February 20 Zodiac: Sign, Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: June 29, 2023
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As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces are the oldest souls among us without losing their sense of curiosity and passion for life. And you’re definitely a Pisces if a February 20 zodiac sign! Have you turned to astrology for some insight into your personality and way of being? There’s a lot more to this ancient practice than simply knowing your weekly horoscope!

In this article, we’ll discuss all things Pisces, including what it’s like to be a Pisces born on February 20. When we look at astrology, numerology, and other symbols surrounding the fish, we can paint a clear picture of what someone might be like if they were born on this day and under this sun sign. Let’s dive in now!

Infographic of February 20 Zodiac
Pisces so connected to the number 2 may feel a greater drive for close personal or professional partnerships.

February 20 Zodiac Sign: Pisces

february 20 zodiac

Pisces suns are often thought of as psychic and know how you’re feeling before perhaps even you’re aware of it.


Pisces season occurs from February 19 to roughly March 19, a mutable time of year as the dead of winter shifts into early spring. Adaptability and going with the flow come naturally to this water sign, especially when it comes to the emotional currents of others. Pisces suns are often thought of as psychic, capable of knowing precisely how you’re feeling before perhaps even you are aware of it.

While this psychic energy sounds mystic (and don’t misunderstand: there’s something incredibly mystical about all Pisces suns), the average Pisces remains young at heart. While this mutable water sign is the ultimate caretaker of others, the average Pisces understands that fun and whimsy are necessary contrasts to their responsible natures. Pisces suns value play and nostalgia highly, as both of these things remind them of less complicated times in their lives.

As a February 20th zodiac sign, have you felt these pulls in your life? What might be in charge of how you experience and process your world, especially in your unique and watery way? As with all things astrology, we need to turn to the stars for answers. Or, more specifically, the planets. Every sign of the zodiac has a planet or two that rules it, influences it. And Pisces is lucky enough to have two planets associated with it throughout history!

Ruling Planets of a February 20 Zodiac: Neptune and Jupiter

february 20 zodiac

Both Jupiter and Neptune work in tandem to drive a Pisces forward.


In traditional or ancient astrology, Pisces was once connected to big, bold, and optimistic Jupiter. However, with modern astrology and new planetary discoveries, many astrologists nowadays tie Pisces to the blue and mystical planet, Neptune. But to paint the clearest picture of this final sign of the zodiac, it’s important to look at the influences that both of these planets might have over Pisces.

In a natal birth chart, your Jupiter placement is in charge of your philosophical learning, higher education, expansion, and even luck. Pisces was once closely linked to Jupiter and it’s more obvious in a Pisces personality when we think of how the fish connects to others. There is a desire within every Pisces for personal expansion, but this sign knows that growing alongside others is the best way to grow.

By contrast, your Neptune placement shows off your spirituality, fluidity, and commitment to personal health, especially through nontraditional methods such as mindfulness and dreams. This is certainly a familiar realm for the average Pisces, as the fish regularly plums the depths of their psyche. Dreams, abstract thinking, and our interest in the spiritual make each and every Pisces aware of how they can process these vague things and manifest them in reality.

Both Jupiter and Neptune work in tandem to drive a Pisces forward. While wholly invested in their dreams, fantasies, and emotional climate thanks to Neptune, Jupiter lends the average Pisces the ability to create a personal ideology from these abstract concepts. And this ideology helps the twelfth sign of the zodiac bring people together in order to better all parties involved!

February 20 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Pisces

february 20 zodiac

As receptors and helpers of humanity, many Pisces suns neglect their own needs.


Following Aquarius on the astrological wheel, Pisces learn the importance of responsibility as well as change from the water bearer. The weirdness of Aquarius feeds directly into Pisces, as the fish learns how to navigate the waters of the world in their own unique way. In many ways, Pisces suns are the ultimate emotional receptors of the zodiac. They take in everything from everyone all of the time, using what they absorb as fuel to better connect to others.

