Dreaming of the Sun: Discover the Spiritual Meaning and Interpretation

Written by Sammi Caramela
Updated: November 15, 2023
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The sun is the only (and central) star of the solar system. Radiating light and warmth, the sun provides all beings with life. Without the sun, we would have no vegetation, which is necessary to feed all living things. Additionally, the Earth would enter permanent darkness and eventually freeze over. In other words, there would be no survivors. With its powerful qualities, it’s no wonder the sun holds deep spiritual symbolism. In fact, dreaming of the sun can communicate a variety of both positive and negative meanings.

Dreaming of the sun and moon together can represent either harmony of the need for balance.

If you’ve recently been dreaming about the sun, you might be wondering what it means. The interpretations of your dream will depend on its context. For instance, dreaming of a sunrise might hold different meanings than dreaming of a sunset.

This article will dive into the many spiritual meanings and interpretations of sun dreams. We also explain some of the sun’s symbolism across various cultures and religions. 

Sun Symbolism

Overall, the sun is a popular symbol of hope, renewal, positivity, and energy. Here are some of its specific meanings across various cultures and religions.

Panoramic Landscape Sunset

Some cultures worshiped the sun as a deity.

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Native American Culture

In Native American culture, the sun represents abundance, warmth, healing, and peace. In fact, many Native American tribes actually worshiped the sun as a deity. Some even believe the sun regulates the universe, which makes sense, considering it supports life for all living things. Without the sun, we would have no vegetation and — eventually — no wildlife or human life.


The Bible is filled with various verses referencing the sun. Generally, the sun was a symbol of God and his power. It embodies the energy of life and all living beings, reminding us of our own individual powers as well. 


In ancient Greece and Egypt, mythology portrayed the sun as deities. In fact, across both cultures, there were dedicated gods of the sun that held power and insight. These deities were worshiped and admired for their truthfulness and protective qualities. 


In astrology, our “sun” signs represent the core of our beings — your true essence. In other words, the sun symbolizes the “self” and how we navigate the world. For example, astrologers say people with their sun in Tauras tend to be more grounded yet stubborn individuals who are in touch with their senses.

Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, the sun embodies masculine energies like firmness, strength, energy, and power. It also represents life in both its physical and energetic forms. Many associate the celestial body with positivity, clarity, wisdom, confidence, enlightenment, and spiritual growth. 

Common Sun Dreams

There are various types of dreams that involve the sun, each holding its own meaning. Depending on the context of your dream and your current life circumstances, different meanings might resonate with you more than others. Here are ten common dreams that feature the sun — and their associated interpretations.

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Dreaming of the sun is generally associated with positive symbolism.


1. Dreaming of a Sunrise

Dreaming of a sunrise often symbolizes new beginnings. If you’ve been enduring a difficult period of your life or are having trouble closing a certain chapter, this dream can act as reassurance that better times are ahead. The sunrise always follows the night — meaning light often comes after periods of darkness. When we’re trapped in a negative spiral, it’s easy to feel like you’ll never be happy again. However, the sun always rises, so to speak. No matter what, life goes on.

The sunrise showing up in your dream might also serve as an indication of new life and birth. While you might not be pregnant, it could symbolize a new project or creative pursuit.

2. Dreaming of a Sunset

Similar to dreaming of the sunrise, dreaming of the sunset might indicate the ending of a chapter. This calls for you to handle loss with grace. While letting go of something or someone that once served you can stir up grief, loss is simply a part of life. We can either sit in the sadness or accept our fate and continue despite the darkness around us.

This dream might also highlight your need to rebuild confidence and step into your power. How have you been giving your power away? In what ways are you depleting your energy? Who are you allowing to dim your light? Reconnect with the sunshine that’s within you and forge a new path forward.

3. Dreaming of the Sun and Moon Together

Dreaming of both the sun and the moon together holds various positive and negative meanings. Specifically, since the sun and moon hold opposing energies, this dream can represent harmony in your life — or the need for balance. 

Pay attention to how you feel in your dream. For example, if you experience sadness or grief in the sun and moon dream, you might be currently experiencing loss in your life, but if you appear happy and excited in the dream, you are likely reaping the fruits of your labor.

If one of the celestial symbols shines brighter in the dream, you might consider it as an imbalance. For example, a brighter sun and a duller moon might mean too much power or rigidity. On the other hand, a brighter moon and a duller sun might indicate too much fragility and flexibility. Typically, the sun embodies masculine energies, while the moon represents feminine energies. If you’re dreaming of both, make sure you’re striking a balance between the two types of energies. 

