260 Exotic and Unique Female Dog Names

Written by Heather Hall
Updated: November 8, 2023
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Welcome to a list of exotic and unique female dog names! Finding the perfect name for your furry companion can be a delightful yet challenging task. In this article, we have curated an exciting list of distinctive and captivating names that will make your female pup stand out from the pack. Let’s embark on this naming adventure together!

Exotic and Unique Female Dog Names Starting with A

English beagle puppy for a walk on a winter day

Curious about what to name your puppy? We hope this list of exotic and unique female dog names will help!

©oleghz/iStock via Getty Images

  • Adalia: Meaning “Noble”
  • Adrina: Meaning “Mountain”
  • Aiko: Meaning “Little one.”
  • Alana: Meaning “Dear Child”
  • Alena: Meaning “Light”
  • Ameera: Meaning “Princess”
  • Anala: Meaning “Fiery”
  • Annika: Meaning “Graceful”
  • Ayla: Meaning “Halo of light”
  • Aziza: Meaning “Precious”

Letter B

Funny photo of cute little Golden Retriever puppy dog wearing pink bow and diaper romper

What will you name this little darling?


  • Bertha: Meaning “bright one.”
  • Beryl: Meaning “precious stone.”
  • Bess: Meaning “God’s promise.”
  • Bijou: Meaning “jewel.”
  • Bibi: Meaning “lady of honor”
  • Blossom: Meaning “flower.”
  • Butterfly: Meaning “graceful and beautiful”
  • Bambi: Meaning “Dearest child”
  • Brie: Meaning “strong and noble.”
  • Brianna: Meaning “strong and virtuous.”

Exotic and Unique Female Dog Names Starting with the Letter C

Little cute puppy walking in pet shop on background of shelves with dog accessories

Finding a name for your dog is not as easy as it sounds.


  • Calypso: Meaning “Smooth sailing.”
  • Celestia: Meaning “Heavenly.”
  • Clara: Meaning “clear and bright.”
  • Cora: Meaning “Beloved maiden.”
  • Cosima: Meaning “order and beauty.”
  • Cyra: Meaning “Fair ruler.”
  • Cybelle: Meaning “goddess.”
  • Cressida: Meaning “the golden one.”
  • Cassandra: Meaning “the prophetess.”
  • Cocoa: Meaning “Pioneering spirit.”

Starting With D

Long Haired Miniature Dachshund Puppy

Some people wait a bit before naming their puppy to get a feel for their personality.

©Sherri Simms/iStock via Getty Images

  • Daisy: Meaning “The Day’s Eye.”
  • Dharma: Meaning “Righteousness.”
  • Dora: Meaning “Gift.”
  • Delilah: Meaning “Delightful.”
  • Daphne: Meaning “Laurel Tree.”
  • Dixie: Meaning “Southern.”
  • Dahlia: Meaning “Delicate flower.”
  • Dakota: Meaning “Friends.”
  • Dawn: Meaning “Dawn’s Light.”
  • Dara: Meaning “Compassion.”

Exotic and Unique Female Dog Names Starting with E

Small beautiful blue merle shetland sheepdog sheltie puppy sitting on garden grass.

Finding just the right name for your new companion can take a lot of research.

©Artūrs Stiebriņš/iStock via Getty Images

  • Eadgyth: Meaning “noble warrior.”
  • Elana: Meaning “sun ray.”
  • Edie: Meaning “wealthy protector.”
  • Eithne: Meaning “kernel.”
  • Esperanza: Meaning “hope”
  • Edwina: Meaning “friend of wealth.”
  • Edeline: Meaning “noble.”
  • Eleni: Meaning “torch.”
  • Erella: Meaning “angelic.”
  • Elodie: Meaning “wealthy in the Lord.”

Starting With F

Adorable lilac fawn colored French Bulldog dog puppy with blue eyes in front of gray background

Perhaps this list of exotic and unique female dog names will help you name your puppy.


  • Fiona: Meaning “white” or “fair.”
  • Faith: Meaning “confidence and trust.”
  • Fawn: Meaning “dearest child.”
  • Feronia: Meaning “goddess of nature.”
  • Freya: Meaning “goddess of love.”
  • Flora: Meaning “flower.”
  • Fable: Meaning “story”
  • Freyja: Meaning “goddess of love and beauty.”
  • Fortuna: Meaning”lucky.”
  • Fable: Meaning “story.”

