Fisherman Narrowly Avoids Impalement as Huge Marlin Goes Airborne

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: July 26, 2022
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Marlins are easy to recognize. They have a sharp, protruding upper jaw that looks much like the spear some fishermen use. In an interesting encounter they’re sure to remember, these fishermen face a marlin’s incredible size, speed, and agility while out on a fishing trip.

The video starts with full action.

There are three men in sight: the angler battling this humongous fish and two other men who are standing by, waiting to see what comes out of the dark blue water. The day is hazy, limiting visibility.

One of the men is wearing red gloves and pulls at the line to help the angler. The boat sways back and forth on the ocean, and all men (including a fourth that comes into view) are focused on the catch.

Jumping Marlin
Marlin, like this one that’s hooked on a fisherman’s line, can reach up to12 feet in length and weigh almost a ton!

©Colin MacDonald/

The camera pans to the left slightly and suddenly everything moves into slow motion. It’s a good thing, too, because the rest of the video would move too fast to appreciate how shocking it is.

Suddenly, the marlin shoots out of the water as if out of a canon, straight toward the boat. The men react quickly as soon as they spot the marlin, each taking on a defensive posture, leaning away from the incoming spear-headed fish.

The marlin waves its body in the air—as if it were still swimming underwater—and makes its way onto the boat. The men have dipped their heads down, trying to avoid the massive fish headed their way.

The angler takes the brunt of the force with the marlin smacking right into his torso. Luckily, the sharp upper jaw does not impale anyone. The marlin can then be seen flapping about on the boat as the men turn to look back at it in amazement.

They each recover from their crouched positions as the marlin makes its way across to the other side of the boat, still wriggling the way a fish does out of water. The angler lifts his feet up away from the massive fish that is easily as tall as any one of those men.

While they were out on the water specifically expecting an outcome like this, they were definitely all blindsided when the huge marlin they had their eyes on decided to make the first move.

Fishermen are blindsided when huge marlin jumps into their boat.

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The Featured Image

Fastest Sea Animal: Black Marlin ATTRIBUTION NOT FOUND
Black marlin jumping close to shore. It is the fastest fish in the world and can swim faster than the incredibly fast cheetah can run.

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