First Snow in Connecticut: The Earliest & Latest First Snows on Record

Written by August Croft
Published: November 27, 2022
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Do you know when the first snow in Connecticut typically falls? How much snow does this state experience on average, and what might some extreme winter weather conditions bring to this location? Bordered by New York and Massachusetts, Connecticut is well-known for its idyllic New England towns and coastline. But what are the winters like in this particular state? 

In this article, we will address everything you need to know about the first snow in Connecticut, including when the winter season typically begins in the state. We will also go over some average temperatures and snowfall conditions in various regions of Connecticut, and we’ll even give you a few ideas as to where you can go to enjoy the snow. Let’s get started! 

Understanding First Snow in Connecticut 

first snow in connecticut

The average annual snowfall in Connecticut ranges between 40-60 inches.


Connecticut Snow Facts
Earliest First SnowfallOctober 5 (1987)
Latest First SnowfallDecember 29 (2015)
Average Temperature23-43 degrees Fahrenheit
Largest Seasonal Snowfall115 inches (1995-1996)
Smallest Seasonal Snowfall8 inches (1977-1978)
Places to Enjoy the SnowHartford, New Haven, Mohawk Mountain State Park

Depending on winter weather conditions and the overall precipitation in any given year, Connecticut sees roughly 40 to 60 inches of snow annually. However, the amount of snow varies depending on where you are in the state, as the southern coastline experiences far less snow compared to the northwestern regions of Connecticut. Many sources suggest that the winter season in Connecticut is dwindling, as the average snowfall in the state decreases with climate change and other global factors. 

However, this isn’t to say that Connecticut isn’t a winter wonderland during the months of November through January. In fact, the average first snow in Connecticut falls sometime during the month of November, if not the beginning of December. But when were some of the earliest and latest first snowfall dates in Connecticut’s history? Let’s take a closer look now.

Earliest and Latest Snowfalls in Connecticut 

One of the earliest first snowfall dates in all of Connecticut was October 5th, 1987. News reports and records show that this storm was unprecedented and unexpected, causing many people to cancel their plans, weddings, and much more. There was enough snow that people couldn’t get anywhere, and the beginning of October rarely includes winter weather conditions such as these! 

When it comes to the latest first snowfall date in Connecticut’s records, December 29th, 2015 represents this well. Even along the southern coastline of Connecticut, most cities experience their first snowfall sometime during November, if not long before the 29th of December! In terms of the 2022 winter season, the first snow in Connecticut fell around November 16th, much earlier than the end of December. 

Largest and Smallest Snowfalls in Connecticut 

first snow in connecticut

One of the earliest first snowfall dates in all of Connecticut was October 5th, 1987.


Due to the geography of Connecticut, there are a few different records for the largest and smallest snowfalls throughout the state. The year 1995 to 1996 saw roughly 115 inches of snow in the state of Connecticut. This is much higher than the average 40 to 60 inches that the state usually sees, and it was likely a very cold and precipitous winter! 

In direct contrast to this large amount of snow, the winter season of 1977 to 1978 only saw 8 inches total throughout the state of Connecticut. This is significantly below average, though it is unlikely that this was the total for the north and northwestern regions of the state. However, it just goes to show that the winter weather in Connecticut is anything but predictable! 

Winter Temperatures in Connecticut 

With a large coastline and numerous skiing opportunities located in the northernmost regions of the state, Connecticut has a lot to offer the average outdoor enthusiast. Its unique geography lends itself to a few different temperatures and weather conditions, especially during the winter time. Let’s take a closer look at some of those figures now. 

For the most part, the coast of Connecticut remains slightly warmer than the inland regions, averaging anywhere from 25 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit during wintertime. By contrast, inland Connecticut is a bit colder, especially at higher elevations. The average winter temperature for inland Connecticut ranges from 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you are choosing to visit either New Haven or Hartford, you likely won’t have to pack any differently depending on the location you choose!

Winter Wildlife in Connecticut

first snow in connecticut

When it comes to the latest first snowfall date in Connecticut’s records, December 29th, 2015 represents this well.


With numerous ski resorts, wildlife areas, and natural parks and forests, there are many types of animals living in Connecticut. If you plan on enjoying the great outdoors in the wintertime, you may run into the following wildlife:

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