Female Freediver Stuns World By Swimming With World’s Largest Great White

Written by Opal
Updated: February 21, 2023
© Ramon Carretero/Shutterstock.com
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Key Points

There are few animals as feared as the great white shark. With rows of razor-sharp teeth and super fast swimming capabilities, it’s no wonder why people fear these apex predators. Movies like Jaws, Open Water, and 47 Meters Down paint a picture that these animals are vicious, conniving, and have a thirst for human blood.

Woman escape shark
Many people like to dive with Great White sharks but generally use a cage.

©Willyam Bradberry/Shutterstock.com

Ocean Ramsey is a marine conservationist who calls Oahu, Hawaii home. For over a decade, Ocean has worked with great white sharks, tiger sharks, and other sea creatures. She has a mission to dismantle the idea of sharks that Hollywood has put in our heads. 

During a recent dive, Ramsey witnessed a gorgeous, elderly white shark. She says it was eight feet white, and around 20 feet long! That’s almost as long as a school bus! Ocean believes due to the shark’s massive size, it must weigh approximately two tons and is likely pregnant. 

As Ms. Ramsey is interviewing with news anchors, she’s faced with several questions about sharks, diving, and her experiences. With each question, she brings back the focus to the harm that’s brought upon these ocean creatures. 

great white shark
Infamous Deep Blue is a large great white like this one and may be living near Hawaii.

©Ramon Carretero/Shutterstock.com

Whether it’s for shark fin soup, their teeth, or for the thrill, hunting these animals is doing more harm than good. Ocean emphasizes that there are around 10 attacks from great whites around the world in a year. They unknowingly appear near swimmers and surfers all the time.

Thought to be Deep Blue, one of the most famous great white sharks in the world, this mammoth of an animal was spotted swimming near the shores of Mexico about 25 years ago. Today, Deep Blue is about 50 years old, and just might be living near Hawaii. 

The Truth About Sharks

Ocean Ramsey is talking with another expert to find out if the shark she recently had an encounter with is the legendary one from all those years ago. In this incredible footage, Ramsey is spotted holding the shark’s fin and swimming alongside it. 

Like many other animals, humans are more of a danger to the great white than it is to us. As Ocean continues to talk about her experience, you can’t help but notice how passionate she is about what she does. Her work with sharks helps educate the world and is a huge part is showing just how kind these animals can be. 

The top comment on the interview has over 3,000 thumbs up and says, “I love how she keeps going back to the problem that is sharks being killed at an incredibly excessive rate, no matter the question they asked her. She loves her job and loves these animals. Need more like her!” We couldn’t agree more! 

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great white shark
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