4. Dreaming of a Sunny Room

Dreaming of a room that’s illuminated by sunlight typically indicates fulfillment and positivity. You might receive good news soon (if you haven’t already), or you might embark on a new journey. Whatever the case, this dream is a good omen. 

This dream also highlights the presence of a healthy, satisfying love life. If you are single, perhaps this is a sign you’ll meet a new love interest soon. If you’re already in a loving relationship, you might take this as confirmation that you’re with the right person.

5. Dreaming of Bright Sunlight 

Bright sunlight is the epitome of positivity. Dreaming of an overwhelmingly bright sun might represent harmony in your relationships, whether with family, friends, colleagues, or romantic partners. It also can serve as a sign that everything will work out. If you are in need of reassurance right now, this dream might provide it to you. Things will work out, your situation will improve, and you can have hope for a brighter future. 

This dream also might indicate the need to shed light on parts of yourself you once hid from the world. Perhaps there are qualities or even scars you’ve neglected in the past. It’s time to show them some love.

6. Dreaming of a Solar Eclipse 

Dreaming of a solar eclipse carries a bit more negative meaning than some of the other sun dreams on this list. However, don’t fret — this can simply serve as insight into your current situation to help guide you in the right direction. 

Solar eclipse dreams might symbolize hardships at work or conflicts in personal relationships. It might also represent your unfulfilled wishes and desires, as well as your attachments to them. If you recently had this dream, consider what is and isn’t working in your life. Don’t be afraid to rethink your decisions or relationships. 

Additionally, while this dream might come as a “bad omen” of sorts, it also symbolizes temporary pain, meaning even the darkest times will come to an end. Ride out the waves and commit to a brighter future, allowing rejections and failures to serve your highest good.

7. Dreaming of the Sun at Night

Showing up as a light in the darkness, dreaming of the sun at night, might represent your resilience and hope — even when enduring hardships. This might also signify the need for spiritual introspection and self-discipline. Though you might experience some temptations at this time, you have the power within you to resist them.

Additionally, seeing the sun at night might highlight a sense of unfulfillment. Perhaps you’re feeling insecure in some way — maybe in a relationship, financially, or even just personally. In this case, it helps to address your triggers head-on so you can continue to grow and heal spiritually. 

8. Dreaming of the Sun During a Rainstorm

When you notice the sun during a rainstorm, you are seeing the good in the bad. You’re being reminded that there is peace in the chaos. Rain often represents the cleansing of energy or release of emotions, while the sun promises better days ahead. Together, these symbols are all about moving forward with newer, brighter energy — which will attract abundance and happiness.

This is an incredibly lucky dream. If you’ve been contemplating buying a lottery ticket, this dream is a great sign to do just that. In fact, it symbolizes both success and even perfection.

9. Dreaming of a Black Sun

If you’ve been dreaming of a black sun, you might be battling depression, grief, and despair in your waking life. Perhaps you recently endured a loss or have lost hope in a certain aspect of your life. These emotions often manifest in our dreams, especially if we haven’t actively released them yet. 

However, there are some positive interpretations of this dream, too. The black sun could indicate a renewal and a fresh start. During this time, it might help to free yourself of limiting beliefs and open your mind and heart to new opportunities. 

10. Dreaming of Catching the Sun

Dreaming of catching or holding the sun resembles your ability to seize an opportunity. This also represents positions of power or control. For example, if you’ve been trying for a promotion at your company, this dream might indicate that you’re meant to be in a higher position or management role. 

Suddenly Dreaming of the Sun

If you’re suddenly dreaming of the sun on a consistent basis, you might want to pause and consider the potential interpretations as they relate to your circumstances. It’s important to factor in the context of your dream when analyzing its associated meanings. For example, dreaming of a sunny room might convey a different message than dreaming of a black sun. 

While mostly positive, there are some interpretations of sun dreams that might stop you in your tracks. While they might seem intimidating or discouraging, these insights can help shed light (pun intended) on your current situation, guiding you in the right direction.

Bottom Line

The sun represents various themes but mostly carries positive symbolism. To best understand what your sun dreams are trying to tell you, consider its context, how you felt while dreaming, and your current circumstances — and how they might all be related.

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