Exotic and Unique Female Dog Names That Start With G

Cute English bulldog puppy of red and white color on a walk in the woods. Place for the inscription. Concept: veterinary medicine, breed, dog care.

There are so many female dog names that mean beloved or loved. How fitting!


  • Gilda: Meaning “God’s Promise.”
  • Gaia: Meaning “Earth.”
  • Gwen: Meaning “White; Blessed.”
  • Giselle: Meaning “Graceful pledge.”
  • Gala: Meaning “Joyful.”
  • Gwendolyn: Meaning “blessed or fair.”
  • Gertrude: Meaning “Spear of Strength.”
  • Gloria: Meaning “Glory of the highest.”
  • Guinevere: Meaning “White Wave.”
  • Galatea: Meaning “white as milk.”

Exotic and Unique Female Dog Names Starting with H

Puppies Malamute coat color agouti and white-grey.

Many people look at lists of female dog names to help them decide on a name for their girl puppy.

©Yuriy Koronovskiy/Shutterstock.com

  • Halle: Meaning”Heroic.”
  • Helga: Meaning “Holy.”
  • Hortense: Meaning “Gardener.”
  • Hoshi: Meaning “Star.”
  • Hildegard: Meaning “Battle Protector.”
  • Hebe: Meaning “Youth.”
  • Hyacinth: Meaning “The Flower.”
  • Hatice: Meaning “Pure.”
  • Heloise: Meaning “Famous Warrior.”
  • Hetty: Meaning “Home Ruler.”

Starting with the Letter I

Cute sitting tan and white basset hound puppy looking at the camera isolated on a white background

What will you name your puppy? Perhaps this list of exotic and unique female dog names will help you pick one!


  • Ingrid: Meaning “beautiful.”
  • Inara: Meaning “shining.”
  • India: Meaning “pure river.”
  • Indigo: Meaning “vibrant soul.”
  • Ina: Meaning “gracious.”
  • Isla: Meaning “island.”
  • Imani: Meaning “faith.”
  • Ilana: Meaning “God has answered.”
  • Iona: Meaning “Jewel of my heart.”
  • Indra: Meaning “King of the gods.”

Exotic and Unique Female Dog Names that Start with the Letter J

A cute 7 weeks old female Stabyhoun puppy ('Friese Stabij in Dutch') walking in a meadow with a tennis ball in her mouth

Every puppy has a unique personality and their own individual character.

©Jessica Loijens/iStock via Getty Images

  • Jada: Meaning “Wise and Knowing.”
  • Juno: Meaning “Queen of the heavens.”
  • Jezebel: Meaning “Unforgettable.”
  • Jasmine: Meaning “gift from God.”
  • Juliet: Meaning “forever young.”
  • Juneau: Meaning “queen of heaven.”
  • Jodie: Meaning “God’s Splendor.”
  • Josie: Meaning “God will Increase.”
  • Joy: Meaning ” Happiness.”
  • Jade: Meaning “wisdom and serenity.”

Starting with K

Cattle Dog Puppy on dirt

Australian cattle dogs are full of energy and need an energetic and unique name.

©WiindWolfPhotography/ via Getty Images

  • Kaira: Meaning “beloved.”
  • Kailani: Meaning “sea and sky.”
  • Kalli: Meaning “most beautiful.”
  • Kora: Meaning “maiden.”
  • Kuma: Meaning “bear.”
  • Kiki: Meaning “full of life.”
  • Kyra: Meaning “ladylike.”
  • Kaya: Meaning “restful place.”
  • Kahlua: Meaning “generous.”
  • Kora: Meaning “fair maiden.”

Starting With L

Bernese mountain dog puppy outside. So cute and small bernese puppy.

This little darling needs a unique name. Here is a list of names to help you choose the perfect one for her.

©Eve Photography/Shutterstock.com

  • Lark: Meaning “Playful and lighthearted.”
  • Lila: Meaning “divine play.”
  • Leila: Meaning “daughter of the night.”
  • Luna: Meaning “moon child.”
  • Lyra: Meaning “harmonious.”
  • Lotus: Meaning “Purity.”
  • Lulu: Meaning “calm.”
  • Lux: Meaning “made of light.”
  • Lysa: Meaning “God’s promise.”
  • Lylia: Meaning “night beauty.”

