Florida Man Thought His Canoe Was Stuck on a Rock… Turns Out to Be an Alligator

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: December 20, 2022
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Getting your canoe stuck on a rock is kind of annoying but finding out that the rock is actually an alligator has got to be worse, right? This Florida man had exactly that experience in his transparent canoe and captured it on film so that we can all share in the drama!

The Rock Was an Alligator!

More than three and a half people have already viewed this alarming footage. Even though the event took place back in 2016, it was not released by the company that manufactures the canoes until 2018. The transparent kayak-canoe hybrid is seen making its way through some murky water. The company that makes the canoes love to share footage of encounters with marine life experienced by people using their canoes. The footage includes rays and dolphins. This encounter, however, is a bit different for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it was recorded by the Florida company owner himself. Secondly, this encounter is not so cute.

We see the ‘rock’ pop its head up from under the canoe. No one was hurt during this encounter and the it lasted for around 30 seconds.

american alligator

Alligators are found in large areas of the south-eastern United States

©Marc Pletcher/Shutterstock.com

Alligators in Florida

The American alligator is a member of the Reptilia class. They are found in large areas of the south-eastern United States especially in Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia. Their natural habitats are freshwater rivers and lakes as well as swamps and marshes. Experts estimate that there are at least five million American alligators in the south-eastern U.S. and a quarter of them are in Florida. These alligators can grow up to 800 pounds and can be as long as 13 feet or even more.

Alligators are solitary predators and move quite slowly when they are on land. They are also highly territorial and can be pretty vocal when they want to defend their territory, find a mate or warn of danger. So, what did this alligator think about having a transparent boat on its head? They are usually solitary hunters and prey on smaller fish as well as mammals and birds. However, they are perfectly capable of attacking larger animals including deer, the Florida panthers and even Black Bears. Attacks on humans have been recorded but it is not thought that they view us as prey. Rather, they are acting in self-defense. Luckily, this alligator was pretty chilled about the situation.

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