Fishermen Catch A Monster Fish on the Banks of The Trinity River

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: September 5, 2022
© Mikhail Blajenov/
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There are several places to go fishing within The Lonestar State. Bluegabe, a popular fisherman on Youtube, recently visited the Trinity River and got the catch of a lifetime! The Trinity River has a watershed that is wholly contained within the state of Texas and is the longest river in the world at 710 miles. 

It begins in northernmost Texas, a short distance from the Red River. The tall bluffs on the Red River’s southern bank divide the headwaters from the rest of the river. In a video with over 16 million views, two fishermen make their way to the river with a massive chunk of bait. 

Within a minute or two, the men are reeling in something huge. One of them is a regular at this fishing spot, while Gabe just flew to Texas specifically to fish here. The guide knows exactly where to cast a reel to catch fish. These guys didn’t expect what was on the end of the hook. 

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As soon as he hooked a fish, he knew to stay calm. Freaking out can only increase your chances of losing the fish. A fishing line, rod, and reel are made to absorb shock and make battling fish simple. He reels in consistently and lets the river monster get tired. 

At around the seven-minute mark, we can spot this creator as the fisherman begins taking it out of the water. It’s definitely something they didn’t plan on catching that day! With excitement, he mentions that this is his first ever river monster and he couldn’t be more proud. 

The Longnose Gar

After creating a collar by tying fabric around the fish, Gabe gets into the water with it. The animal in question is believed to be a Gar. Gars are distinguished by their long, dart-like bodies. They live in still, slow-moving bodies of water like estuaries and bayous. 

These fish often sunbathe like logs on the surface in these settings. They can range in height from 2.5 feet to 4 feet, however, their size mainly depends on their habitat. The biggest longnose gar measures 6 ½ feet long and around 80 pounds! 

These fish can be found all around the world, not only in North America. They are present in the Rio Grande, the Gulf of Mexico, and even in the permanent seas near the northern part of the United States. These fish thrive best in river basins in Texas, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

The comments under Gabe’s video sing praises of the catch! One person says, “Man, I have never seen your videos before but it melted me to see you release that fish. Much respect for your appreciation of life and allowing that gorgeous fish another chance in the wild”

Check out the incredible video below! 

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Portrait of longnose gar swimming among seaweed.
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