Exotic and Unique Female Dog Names Starting with the Letter M

puppy staffordshire bull terrier in front of white background

This puppy needs a great name. What is the perfect name for a Staffordshire

bull terrier



  • Magnolia: Meaning “Beauty and elegance.”
  • Minuet: Meaning “small song.”
  • Marigold: Meaning “Mary’s gold.”
  • Melody: Meaning “Angel’s song.”
  • Morningstar: Meaning “shining star.”
  • Magnifica: Meaning “Noble and distinguished.”
  • Marzipan: Meaning “sweetest one.”
  • Mabel: Meaning “lovable.”
  • Mariposa: Meaning “butterfly.”
  • Majesty: Meaning “royal.”

Starting with N

Happy german shepherd puppy playing with a toy

Naming a new puppy is an important job. Here is a list of exotic and unique female dog names to pick from.


  • Nalani: Meaning “heavenly skies.”
  • Nyla: Meaning “winner.”
  • Nola: Meaning “champion.”
  • Naveen: Meaning “new.”
  • Nandi: Meaning “loved one.”
  • Nessa: Meaning “miracle.”
  • Nellie: Meaning “bright one.”
  • Nava: Meaning “beautiful.”
  • Nenet: Meaning “goddess.”
  • Narissa: Meaning “my protector.”

Exotic and Unique Female Dog Names that Start with the Letter O

Happy rottweiler puppy running and playing on a beach at sunset. Cute little dog jumping and splashing water. Sand play.

She is adorable! What will you name her?


  • Oceana – Meaning “from the ocean.”
  • Odessa – Meaning “long journey.”
  • Ophelia – Meaning “helper.”
  • Olympia – Meaning “from the mountain.”
  • Oona – Meaning “All is one.”
  • Orla – Meaning “golden princess.”
  • Odara – Meaning “female with a crown.”
  • Opal – Meaning “gem.”
  • Oni – Meaning “honor.”
  • Olivia – Meaning “peace and friendship.”

Starting With P

Portrait of sweet silver grey Italian mastiff puppy with beautiful blue eyes

Every dog needs a name that fits their unique personality.


  • Pandora: Meaning “Gift of All.”
  • Poppy: Meaning “Eternal Life.”
  • Pippa: Meaning “Lover of Horses.”
  • Paloma: Meaning “Dove.”
  • Portia: Meaning “Offering.”
  • Persia: Meaning “Resilience and strength.”
  • Prudence: Meaning “Wise.”
  • Petunia: Meaning “Freedom loving.”
  • Persephone: Meaning “strength and love.”
  • Primrose: Meaning “Grace and youth.”

Exotic and Unique Female Dog Names Starting with the Letter Q

An adorable Catahoula Leopard puppy lying on the lush green grass of an outdoor yard *Labraheeler

When choosing an exotic and unique female dog name, try it out for a while before you decide.


  • Quillan: Meaning “cub.”
  • Querida: Meaning “beloved.”
  • Quenby: Meaning “woman’s estate.”
  • Quincey: Meaning “fifth.”
  • Queenie: Meaning “queen.”
  • Quintessa: Meaning “purest form.”
  • Quigley: Meaning “valley of the oak tree.”
  • Quimby: Meaning ”Loves to talk.”
  • Quayla: Meaning “cove of safety.”
  • Querina: Meaning “peaceful.”

Starting With R

chihuahua puppy on a gray background studio photo

The name you pick for your puppy will be used hundreds of thousands of times throughout their life.


  • Raine – Meaning ‘Queen’
  • Rosalie – Meaning ‘Beautiful Rose’
  • Radiance – Meaning ‘Shining Light’
  • Ria – Meaning ‘Graceful Ruler’
  • Remi – Meaning ‘Ruler of the Household’
  • Remy – Meaning ‘The remedy’
  • Romy – Meaning ‘Dew of the Sea’
  • Rani – Meaning ‘She who sings’
  • Raven – Meaning ‘Clever and curious’
  • Ruby – Meaning ”Wealthy and prosperous

Exotic and Unique Female Dog Names Starting with S

Friendly German boxer puppy plays with tiny kitten on green summer grass. Empty space for text

Puppies that are socialized around other animals early tend to get along well with others for a lifetime.

©Ermolaev Alexander/Shutterstock.com

  • Sabine: Meaning”Protector of nature”
  • Samara: Meaning “protected by God”
  • Sahara: Meaning “Magnificence of the wilderness”
  • Saffron: Meaning “vivid”
  • Salma: Meaning “God’s helmet”
  • Samira: Meaning “entertaining companion”
  • Selma: Meaning “safe”
  • Shiloh: Meaning”peaceful”
  • Sienna: Meaning “full of fire”
  • Skye: Meaning “freedom and adventure”

Starting With T

best dog food for goldendoodles

This female


needs a name. What is the perfect choice?


