why on earth we’re dreaming of piggies! 

Dreams About Feeding Pigs

When you’re taking care of and nurturing an individual who doesn’t appreciate your dedication and achievements in life, you may have dreams about feeding pigs. Such a person doesn’t appreciate your generosity. On the other hand, they moan about their lack of energy, even though you’re the one working hard.

These hypothetical dream situations could be a subconscious signal telling you to stay away from such exploitative persons. They exploit you without giving any consideration to how you are doing. 

Kune Kune Pig
Pigs love eating grass.

A different perspective warns of a coming financial collapse. Giving pigs food suggests that you squandered your money on ungrateful, parasitic individuals. They have subsisted off of your labor and hard-earned cash, leaving you with nothing.

In another interpretation, you might consider selling off your favorite possessions or spending your day thrifting. In either case, you can develop the habit of paying attention to your spending and the individuals in whom you place your trust.

Dream of a Dead Pig

When you dream about a dead pig, your life begins with a fresh start. When we start an entirely new phase, we need to be able to distinguish between it and the past. The process of growth is a comprehensive transformation that affects all parts of one’s life.

Dreams About Piglets

Pigs and piglets appear in dreams as wisdom and economic success that yields significant financial rewards. Pigs represent luck or brand-new, exciting prospects that will enhance your life.

Money or material possessions are a significant aspect of the pig symbol. Any endeavor in which you are making financial investments qualifies. Piglets, on the other hand, are the results of your sustained work or commitment.  

Pigs can also represent the vast knowledge and expertise you have accumulated over a lengthy period of time. You can fulfill your goals and desires with the help of this information. Take this dream about pigs and piglets as a reminder to accept both good and bad experiences in life. They will help you reach your objectives, especially if they’re financial.

Fertile sow lying on hay and piglets suckling in barn

The average litter has 12 to 14 piglets.

©Budimir Jevtic/Shutterstock.com

Dreaming of Killing a Pig

Pigs being butchered in a dream symbolizes the death of one’s animalistic tendencies as well as the sin of gluttony in Christianity. People often interpret dreams about butchering a pig as spiritual signals that you are trying to overcome your greed and live a simple life.

Another possibility is that you invested money in a failed project. Even when you are aware that the endeavor has no chance of success, placing a wager on it nonetheless shows bad judgment. You’ve suffered losses as a consequence of making snap decisions.

Such a dream sequence suggests an impending occurrence with a bad conclusion in a new setting. Think about revisiting your past choices and improving your financial security if this dream keeps happening.

Dreams of Pigs With Wings

Wings in dreams might stand for the ability to rise above difficulties and achieve new heights. They might also be a representation of the force and quickness of your emotions.

If you see a pig soaring in your dreams, it may be a sign that you are joyful and easygoing. However, if the animal is having trouble flying, it can be a sign that you are feeling constrained by your present situation. 

Dreaming of a Pig Giving Birth

A pig giving birth in a dream may allude to the entry of luck and prosperity into your life. This dream could also be a sign that you are fertile soil for blessings and prosperity since the pig is an established representation of productivity and plenitude.

Getting Bit by a Pig

Getting bit by a pig in a dream indicates that you are having financial problems, but it also portends possible issues with your business. The dream of being bitten by a pig serves as a cautionary tale, indicating that you should exercise caution as you could soon suffer a blow.


Pigs are one of the smartest animals.

©Chumash Maxim/Shutterstock.com

When it comes to managing your money, maintain composure and be resolute in your choices. The greatest approach to try to get over the anguish of that fact, involving ego, depression, and pride, is to manage your money properly.

Dream of Adopting a Pig

A dream of purchasing a pig represents your skillful management of money-related issues. You are meticulously scrutinized for each and every action you make. You prioritize safety measures, thus very few projects fail or veer off their intended course of advancement.

It’s not that you lack confidence in your own judgment; rather, getting everybody in your household to share their viewpoints allows you to gauge their preferences. It also improves your relationship with those who are close to you, which is a bonus.

The dream scene suggests your propensity to charm people in a different environment. Such actions may set off your fears and cause you to start wondering about what others may think of you. This will ultimately lead you to lose faith in yourself and begin to doubt your moral character.

According to psychologists, having such dreams suggests that you are experiencing intense emotions as a result of your difficult circumstances. But with the support of your inner circle, you can get through hard times.

Dream of a Pig Chasing You

You can experience dreams in which you’re fleeing from a pig if you have a person in real life that is bothering you. This implies that you are attempting to flee the challenging circumstances or people in your life.

Somebody in the world might be working on a scheme to get you. They might harm your credibility and distribute untrue information about you. Your subconscious mind is being disturbed by someone.

What Do Pigs Symbolize?



Since there are so many potential pig dream interpretations, it’s critical that you keep in mind the setting of the dream and any other relevant facts that can shed light on its deeper implications. Let’s take a look at what pigs can symbolize in your dream world. 


A healthy pig in your dream is probably a sign that you will have plenty of everything in your life. Along with affection and dedication, you will be overflowing with happiness and fulfillment. This might also represent a surplus of riches, whether in terms of cash or material belongings.

Feeling Content

A pet pig appearing in your dreams is a sign that you are happy with your life. You are content with who you are and all that you have accomplished, and you have high hopes for the future.

Maintaining your sense of optimism will ensure that it spreads to people around you, allowing you to live a happy life accompanied by positive vibes.


A sick pig in your dream may represent gluttony. It’s possible that you struggle with overindulgence, which is hurting your health. Learn to use restraint and balance. If you still have trouble, think about getting professional help. 

This dream is a warning that if you stay on this course for a long time, you might find that it’s too late to turn around. This could relate to food, drinking, gambling, and anything else that could become an addiction.


Two cutie and funny young pig is standing on the green grass. Happy piglet on the meadow, small piglet in the farm posing on camera on family farm. Regular day on the farm

Pigs love living in small groups.

©Bogdan Cherniak/Shutterstock.com

A pig’s head in your dream is a portent of wealth and success. This probably suggests that you’ll be fortunate, accomplish all of your goals, like running a profitable business, and make a ton of money as a result.

If you dream that you are eating a pig’s head, it is a sign that you should stop delaying your goals and devote all of your energy to making them a reality. You can do it!

Final Thoughts

Pig-related dreams can be interpreted in a variety of ways. In order to avoid continuing to neglect aspects of yourself that the universe might be urging you to improve, it is crucial to pause and reflect on yourself before interpreting the significance of your pig dream.

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