February 10 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

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Updated: June 30, 2023
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Does your birth date have any effect on who you are as a person? Do zodiac signs mean anything? We’ve done a deep dive for those born on February 10. Below you’ll find out personality traits, career paths, health profiles, and more. 

It’s up to you to decide if it fits! This can be beneficial in learning more about yourself or someone you love that was born on February 10! Let’s start by talking about the sun sign, Aquarius. 

Gold Aquarius zodiac symbol on black background

The Aquarius zodiac symbol represents water. Aquarians are creative and ruled by the planet named for the first Greek god of the universe.


All About Aquarians

Natives of the sign of Aquarius are generous and profound thinkers. They might, however, be prone to sudden changes in their mood. Saturn is in command of this sign. Saturn represents karma, hardship, illness, austerity, and mystique.  

Saturnine people are secretive and melancholy. People with Aquarius birth signs are innovative, rational, and inquisitive. Traditionally to be a masculine sign, Aquarians are flamboyant, belligerent, and thick-skinned.

Aquarians are reflective and insightful. Philosophy and literature attract you.  You’re an aspirational individual with great expectations for the future. You might discover that your accomplishments fall short of your hopes, nevertheless. 

If you were born on February 10, you have extraordinary endurance. You don’t mind putting in a lot of effort as long as the payoff is worthwhile. It can be a little challenging to get along with Aquarians. You have a specific worldview, and you don’t appreciate it when other people try to impose theirs onto you.

Infographic of February 10 Zodiac
February 10 Aquarians are well-liked, diligent, charitable, and have no trouble connecting with people.

Personality Traits

The personalities of those born on February 10 are exceptional. They possess all conceivable talents and are intelligent and humorous. These individuals distinguish themselves from people their age early on with creativity, resourcefulness, and the capacity to recognize and precisely understand the core of any problem thrown their way.

They have a particular charisma that attracts people to them and captivates them. They are naturally compassionate individuals. These are the kinds of people that have great organizational abilities. They always maintain control of the situation, making them incredible leaders!

Aquarians born on February 10 should work on improving themselves, like any other sign. People who were born on this day are actively looking for the best field in which to apply their talents and strive for recognition. Many of them have sincere fantasies about having their accomplishments from the highest levels of leadership.  

They typically succeed in achieving their goals without exerting too much effort. These February babies exhibit such certain and constant behavior that others need just acknowledge their success. 

Aquarians born on January 31st

Aquarians are clever, altruistic, and creative.

©Daniel Eskridge/Shutterstock.com

Career Paths

People born on February 10 are smart and quick learners. They might not have the endurance to pursue occupations that call for a long training period since they prefer to act quickly. Although they are charitable with their financial resources, they do not do so carelessly. 

Since they have a compassionate nature, people born on this date could find themselves drawn to careers in the religious or mystical fields. One could make an enjoyable livelihood, but you tend to allocate money a little recklessly. If this sounds like you, perhaps opt for a higher-paying job to lead a more comfortable life.

Think about a career path that involves serving humanity or has a philosophical component. Physicians, doctors, teachers, shamans, and religious workers are also among Aquarians. 

They are also in other professions, such as law, television, and radio broadcasting, online personalities, and hospitality. Your strict tendencies and introspective mindset may conflict with professions that demand a high level of materialistic drive.  

For instance, you might not be the best fit for a career as a business owner, CEO, politician, performer, or elite athlete. Luckily, these aren’t fields that many people find themselves in, giving you plenty of other options. 

Doctor holding a glass of clear fresh water, Doctor recommend drinking healthy water.

Physicians, doctors, teachers, shamans, and religious workers are professions suited to Aquarians.


Health Profile

Those who were born on February 10 should keep an eye on their neurological system, which can become strained by their rapid cognitive processes. Many people who were born on this particular day have persistent sleep problems and are compulsive workers. 

Therefore, those born on February 10 must direct their artistic talents toward creating a relaxing environment in their home. Having a place in your home where you can work and a separate area where you relax and unwind is key! 

