Fisherman Goes Magnet Fishing by a Military Base and Finds All Sorts of Nonsense

Written by Alan Lemus
Published: November 7, 2022
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Magnet fishing is a hobby that has been around for centuries, initially used as a mechanism to clean rivers. However, in the era of social media, it has increasingly gained more fans as people seek treasures or do it as part of the trend. 

While fishing with a magnet is not against U.S Federal laws, some states and counties have strict policies barring it. Rivers around or near military bases are also out of bounds for magnet fishing. This hobby has enabled people to find all types of metals, ranging from scrap to gold, unexploded grenades, military shells, and rockets.

In a recent video, a fisherman took a bold step to magnet fish near a military base. He is seen getting various objects from the river. He knows the first, second, third, and fifth objects but has no idea what the fourth one is. The fisherman pulls out a flare, ammo belt, tank shell, unidentified equipment, and practice rockets from this magnet fishing expedition.

But the fun ends after a while when military police show up and pick up everything the man had pulled out of the river with his magnetic fishing rod.

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Magnet fishing is a popular hobby that’s been around for decades.


Magnetic fishing is an attractive and popular hobby, but you may not know when the police will show up and give you a ticket for fishing on illegal grounds. It helps to research local laws and regulations on this subject before immersing your magnetic fishing rod in the water. 

Environmentalists consider magnet fishing a way of saving fish and other marine life that may be affected by metallic pollution. But it is advisable to turn in any suspicious metal to authorities in the area before you find yourself in trouble for holding evidence in a case or illegal military gadgets. 

You do not require a license to engage in magnet fishing. But you must be aware of the region’s limits, restrictions, and wildlife policies. 

Magnet fishing near military territories is illegal in many jurisdictions for two reasons: cultural resource protection and the danger of handling unexploded ordnance. The practice can get you in trouble, but alerting the authorities will help you know how to deal with it.

Is Magnet Fishing a Hobby One Step Away From Wealth?

Magnet fishing is a hobby that has led to many discoveries. Through magnet fishing, many hobbyists have found diamond bracelets and treasure chests, among other treasures.

Top findings recorded after magnet fishing include golden earrings, metallic safes with money and jewelry, guns, bullets, daggers, knives, and other antiques and treasures. 

One magnet fisherman, Michael Trimm, and his wife, Trisha, broke the record by finding a motorbike at the Milwaukee River. Some of the treasures fished out using a magnetic rod are worth over $1,000, attracting more people to this venture. While some people do it as part of content creation for their social media pages, magnet fishing can be one hobby away from wealth, not forgetting clean rivers and safe marine life.

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