Epic Battle as Georgia Fisherman Reels in Great White Near Savannah

Written by Kyle Glatz
Updated: November 14, 2022
© Martin Prochazkacz/Shutterstock.com
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Key Points

  • Sharks are predators and can attack fishing boats to snatch their catch away.
  • There have been many fishermen who have had such encounters over the years.
  • It is important to remember that one needs to keep their distance and not tussle with sharks in the water.

A fisherman clad in a blue shirt and trunks screams to the crew of a charter boat off the coast of Tybee Island. He is about to engage in an epic battle with a great white near Savannah.

Shark! We’re tight!”

He knows he has a shark on his line, and he wants to do everything possible to bring it onboard. He begins steadily reeling in the fish on a large fishing rod. The fisherman maneuvers around the boat, going from one spot to another so he can keep reeling.

Disbelief settles in as he realizes that he’s in for the fight of a lifetime.

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“No way. No way.”

A crew member assures him that this is actually happening. The footage cuts while the fisher takes off his shirt and continues to reel. It’s not long until the shark makes its first appearance near the surface of the water. The people on the vessel cheer and the fisher leaps up and down before settling back in for another round.

He paces the boat with the fishing pole in hand, going from stern to bow and bow to stern. He gets advice and help from other people on the vessel. Halfway through the video, it switches from a third-person view to a first-person view. The fisher is winning the battle against the shark, drawing it closer. Yet, he’s also starting to show signs of wearing down.

Eventually, they get the majestic great white within a few feet of their boat. The fisher waits for it to turn and reaches out and touches the beast. They cut the fish loose, and he is overcome with emotion. He hangs onto the rail and lets out a few tears and a sigh of relief as his adrenaline wears off.

After a little while, the fisher talks to the camera. He explains where he got the rod that made the entire catch possible, and why the experience was so amazing for him. Although it’s hard to discern the length of the shark, it could be 10 feet long or more.

As a quick aside, the fisherman recognized that it was a great white shark, a protected species. Thus, he did his duty to reel in the gigantic fish, cut the leader, and attempt to remove the hook.

Unfortunately, the fisher could not get access to the circle hook. He could not legally catch the fish and remove it from the water. However, many sharks around the world survive after such accidental encounters. One thing is certain: he’ll never forget this encounter with a great white near Savannah!

Is this Normal Behavior for Sharks?

Sharks are predatory creatures and they can sometimes swallow the bait meant for fish in the ocean. Sharks have been known to show up near fishing boats, unafraid of humans and snatch the catch right out from under the nose of the fisherman. Even big fishing boats have fallen victim to sharks cutting their nets and snatching fish.

In such cases it is better to avoid confrontation and cut the line as soon as possible from a safe distance or be in real danger of your arm getting chopped off by their sharp teeth.

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Great White Shark - Great White Bite
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