Five Grizzlies Run Straight at a Pair of Hunters

Written by Katie Melynn
Published: October 14, 2022
© Volodymyr Burdiak/
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Okay, this video makes us anxious just watching it-we can’t imagine how this pair of hunters must have felt watching multiple grizzly bears go straight for them.

The video begins by highlighting the overall experience of the hunt. Adam and Shane are two hunters that have a passion for sharing their time outdoors and hunting in a way that honors and preserves the natural ecosystem. They share their adventures on the YouTube channel ‘Limitless Outdoors.’

In this episode, Adam spends time hunting for black bears. The pair of hunters go into the backcountry in Montana, looking for just the right bear. They see plenty of other wildlife, which they capture on camera, including deer and grizzlies.

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“It’s the fourteenth of September and Shane and Adam have already been hunting for about a week this fall,” says the narrator. “They find themselves way in the backcountry hunting in the high mountains. They had no idea that this day was gonna be one of those days that you remember forever.”

Sitting high up on a hill overlooking a heavily wooded area, Adam notes that they can hear something rustling below. He speaks in a whisper to try not to attract the attention of whatever animal it is. They still don’t know what is close by but as experienced hunters, both Adam and Shane know that Grizzly Bears are common in this part of the country.

“We’ll Wait It Out”

Adam and Shane decide that the best thing to do is wait for the animals to leave. They use a long-range scope to get a better look and see that it is indeed a grizzly bear. Two others are also nearby. Keeping track of the animals, they stay quiet and have their weapons ready. Shooting at the bears would likely provoke them, which is why they decide to “wait it out.”

“We are in a grizzly bear house right now,” says one of the hunters. “Oh my goodness.” The video pans away to show at least three Grizzlies nearby. It certainly seems like Adam and Shane have wandered right into the middle of a grizzly family party.

There are five bears in total, two males, one female, and two cubs. One of the males is a mature bear while the other is younger. “What you’re watching unfold here is a train wreck caught on camera,” says the narrator.

The larger male bear starts to chase the younger one away. And where does he start to run? Right for Adam and Shane’s position higher up on the hill. The female and her cubs also start to run away, making a beeline for the hill.

Relocating in a Hurry

“Oh, they’re coming right for us, dude,” says one of the hunters. They try to yell to force the bears the change direction but the mama bear isn’t deterred. She stands up on her hind legs at one point to scare off the approaching male but continues to run toward the top of the hill.

Adam and Shane quickly realize that they need to pack up and get out of the way. They aren’t about to get into a confrontation with five grizzlies that are already on edge.

The female bear and her two cubs run up the mountain, passing right by where the two hunters were filming as they watched the events unfold. Catching their breath, Adam and Shane capture the last few moments before she disappears over the mountain, cubs in tow.

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