As the final sign of the zodiac and happening during a time of rebirth in the northern hemisphere, Pisces suns represent the final stages of life before death. This is a mature, wise sign. However, they aren’t judgemental or preachy in their connections to others. Rather, the average Pisces understands the importance of people, particularly the journey we must all go on in order to become our best selves. 

In many ways, Pisces suns know that love is one of the ultimate concepts that help us ascend to these higher selves. Romantic and occasionally foolish when it comes to love, the average Pisces seeks deep and lasting connections to others with very little care for their own emotional well-being. As receptors and helpers of humanity, many Pisces suns neglect their own needs in favor of showering others with affection and support.

While this is simultaneously one of their biggest strengths and weaknesses, all Pisces understand the importance of solitude and secrecy thanks to Neptune. If you have a Pisces friend, you may be aware of when they are taking time for themselves. Music, poetry, and mindfulness activities help a Pisces recenter so that they can remain the empathetic anchor to us all!

February 20 Zodiac: Numerological Significance

february 20 zodiac

As a Pisces so connected to the number 2, you may feel a greater drive for close partnerships in your life.


While some of this may ring true to just about any Pisces sun, what can be said for a Pisces specifically born on February 20th? Looking at a birthday of 2/20, we naturally see the number 2 spring to life! Turning to numerology for some insight, the number 2 represents duality, partnerships, harmony, and connection.

As a Pisces so connected to the number 2, you may feel a greater drive for close partnerships in your life. Whether it be marriage, a workplace partnership, or something else, the number 2 asks you to seek an intimate, trusting connection with one other person. While Pisces are often too trusting for their own good, the number 2 may lend you a bit more discernment when it comes to finding those who are worth connecting with in the first place.

Looking to angel number 222 for more insight, the notion of harmony and balance come into play. A Pisces so closely linked to the number 2 likely values fairness and balance in all aspects of their life, from their work and play to their aesthetic choices. Likewise, duality falls under this number’s domain. A February 20th Pisces may be interested in the duality of life, such as good and evil, light and dark, and so much more.

On a practical level, appreciating the opposites of life likely helps this Pisces birthday remain grounded, aware, and more open to all sides of a story. This is a deeply pragmatic person capable of seeing the value and importance of binary things. What a fantastic number to have associated with an already-wise astrological sign!

Career Paths for a February 20 Zodiac Sign

february 20 zodiac

Perhaps inexplicably (or maybe obviously), many Pisces suns find themselves drawn to mystic careers.


Mutable in modality, Pisces suns may be drawn to a number of career paths and inspirations. Creative endeavors truly speak to this birthday, especially creative partnerships. A February 20th Pisces may form a close creative bond with another artist. Musicians, painters, poets, and performers are often Pisces, as Neptune rules much of the arts. The number 2 also asks this specific Pisces birthday to collaborate closely with someone they happen to trust.

Besides any and all creative outlets, a Pisces sun may be drawn to emotionally-motivated careers. These can take many forms, but therapeutic or medicinal careers often speak to the fish. Likewise, assisting others in any capacity, from academic counseling to addiction rehabilitation, will come naturally to this caretaker of the zodiac. Pisces enjoy being helpful, like their practical opposite in astrology, Virgo, but on a broader scale. 

Perhaps inexplicably (or maybe obviously), many Pisces suns find themselves drawn to mystic careers. So too are Pisces drawn to careers surrounding all things water. Exploring the seas or caring for our lakes and rivers may appeal to a Pisces sun. Likewise, astrological and psychic careers often call to a Pisces, given their inherent psychic abilities. 

One of the biggest things for a Pisces sun to remember before they commit to any job is how stressful or emotionally taxing the job might be. This is a sign that gets easily overwhelmed in high-energy environments, particularly ones that feature many people’s feelings all at once. To avoid overstimulating their emotional receptors, a Pisces should pursue a career that isn’t too taxing to them in this way!

February 20 Zodiac in Relationships and Love

february 20 zodiac

Given their mutable nature and ability to tune into their partner’s emotions so well, it can be incredibly easy for a Pisces to lose themselves in love.

