Even a Tiger Turns Timid at the Sight of This Bear Standing Upright

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: January 24, 2023
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Ever picked a fight with a big guy in a bar only to regret your decision very quickly? You’ll know how the tiger in this video feels! It’s only a short clip but has already had over three million views so it’s obviously appealing to humans all over the world! We see a bear-on-tiger stand-off but as soon as the bear stands up on their hind legs, the tiger lays down in total respect – although looking poised to defend themselves if needed. We may think that it looks cute for a bear to be standing upright but it’s not so cute when you are right next to them!

Tigers as Fighting Animals

The tiger here appears to be the peacemaker. They are not seeking a confrontation with the bear. Tigers have very large teeth and claws and are accomplished killing machines. However, they tend to rely on an ambush technique for hunting. They use their camouflage and stealth to creep up on an unsuspecting animal and then pounce before delivering a fatal bite to the neck. A bear is a bit too large for a tiger to take on and clearly this bear already knows that the tiger is coming so there is no element of surprise!

Can Bears Be Aggressive?

The tiger is more powerful and faster than a bear but there are plenty of videos and accounts where a tiger has chosen not to take a bear on unless they have to. Tigers are probably aware that this is a fight in which they could get seriously injured. Bears are also strong and powerful creatures and have sharp claws.

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Some species of bears have a bite force that is over 1,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) and that is strong enough to crush a bowling ball so it would cause a lot of damage to a tiger. They rarely go looking for trouble and prefer to scavenge food but have been known to attack both other animals and humans if they have to.

In this video, the bear stands up which is a sign of aggression. The tiger makes a wise decision to back off!

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