Fisherman Loses His Mind When Catch is a 400 Pound Hammerhead

Written by Marisa Wilson
Updated: November 11, 2022
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Have you ever seen a fisherman catch a giant sea creature? In this video, you’ll see some fishermen haul in some pretty big fish. Once you watch this video, you’ll change your mind about it being a relaxing pastime. The recording begins with a few men fishing on a boat in the middle of the ocean. They hope to catch a giant fish, or sea monster, as one man calls them.

One of the men gets a strong bite using barracuda fish as bait. The fight is almost immediately intense between a mysterious fish trying to escape and a dedicated fisher wanting to catch it. The fish pulls out more than he can reel in; as much strength as the fisherman uses, coupled with a fully engaged drag, it is no match for this fish.

To put it into perspective, a drag on a fishing rod is like a break for a car. The fish is pulling line while the drag is fully locked, like if a vehicle was being towed and you held the breaks down, but the car moves anyway. This shows just how strong of a fish he is trying to catch. As the struggle continues, you can also hear loud clicking sounds like a stick being drug against a chain fence.

The only way the fisherman can hold his ground is because he is using a special harness that helps keep the fishing rod in place. The harness is attached to the boat to ensure he isn’t pulled overbored. The vast fish wrapped the line around the anchor as if this wasn’t its first encounter with a hook. To counter this tangling attempt, the fish threw in their way; they had to untie the anchor from the boat.

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The resistance led them to believe it was a type of shark. Later it is revealed as being a massive hammerhead. The fisher loses his footing, and the hammerhead shark almost pulls him into the water due to his strength. With luck, he adjusts and secures his position. The size of the shark prevented them from bringing it on the boat. They had to use bolt cutters to clip the hook in half to set it free because it was a staggering size hook.

After letting the hammerhead shark go, the man cast another line back into the water. Instantly they get another bite, but what could they possibly catch on the hook this time? It was a massive goliath grouper. Struggling with all its might to escape the situation, it fights hard.

Do they get to have a close look at this fish? What else will they catch? You’ll have to see for yourself. The giant grouper, sharks, and sea monsters are still out there waiting to bite a hook. Will you be the next fisherman or woman to reel them in?

Watch this video to see one determined fisher’s battle against these sea monsters. Who knows what lurks beneath the surface of the water waiting for you to find? It could very well be the biggest fish you’ve ever seen. It will impress you once you see how massive these creatures can be. Maybe you’ll have the inspiration to go fishing for yourself!

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