Florida Man Fights to Keep “Gwendolyn,” Cookie Eating Pet Gator

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: June 2, 2022
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Well, this video brings a whole new meaning to “cookie monster.” Not fluffy or blue … but maybe friendly, this gator is considered a pet by a South Florida man. He even named her. Meet Gwendolyn.

Florida man feeds his pet alligator.

This video opens with an unfamiliar sight. A gator’s head is peeking out just above brown water while a Florida man is crouched down to his right, with his hand extended holding a cookie out for the gator.

He asks the gator, “Would you like some cookies?”

In his other hand, he holds a bag of Chips Ahoy cookies. Now, this proximity to a gator would render anyone immobile with fear (or kick off your flight or fight instinct) but this man seems all too comfortable.

He taps the gator on the nose, the gator opens his mouth, and the man tosses a single cookie in his mouth. Then, he proceeds to share with the cameraman that Chips Ahoy are his gator’s favorite type of cookies.

Of course, the gator has a favorite type of cookie. Nothing weird happening here.

The Florida man proceeds to take another cookie out of the Chips Ahoy container and presses it against the gator’s mouth. The gator, ever so gently, turns his head and the man brings the cookie closer to his mouth.

The video abruptly cuts to a similar scene, except this time, the Florida man is not feeding the gator cookies. He’s feeding him an entire slice of pizza. The gator chomps down on what appears to be a very cheesy slice as the man lets go of the crust he was holding.

Now, this South Florida man has had Gwendolyn for 47 years. This isn’t a chance encounter. This is a lifetime companion animal for this man.

In fact, as the Florida man sits crouched down with the open Chips Ahoy bag and his gator right next to him, he looks at the camera and explains that this gator once lived in his home.

Yes … indoors.

It took him three weeks to get him out because he had become so cozy and content alongside his human counterpart. He got comfy on the furniture. This gator became an actual couch potato.

The video goes on to give some sad news because Florida wildlife officials think it’s about time for Gwendolyn to move to a more appropriate environment.

A backyard just won’t cut it.

David, the Florida man, says he’s committed to fighting to keep his friend close by. He continues offering his gator more cookies and taps on his nose as the gator opens his jaw in what appears to be a playful gesture. (As playful as a sharp-toothed gator can get!)

Who knew you could bond for 47 years with a gator? Well, maybe not you. But David—he knew early on and made this cookie monster his best friend.

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