Dietary guidelines should be realistic and well-balanced for those who have this birthday. Like everyone else, a healthy diet, plenty of movement, and enough sleep are great ways to lead a healthy life. 

Strengths and Weaknesses

People born on February 10 are well-liked, diligent, and charitable, and they have no trouble making connections with their peers. People born under the sign of Aquarius are typically open-minded, enthusiastic learners, and friendly individuals who are willing to assist those in need. 

Additionally intelligent and open to originality, those born under this zodiac sign also enjoy meeting new people and experiencing unexpected events in their lives. Now, just like any other sign, there are weaknesses to be aware of as well. 

Unpredictable, irritated, and sarcastic, these Aquarians can be rather vindictive toward others, particularly those who they don’t think are deserving of their opinion. They frequently make plans at the spur of the moment and need help from others to carry them to completion. 

They lack much integrity and are unafraid to hurt someone’s feelings when they believe that there is a greater purpose to that and that their goals go beyond what they believe others can imagine. 

Fantasy photo/illustration of Aquarius, the water bearer pouring water from an urn into a lake

Love comes quickly and leaves even more quickly for the gregarious Aquarius.


Love Life

February 10th individuals are adaptable and creative. Once they become enthusiastic, they are great at winning someone over not only through sweet words but romantic gestures as well! These Aquarius enjoy those who are impulsive, erratic, and who can keep up with their zest for life while also keeping them on their toes. 

Love comes quickly and leaves even as quickly for the gregarious Aquarius. You must have an intriguing personality, know how to show it gradually, and have the willingness to put up with their peculiarities, to win over this air sign! 

If you are born on February 10, you can get angry easily while you’re deeply in love. This sign gives their loved one all they have to give and they expect the same in return. They are accustomed to leading intense lives in all facets, including their romantic relationships. 

In terms of their plans for a family, they will get hitched only when they feel prepared. 


Due to their tendency to have similar outlooks on life, Gemini and Libra are the other air signs that February 10 Zodiac individuals are most drawn to. The greatest person to provide Aquarius in terms of a romantic partner who can comprehend their sense of adventure is another Aquarius. 

People that were born on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st are the most compatible with February 10 individuals. Scorpio is thought to be the least suitable sign for a partner in Aquarius. 

It will be challenging for both Scorpios and Aquarius to relate to and show regard for each other because they have strong personalities and traits that are completely distinct from one another. 

Historical Figures and Celebrities born on February 10

  • 1499 – Swiss humanist, Thomas Platter
  • 1685 – English playwright and poet, Aaron Hill
  • 1824 – English politician and social reformer, Samuel Plimsoll
  • 1880 – American engineer,  Jesse G. Vincent
  • 1890 – Failed assassin of Vladimir Lenin, Fanny Kaplan
  • 1893 – ​​American vaudeville, radio, and screen actor, and comedian – Jimmy Durante
  • 1897 – American microbiologist, John Franklin Enders
  • 1926 – American MLB baseball third baseman, Randy Jackson
  • 1962 – American bass guitarist (Metallica,) Cliff Burton

Important Events That Occurred on February 10

  • 60 AD – It is believed that St. Paul was shipwrecked at Malta.
  • 1355 – 62 students and possibly 30 residents are killed in Oxford, England, during the St. Scholastica’s Day riot, which lasts for two days.
  • 1716 – James III Edward, a Scottish contender to the throne, leaves for France
  • 1855 – Amendments to US citizenship laws offer US citizenship to all US citizens born overseas.
  • 1904 – Russia and Japan declare war.
  • 1915 – United States President Woodrow Wilson expresses his displeasure to Britain over the usage of American flags on British commerce ships to trick the Germans.
  • 1933 – The first singing telegram is delivered.
  • 1942 – One million copies of “Chattanooga Choo Choo” sold by Glenn Miller earned him the first-ever gold record.
  • 1961 – The Niagara Falls hydropower plant starts generating electricity.
  • 1989 – Jamaican Tony Robinson is appointed as Nottingham’s first black sheriff.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © iStock.com/Evheniia Vasylenko

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