  • Talia: Meaning “dew of heaven”
  • Tamar: Meaning “sweet one”
  • Taia: Meaning “life”
  • Tricia: Meaning “noble”
  • Tessa: Meaning “harvester”
  • Tiara: Meaning “crown”
  • Tashi: Meaning “good luck”
  • Thalia: Meaning “blooming”
  • Trinity: Meaning “three in one”
  • Talulah: Meaning “leaping water”

Starting With U

Dalmatian Puppies

Can you imagine having to pick the perfect name for all of these puppies?


  • Ulla: Meaning “will” or “desire”
  • Ursa: Meaning “gentle bear.”
  • Una: Meaning “beloved one”
  • Uma: Meaning “splendor”
  • Ulan: Meaning “little wave”
  • Ushi: Meaning “strong as an ox”
  • Umi: Meaning “sea of life”
  • Ursula: Meaning “little bear”
  • Ume: Meaning “Force of strength”
  • Umiak: Meaning “Courageous”

Exotic and Unique Female Dog Names Starting With the Letter V

Great Dane Puppy with Blue Eyes


great dane

will be enormous someday. What is the perfect name for her?

©MPH Photos/Shutterstock.com

  • Vada: Meaning “knowledge.”
  • Valerie: Meaning “strong.”
  • Vanna: Meaning “golden.”
  • Varden: Meaning “pioneering spirit.”
  • Vashti: Meaning “beauty”
  • Veda: Meaning “knowledge”
  • Velma: Meaning “determined protector.”
  • Vesta: Meaning “home”
  • Vida: Meaning “life.”
  • Viva: Meaning “alive.”

Start With W


The perfect name for a puppy is one that captures their unique character.

©Santos Roman/Shutterstock.com

  • Wanda: Meaning “wanderer”
  • Willow: Meaning “graceful”
  • Wren: Meaning “good luck.”
  • Wynonna: Meaning “blessed”
  • Winter: Meaning “season of God”
  • Waverly: Meaning “meadow of quaking aspen trees.”
  • Wylie: Meaning “clever”
  • Wrigley: Meaning “meadow by a river”
  • Walli: Meaning “healthy and strong.”
  • Wanika: Meaning “God’s gracious gift”

Exotic and Unique Female Dog Names Starting with X

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels only weighs about 13 pounds. What is a great name for a small dog?


  • Xena: Meaning “Guest” or “Stranger.”
  • Xenia: Meaning “Hospitable”
  • Xandra: Meaning “Defender of Mankind”
  • Xola: Meaning “Peaceful”
  • Xylia: Meaning “From the Woods”
  • Xanthe: Meaning “Yellow” or “Blonde”
  • Xochitl: Meaning “Beautiful flower.”
  • Ximena: Meaning “Heard” or “Listened To”
  • Xyla: Meaning “Protector”
  • Xerxes: Meaning “Ruler”

Starting With Y

royal canin golden retriever puppy food

These two ladies look like they need puppy names that are water-related.


  • Yara: Meaning “small butterfly.”
  • Yuki: Meaning “snow.”
  • Yarrow: Meaning “a healer.”
  • Yalinda: Meaning “beautiful.”
  • Yvette: Meaning “Merciful God”
  • Yolanda: Meaning “strong”
  • Yara: Meaning “Water Lady”
  • Yemaya: Meaning “Mother of the Sea”
  • Yuliya: Meaning “youthful”
  • Yuna: Meaning “night”

Exotic and Unique Female Dog Names that Start with the Letter Z

Animal, Black Color, Brindle, Canine - Animal, Dog *Pugshire Black Brindle French bulldog puppy Sit on White background

Are you looking for an exotic and unique female dog name for your puppy? Well, look no further!

©Jiradelta/ via Getty Images

  • Zara: Meaning “princess”
  • Zuri: Meaning “beautiful.”
  • Zöe: Meaning “life”
  • Zita: Meaning “seeker.”
  • Zola: Meaning “peaceful.”
  • Zuza: Meaning “lily”
  • Zina: Meaning “hospitable, welcoming.”
  • Zora: Meaning “dawn.”
  • Ziva: Meaning “radiant.”
  • Zamba: Meaning “fast little girl”

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Dorottya_Mathe/iStock via Getty Images

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