Fisherman Gets HUGE Haul Using a Snake to Catch Fish

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Written by Katie Melynn Wood

Updated: October 19, 2023

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© van Holten

There is more than one way to bait a hook. For one man, using a snake to catch fish resulted in an enormous catch.

A Fisherman Uses a Snake To Catch a Fish!

The fisherman carried a large snake over to an underground pit filled with water. A small hole allowed the snake to go into the water. The fisherman is hoping that the fish will use the same tunnel to come to the surface where he is waiting. He guided the snake into the hole. Patting, gesturing, talking, and directing eventually led to the brown snake slithering into the hole on its own.

The hole, around 3 inches in diameter, led to an underground water area. The surrounding muddy ground helped the snake blend perfectly into its surroundings.

a dekay's brown snake on green moss, they are non venomous, scientific name Storeria dekayi

Dekay’s brown snake is a species of nonvenomous brown snake.

©Christopher Troll/

As the snake slithered unseen by the camera underwater, the water in the hole began to churn. Fish made their way to the surface to get away from the snake. Unfortunately for them, the fisherman was there waiting for them.

He first pulled two fish out of the water. These creatures fought to get to a safe place away from the snake but found themselves gathered by the fisherman. He set them aside on the muddy ground as more fish came to the surface.

Another fish. And another. And another. The fish kept coming out of the underwater pit and straight into the fisherman’s waiting hands. Some cautiously approached the surface. The man snatched them up and set them aside. Others practically leaped out of the water and into the pile of gathered fish.

Occasionally, the man splashes on the surface of the water to attract the fish to him. He also reached into the watery hole to pull out fish that were nearby. Eventually, a curious baby duckling comes over to see what is going on with the fish.

When their work is done, the snake returns to the fisherman. Slithering up the surface, the snake pokes his head out and looks over their haul. The fisherman picks the snake up by the neck, trying to bring him back out of the underwater pit. But the snake isn’t quite ready and it takes a couple of tries before the man can get a solid hold on the snake’s body.

The fisherman gathers up his catch as the snake moves and stretches along the muddy ground. The duckling comes over to see as well as the fisherman loads the fish into a bucket. His haul, 15 fish total, took just a few minutes to catch.

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