Europe Airports Ranked: The Ultimate List of Best-to-Worst Places to Fly

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: September 20, 2023
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Traveling is a fantastic way to see the world, observe other cultures, explore historical landmarks, and more. If you’re traveling around Europe, the airport you fly in and out of matters. 

The last thing you want is to be held at customs and miss your flight. Below you will find the ideal airports throughout all of Europe. Everything from great eats to dirty bathrooms reported by other travelers can help you plan your trip! 

Traveling European Airports

Airplane taking off from the airport.

There can be quite a few differences in European airports for those who have never been before.


It’s easier to make quick, last-minute modifications to your flying plans when you bring your own bags. When you get there, you may get started right away because a little bag is stored in the overhead compartment or beneath your seat. 

You lose about 15% when changing dollars to euros or other currencies at airport exchange counters like Forex or Travelex. Opt to use an ATM instead.  Even though you might just want to head to your hotel due to jet lag, take use of airport amenities before you depart. 

Lastly, check out the visitor center for maps, admission cards to museums, metro tickets, and any questions you may have.

Best Airports in Europe

1. Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)

Charles de Gaulle. Paris Airport

Charles de Gaulle Airport is less than 40 minutes from the heart of Paris.

©Javier Garcia/

The popular Paris-CDG airport serves as a significant flight hub and is the second busiest airport in all of Europe. Every year, about 76 million passengers board and depart. 

Plenty of Entertainment

Expect amenities like the greatest pubs, fine dining options, and stores in the area. It is situated in Paris and because of its numerous regular air routes, it acts as a gateway to several other locations all over the world.

Efficiently Designed

The queue moves rapidly and there are check-in desks accessible. After arrival, there is a decent distance to travel to the luggage pickup area via escalators. There’s also a massive informational board that can help answer a variety of travel questions. 

High End Shops

What’s a trip to Paris without luxurious shopping? Whether you’re looking for a new weekender bag at Louis Vouitton or you want to show off a new Gucci belt in the city of love, this airport has all the biggest brands. 

2. Zurich Airport (ZRH)

Airport terminal, Zurich

Over 22 million people travelled through Zurich Airport in 2022.


The pinnacle of excellence for performance is Zurich Airport, which is renowned for its precision and timeliness.

No Time Wasted

This Swiss jewel provides an enjoyable visit thanks to its brief walking distances and quick security checks. Many travelers have commented about how clean the airport is, which stands out in comparison to others.

Excellent Relaxation Options

Travelers can splash out on expensive shopping, eat delectable food, or simply unwind in one of its luxurious lounges. Something that stands out here is that there are many healthy dining choices.

Every journey also includes a small taste of the beauty of nature’s splendor thanks to the stunning views of the Swiss Alps from Zurich Airport. 


Traveling with children should be an Olympic sport. Families traveling with children will love the “Family Services” accommodations where youngsters may play, rest, or nap with ease. 

3. Munich International Airport (MUC)

Airport terminal in Munich, Germany

Munich Airport has over 56 places to eat!


This airport is deserving of its place on the list as one of the most stunning and refined in all of Europe. 

Convenience at Every Turn

It is renowned for being spotless, has first-rate amenities, and has the friendliest and most accommodating staff. It’s quite easy to use, and layovers are typically brief. Munich station is just a 40-minute train ride away and is well connected with regular train service. 

Endless Entertainment

Additionally, it has a great selection of retailers, pastry shops, and restaurants. The visitor center offers a mini-golf course, a children’s play area, a historic airplane for aviation enthusiasts, free wifi, a taproom, and fantastic high-tech sleeping rooms for those long layovers.

4. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMH)

Airplane landing on Schiphol airport in Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Before being an airport, this are was a lake!

©Steve Photography/

The creative and effective Amsterdam Airport Schiphol comes next. This well-known airport offers cutting-edge facilities, making it a wonderful location for travel. 

Something For Everyone

The airport has a large selection of stores, bars, and cafes. As a result, it offers visitors numerous opportunities to relax and have fun. Because the airport is simple to move around and has excellent connections to transportation options, Schiphol is also well-liked by travelers traveling for both business and pleasure. 

