Florida Alligator Devours Drone Mid Air And Breathes Smoke Like a Water Dragon

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: October 20, 2023
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With the inventions of cameras like the GoPro and drones, we’ve been able to see incredible images and videos like never before. People who use these cameras have the ability to capture gorgeous shots of nature, animals, and much more. Flying them and getting a bird’s eye perspective of your surroundings is enjoyable, particularly when discovering a new location. You shouldn’t fly them at certain times. Above a city, close to people, or close to wildlife are all frowned upon in the drone community. 

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Inside Edition posted a video on their Youtube channel that shows the risks people are willing to take with this expensive technology. Travel blogger Dev Langer thought it would be interesting to use her new drone to capture a close-up image of a gator during her trip to the Florida Everglades, but the hungry gator had other plans. 

Stunned vacationers gave the alligator the name George and watched as it sprang up and chewed through the drone’s battery. It’s safe to assume that the gator thought one of two things. First, the drone was some type of bird and the alligator saw it as an easy dinner. Second, the foreign object could be a threat to the animal, and therefore, it had no other choice but to attack.

While an alligator jumping out of the water to take down a drown is shocking enough, it’s not quite as wild as what happens next. As the reptile started eating the battery, the drone explodes into a billow of smoke right in its mouth! 

The alligator appears to be a fire-breathing dragon as on-lookers beg George not to eat the drone. The comments on the video go in a few different directions, with many people calling the entire thing a “senseless act.” 

One comment reads, “People need to respect wildlife and leave these animals alone. He was in his habitat minding his business, now who knows what may have happened to him.” 

Another stated, “I hope that gator Is sound and healthy. Those guys have to pay a serious fine for endangering the health of that gator.” It’s safe to say that people are upset after watching this incredible footage. 

The drone should have been vomited out by the alligator afterward and allowed to sink to the bottom of the water, where it would remain forever. Despite the fact that we wish we had video of this drone’s final seconds. It had to be amazing. Take this video as another piece of evidence why you should never bother an alligator or any other wildlife. Check out Insider Edition’s video below, followed by some other jaw-dropping videos of alligators and crocodiles in the wild. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © iStock.com/Nigel Stripe

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