©Tanya Antusenok/Shutterstock.com

As if romance wasn’t appealing enough to a Pisces, a February 20th Pisces may be even more invested in finding love given their connection to the number 2. When it comes to what a Pisces is like in a relationship, this is a sign that completely devotes themselves in every way to their partner. This sign of the zodiac understands how important love is in a life, how it can shape and mold us into our truest selves.

A Pisces will treat romance like a religion. They will be an attentive, compassionate, and loyal partner. Often, Pisces suns neglect their own needs for their partner’s comfort and happiness, something that a February 20th Pisces may need to watch out for. Remember that balance is important, particularly in love! A Pisces sun often needs to realize that their partner isn’t as psychic as they are and may need to voice their needs more often than not.

Given their mutable nature and ability to tune into their partner’s emotions so well, it can be incredibly easy for a Pisces to lose themselves in love. It’s important for this sign to find someone who will encourage their Pisces sun to set boundaries, make space, and find their own interests. Many Pisces suns want to be completely rewritten by who they are with, but this behavior does not suit them in the long run!

Matches and Compatibility for February 20 Zodiac Signs

february 20 zodiac

Many signs won’t notice just how much a Pisces does for them, nor ensure that both parties maintain their independence while still falling in love.

©Marko Aliaksandr/Shutterstock.com

Taking care of a Pisces’s heart is an important factor for long-term compatibility with one. Many signs won’t notice just how much a Pisces does for them, nor ensure that both parties maintain their independence while still falling in love. A February 20th Pisces would do best sticking with fellow water signs that know how to nurture their emotional climates as well as earth signs that know how to set practical boundaries.

Even with all of this said, there are no poor or incompatible matches in all of astrology, so keep this in mind! Looking at a February 20th Pisces in particular, here are some potential matches that may suit this fish well:

  • Taurus. As the second sign on the astrological wheel, Tauruses may appeal to a Pisces birthday so closely linked to the number 2. This fixed earth sign represents stability, appreciation of life’s pleasures, and a deeply romantic heart that a Pisces will notice and cherish immediately. 
  • Cancer. A fellow water sign, Cancers long to settle down in a home with their partner. A February 20th Pisces will sense this romantic commitment and encourage it. These two signs will communicate well with one another and learn how to set healthy boundaries given that they have each other’s best interests in mind.

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on February 20th

Who else shares this special Pisces birthday with you? While this list is of course incomplete, here are a few famous individuals that have been born on February 20th throughout history:

  • Henry James Pye (poet)
  • Angelina Grimké (abolitionist)
  • Ivan Albright (painter)
  • Ansel Adams (photographer)
  • René Dubos (biologist)
  • Leonore Annenberg (diplomat)
  • Gloria Vanderbilt (designer)
  • Robert Altman (director and screenwriter)
  • Roy Cohn (lawyer)
  • Sidney Poitier (actor)
  • Mitch McConnell (politician)
  • Tom Whitlock (songwriter)
  • Patty Hearst (author)
  • Cindy Crawford (model)
  • Kurt Cobain (singer)
  • Jason Blum (producer)
  • Chelsea Peretti (comedian)
  • Sally Rooney (author)
  • Trevor Noah (comedian)
  • Rihanna (singer)
  • Olivia Rodrigo (actor).

Important Events That Occurred on February 20th

february 20 zodiac

On February 20th, 2018, Queen Elizabeth II attended Fashion Week in Paris.


A variety of events have happened on February 20th throughout history. Like birthdays, it’s difficult to name all of these important happenings, but here are a few noteworthy occasions:

  • 1547: King Edward VI crowned
  • 1909: Futurist Manifesto published in France
  • 1944: the Battle of Eniwetok took place
  • 1959: Jimi Hendrix played his first gig (and was fired)
  • 2014: statue of Kurt Cobain unveiled in Seattle
  • 2018: Queen Elizabeth II attended Fashion Week in Paris
  • 2022: Olympic Winter Games end in Beijing.

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