Great For Layovers and Families With Children

Offering a variety of resting alternatives, including cozy recliners, couches, and even improvised mattresses makes this airport stand out for travelers with long flights. To pass the time, enjoy the museum and retail arcade on the roof. A cozy library with outlets for charging devices is a lovely addition.

5. Copenhagen Kastrup International Airport (CPH)

Departure terminal road sign in Danish and English languages

Copenhagen Kastrup International Airport sees 60,000 passengers per day.


This airport is among the best in all of Europe. It has a modern layout, rapid security check, and courteous staff in addition to a stylish appearance. 

Room to Roam

The station appears to be open and roomy, with plenty of inside plants and inviting seating options. There are numerous stores, eateries, bars with snacks and even an Irish pub in the vicinity. Just past customs is a statue of the well-known little mermaid. 

Great Location With Public Transportation

Copenhagen’s central station can be reached quickly and affordably by metro from Terminal three. Some of the top Copenhagen attractions are conveniently close to the airport as you exit.

6. London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

Civil passenger airplane landing at London Heathrow international airport.

80 airlines fly in and out of London Heathrow Airport.


With approximately eight million passengers passing through it annually, London Heathrow is unquestionably the biggest and one of the most efficient airports in Europe. 

Quick and Secure

It is a valuable airport for terminals and passengers in transit, with speedy baggage drop, effective security checks, and courteous employees. Other highlights include lots of shops, notably Harrods, and delicious culinary selections. 

Amazing Views

Stunning panoramas of the surrounding countryside and Windsor Castle are available from the spectacular Terminal 5. In fact, this terminal has been voted the best terminal in the world for several years in a row! While you’re at the airport, don’t forget to check out the beautiful St. George’s Chapel!  

Worst Airports in Europe

1. Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport (BOD)

Bordeaux text, geotag and airplane silhouette, air transport concept

Nearly eight million people visited Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport in 2019.

©Victor Runov/

With a typical Google rating of 2.7, the Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport in France takes the top spot on our list of the worst airports in Europe. The limited size and insufficient seats for passengers waiting to board were the primary concerns with this airport.

Additionally, if you are expecting to fly via Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport, you might want to look into other alternatives given the recent issues with employee strikes that have resulted in the cancellation of numerous flights.

2. Luton Airport (LTN)

Macro view of Luton, United Kingdom on map. (vignette)

Despite its bad reputation, Luton Airport is the fourth busiest airport in the United Kingdom.

©Tudoran Andrei/

Bloomberg reports that since the beginning of July, 66% of flights at London’s Luton Airport have been delayed. 2.7% of flights have been canceled at this airport. Furthermore, it only receives an average Google score of three with the majority of criticisms focusing on the lack of public transportation options to the airport and the long lines that occur from its constrained size amid the high number of passengers. 

3. Berlin Willy-Brandt International Airport (BER)

Willy-Brandt-Platz street sign on Airport Berlin

Berlin Willy-Brandt International Airport is just 11 miles from the city-center.


Finishing our reviews of the best and worst airports in Europe is the Willy Brandt International Airport in Berlin. People are not a fan of flying in and out of this airport. Believe it or not, the opening of this airport in Germany was delayed by a decade. 

It cost over four billion euros more than expected. Although the facilities are complimented for being spotless and up to date, the majority of complaints focus on the disjointed and delayed security procedures that lead to lengthy queues.

Looking into alternative options, such as Dresden Airport, might be time well spent. 

Summary of the Best and Worst Airports in Europe

Charles de Gaulle AirportFrance 
Zurich Airport Switzerland
Munich International AirportGermany
Amsterdam Airport SchipholNetherlands
Copenhagen Kastrup International AirportDenmark
London Heathrow AirportUnited Kingdom
Bordeaux-Mérignac AirportFrance
Luton AirportUnited Kingdom
Berlin Willy-Brandt International AirportGermany

The photo featured at the top of this post is © muratart/

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